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Device Troubleshooting:

Having problems with your mobile device? We recommend trying some of the troubleshooting steps below.

  1. Are you using the most recent version of the driver app? Please use the links above to download the most current version.

  2. Do you have any pending software updates on your mobile device?

  3. Is your WIFI turned OFF and mobile data turned ON?

  4. Is your location turned ON?

  5. Try FORCE CLOSING the driver app, then logging back in.

  6. Android users:

    1. Clear their App Cache

      1. Open the Settings application on your device.

      2. Head Over to the Apps Menu.

      3. Choose Installed Applications.

      4. Find the Driver app.

      5. Select it, Move to the Storage Tab.

      6. Hit Clear App Cache.

    2. Disable Security Apps

      1. Lookout Security & Antivirus

      2. Google Play Protect”, etc.

  7. Uninstall and Reinstall the Driver app

    • Ensure the App is fully deleted before downloading (If it says Open it is not deleted)

  8. Restart the Phone

    Still no luck? No worries, Driver Support is available to assist at 1 833-609-1036.

In action, Waitr took a while to develop but, is fully formed and ready to serve multiple communities with a simple business plan. By using a specialized smartphone app to gain consumers, work with restaurants and drivers simultaneously, Meaux said he is able to have full creative control of his corporation. If you have “manager” credentials, you may login to the Waitr Dashboard via a laptop or desktop computer. This will allow you to access and download the disbursement and sales reports for your restaurant. Additionally, many of our partners prefer to make changes to their menu using this web portal.

Waitr Driver App DownloadDriver

Get Our Food Delivered with WAITR!

Love Berrytown Corner Cafe? Then great news! You can have your favorite BCC food items delivered right to your home or office using the WAITR App on your Apple and Android smartphones.

Waitr Driver App DownloadDownload

Download and install the WAITR App from your phone’s APP STORE (see links below). Search for Berrytown Corner Cafe. Browse our menu, place your order, and pay all within the app. A WAITR driver will pick up your order at our restaurant, and deliver it to your home or office (if you are within the local delivery area – see the map on this page).

Waitr App Food

Thanks to all our customers who are already having your meals delivered and a hearty welcome to everyone who is new to WAITR delivery!

Download the WAITR App!

WAITR Delivery Map in Our Area