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Currently social networks are a worldwide trend, practically everyone uses them and is part of them. Now, in the midst of so much technology and applications is WhatsApp Plus APK. It is an app that does not go unnoticed by those users who are looking for an all-in-one service that allows them to enjoy much more customization and practical and useful options.

Download WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone via download link provided here – WhatsApp Plus; After download WhatsApp Plus APK on your phone, simply follow below steps. Goto your phone’s settings – security – tick unknown sources. Click on downloaded APK, click on Install button. This will start installing WhatsApp plus on your phone. Open your phone’s all drawer, open WhatsApp Plus, verify your mobile number and you are done.

  • WhatsApp Plus APK Download for Android. 5 December 2021. WhatsApp Plus Latest Version apk Download 2022. Anti-Ban supported. It is the WhatsApp Plus mode of WhatsApp that comes with many more advanced and customized privacy features.
  • Nov 02, 2021 WhatsApp Plus is an APK version of the popular instant messaging application, but with enhanced security. To increase user privacy you can hide your online status, so that contacts cannot see when you are connected.

Now, if you don’t want to be limited by the functions of traditional WhatsApp, you can always break down the barriers by downloading WhatsApp Plus 2020, which has become a boom this year forsmartphones Android.

Before continuing, you have to know that WhatsApp Plus is a WhatsApp Mod. In other words,the APK whatis going to do is modify the functions of the application so that you can make super exhaustive use of the app on your Android. As it is a Mod that is constantly being renewed, you should always be attentive to the latest version that comes out of the APK. So you can enjoy a more stable system.

A remarkable detail is that theMod WhatsApp Plus is not perfect and can throw bugs even though it has been very polished in this 2020. Always keep this in mind when downloading the free APK, so any unexpected closure of the application on your Android will not take you by surprise or feel panic, because, in this case, it would be a normal “bug” of the system. Let us begin!

How to download WhatsApp Plus for free for Android in 2020?

Here it is very easy for you to download WhatsApp Plus APK for free is really simple, you don’t have to be a computer professional or anything like that. As for the reliable source for downloading the application, you have nothing to fear because right here we are going to leave it to you so that you can obtain a totally reliable and virus-free Mod. Best of all, it is updated to the latest version of 2020, so the app will be more stable on yoursmartphone Android, which is appreciated.

Ready,already have the latest version of APK WhatsApp Plus on yourterminal. AndroidNow, do the following so that you can install the app without any inconvenience, everything will work perfectly if you follow the steps in total order.

  • First go to your original WhatsApp application and backup all your conversations. What you have to do is enter Settings – Chats – Backup. So you can install WhatsApp Plus without any risk. Don’t skip this step!
  • When you finish making the backup you will have to uninstall the WhatsApp application.
  • Now download the latest version of WhatsApp Plus. Accept the permission to install the app, and when the installation process is complete, you can open the app.
  • Continue with the normal installation process, as if it were the original WhatsApp. You must enter your mobile phone number and verify it with an OTP code that will arrive in the form of a message.
  • Finally, place your favorite picture profile and you are now fully ready to use the freeAPK WhatsApp Plus in its latest version2020.It will go smoothly on yoursmartphone Android.

How is the WhatsApp Plus Azul interface?

From the outset, you won’t notice many differences when you install WhatsApp Plus APK for free that you just downloaded. The main difference will be the icon, WhatsApp Plus Blue is an application that, as its name says, has the icon dyed blue. Now, when you start browsing through the app you will see the disparities. The first thing is that you will see an option where you can see the Wi-Fi connection that you have active.

At the bottom you will see a plus sign (+) that opens a large number ofoptions WhatsApp Plus. The first one has to do with the registry, so you will see what your activities are within the APK. The second option that will appear on your Android is the options menu, you will also find several sections that you can modify according to your personal tastes.

WhatsApp Plus 2020 features

As mentioned, the most striking of the freeAPK WhatsApp Plus is thatallows you to access many options that are not enabled in the original application. So we are going to give you a review of those features that you have to use yes or yes in the latest free version of WhatsApp Plus that you just downloaded.

Automatic response

You will have certain phrases that you can set to respond to messages immediately, you will not even have to open WhatsApp Plus, it is a super advanced function of this 2020. To activate this tool you will have to click on “+” and click on Edit as icon. There you can create everything that has to do with automatic responses.

Whatsapp Plus Latest Apk free. download full

Now, you have to select which message is one that must be answered automatically within APK. WhatsApp PlusYou have the ability to schedule the message to be sent at a specific time, so you won’t have to pay attention to yoursmartphone Android and you won’t forget to send the message. Something really effective if you write to a lot of people per day.

The latest free version of WhatsApp Plus also allows you to add all those contacts or groups in which you want the automatic reply function to be activated. When you have chosen each of the details you just have to click on Add and that’s it.

Undoubtedly, the automatic response APK of WhatsApp Plus is worthy of the 2020.It offers a very useful tool to respond to all your contacts without problems, in such a way that no one will be seen and you will not have to pay attention to your Android to send a message at a certain time, something that is usually a headache for Many. You will feel thatworth downloading the app wasbecause of the quick responses.


You have reached the most important section of WhatsApp Plus and for which you have decided to download the latest 2020 version of the APK for free. You can change everything related to chats and it is possible to modify even the application menu on yoursmartphone Android without any problem.

To make each of the changes as you wish, the first thing you will see is that there is a dedicated conversation screen where you can change the shape of the vignette, the color, the way of presentation and a host of other things, practically everything will depend on your imagination within APK WhatsApp Plus and this exhaustive section.

In the general section of the chat room you will have access to 4 fully editable sections, these are: header, chat, translucent mode and photos. Starting with the header, this is all you can edit from yourterminal Android.

  • Modify the background color and activate the gradient shades panel for further customization of the APK.
  • You can change the color of the header and edit the color of each of your contacts.
  • WhatsApp Plus also allows you to edit the hue of the status, the color of the last seen, online, icons and more. It really is something super interesting, in 2020 there are few free APKs that you can download that allow such meticulous customization.
  • Another really interesting option is that it is possible to remove the visualization of the images while you are chatting. When you activate this option, you will disable any type of opening of images within the chat, something really interesting in the latest version of the APK.

The capacity of WhatsApp Plus 2020

Download Whatsapp Plus 2020

That’s right, it is just a small sample of everything that theis capable of doing APK that you just downloaded on your Android. There are other options that are also interesting, we will review them so that you can be aware of everything.

  • Use a fully customized background in WhatsApp Plus (latest version), just choose what you want as wallpaper and that’s it.
  • You can change the background of the chats in theMod free WhatsApp. You can choose what you want without any problem.
  • Incorporating chat bubbles is also possible within the APK, but since it is the latest free version that was not going to be all, was it? You can change the shape of the bubbles as you want, whether you want to make them more round, with angles, square, triangular, etc., everything will depend on what style you want to impose.
  • The size of the message and the hue of the hyperlink is also 100% modifiable in WhatsApp Plus.
  • You can adjust the size of the date and the color of your status icon to give it a totally personal touch that all your contacts will envy.
  • Of course, you can also modify the color of the two blue marks, so you will give them the hue you want. Just open the color palette and start playing with it inside the APK because the latest version goes a long way, you can spend hours and hours customizing the app.
Whatsapp plus apk latest version

More things you can do

The main screen of WhatsApp Plus can also be edited as you have in mind, so you can attach the APK of this 2020 to the latest in the trend, for example, you could make everything look like Google’s dark mode of the how much is said. Absolutely everything can have the design that you want to print, remember that in thisapp free that you just downloaded there is no type of barrier.

  • Edit the chat header.
  • Change the rows to view each of your contacts.
  • Order and modify the call screen.
  • Rearrange the contacts panel to give it a more personal touch on yourterminal Android.
  • Redesign the featured message screen to look the way you want it and in the color you really want.

Is it a good idea to download WhatsApp Plus for free?

As you have seen, download WhatsApp Plus APK in 2020 is a great idea. This app speaks for itself, this is because it has too many advantages over the original WhatsApp application. You have a thousand options to apply in the customization section, it could be said that the entire Mod is editable, to the point that you could redesign the appearance of the application.

The ability to add automatic responses by choosing each of the parameters is also very useful, so you won’t have to abide by any kind of rule and, best of all, you won’t forget to answer or send important messages to each of your contacts.

Now, because WhatsApp Plus for Android has a large number of options, managing them all perfectly is a matter of time and patience. This is how you can correctly relate to the platform and you will know each of its details and secrets so that you can design even the smallest detail according to your personal tastes.

This 2020 is full of original applications for all kinds of tastes and users. Without a doubt, downloading WhatsApp Plus online is not out of them. It is a really recommended option to play and experiment with it. It has everything and probably no user is dissatisfied with what the platform offers so far.

Install Whatsapp Plus

Whatsapp Plus Latest Apk Free Download

Update WhatsApp Plus Is it a problem?

It should be noted that WhatsApp Plus latest version for Android is really more stable, fast and secure. Practically, you will not have to deal with any type of failure or unexpected closure since everything goes very well throughout the use that you can give it on a day-to-day basis. You have nothing to fear because at no time are you going to face problems with your WhatsApp user account or anything like that, everything will go smoothly.

Whatsapp Plus Official Apk

This is partially true, since although it is currently stable, the Facebook company tries to download WhatsApp Plus from the market. You don’t like modified versions of your apps. To avoid any inconvenience, we recommend you update WhatsApp Plus periodically by adding this page to your favorite bookmarks and reviewing it weekly, we review this website very often so that you can download updated WhatsApp Plus when you need it … you never know what you may find.

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To conclude this article, if you have patience and you like to have everything 100% personalized, then do not think, twiceWhatsApp Plus free is waiting for you. Edit everything you want to your liking and turn the application into something totally new full of singularities.