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Wunderlist is a light virtual agenda, compact, easy to manage and with a very nice style, thanks to which we will be able to mark all our tasks.
When we have to add tasks we will be able to do it directly on the same day, the next day, next week or simply `someday´. This way, we will be able to not only mark our most immediate tasks but also the ones we want to do in the near future.
The program will allow us to mark the tasks as important, with a bright indicator; or even add notes to it creating a small attached text document in which to write explanations about the specific theme.
Very interesting as well is the possibility to synchronize the Wunderlist directly with our iPhone/iPod Touch, so we have our computer agenda always with us.
Wunderlist is a very complete application, very practical, very easy to use and offers various visual designs for every taste. In short, an excellent virtual agenda.

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Mar 27, 2015 Download Now. Wunderlist creates and shares to-do lists with friends and co-workers. It syncs data between all your devices: PC, cell phone, and tablet - and publishes to the Internet. Download locations for Wunderlist for Android 2.3.4, Downloads: 583, Size: 0.00 KB. Organize your life and business. Download Wunderlist apk 3.4.21 for Android. Easily make and share to-do lists. Wunderlist joins Microsoft on the To Do app!

Task-management app Wunderlist for Android is an uncomplicated and free way to keep track of your to-do lists and projects.


Create and organize to-do lists: You can create to-do items and organize them as you like into categories of your choosing. And you can arrange your items in ways that are most useful to do, such as by day or week. You can also organize tasks into folders and add subtasks.


Sync across platforms: In addition to the Android version, you can access your task on iPhone, Windows, and Mac via Wunderlist apps and via a browser on the Wunderlist webpage.

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Paid pro features are now free: In April 2018, all the formerly paid features of Wunderlist were folded into the free version of the to-do app. Among the useful and now free features include the ability to generate receipts and invoices, share lists with teammates, and then assign individual team members tasks.

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Wunderlist 2 Download


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Wunderlist set for retirement: The company announced at the end of 2017 that it was retiring its Wunderlist app and moving development efforts over to the Microsoft To-Do app. (Microsoft acquired Wunderlist back in 2015.) The company intends to keep Wunderlist available for the foreseeable future, but to ease the transition, it has an importer tool to help you move your Wunderlist data over to To-Do.

Bottom Line

Wunderlist is an easy and handy way to track your tasks. If you're already using Wunderlist, you'll need at some point to pick another task manager. If you're not yet using Wunderlist, you probably should keep looking.


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