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  • Starsiege: Tribes - Full game - Download Download for free and play full version of Starsiege: Tribes, a(n) action game, for PCs and laptops with Windows systems.Free and legal download. File type Full version. File size 112.5 MB. Downloads 4466 (last 7 days) 7 last update Tuesday, June 8, 2004.
  • Metaltech: Earthsiege (1) is a DOS program, Earthsiege 2 won't even install on 64-bit Windows (could be just the installer, but no way to know) and Starsiege runs in a really small window / area in upper left corner and does not respond to mouse clicks on Win7 64-bit.
  • This is the install of 3d max 2.5 already set up for Starsiege. It has the vicon DTS exporter and also the bitmaps already included. Should be compatible with windows 7 and 10. As of March 2020 i h.

It is the first of the Tribes video game series and follows the story from Metaltech: Earthsiege and Starsiege. It was developed by Dynamix and published by Sierra On-Line in 1998. An expansion pack, Tribes Extreme, was cancelled; it was supposed to add single-player missions, multiplayer maps, and bot AI. Download:


I know that the last post was in November, 2015. I figured since there was no exact solution listed... I might as well list a solution myself, as well as to provide locations where downloads/patches/etc can be found.

TL:DR, skip to bottom.

I hope that all of these customer support people realize that this game was originally developed and released by Dynamix in 1998, which has been a dead company since August of 2001. The publisher, Sierra Online was killed off in 2008 after it's parent, Vivendi, merged with Activision in 2006. They also ceased all support for the game around 2006-2008, probably due to the merger. Of course, the only 'support' provided by that point was maintenance of the Master Server list, effectively killing the game.

Microsoft, there has been no one to contact for over eight years, and even then the people who Patrick would REALLY need to speak to have been gone for fifteen years. Activision has only recently rebooted Sierra within the past two years, and I can guarantee that no one there will be able to help. Sierra/Activision no longer owns the rights to Earthsiege, Starsiege, Tribes, or anything involving the Earthsiege/Starsiege universe anyway. Hi-Rez studios has owned the rights for some time now, and I seriously doubt that they will sell it back to Sierra or Activision. Whether or not that would be a good thing if it was sold back to Activison, I don't know. (I also doubt that they will help with any support issues either.) I don't mean to be a jerk or anything, but it only takes 5 seconds to find an article on Wikipedia to figure that out, support personnel.

Now, the game wasn't really killed as a few people set up Master Server lists of their own, and there is still a dedicated community playing to this day, much like with Quake. The community has been updating parts of the game as much as they can, including attempts at circumventing the lack of true and thorough backwards compatibility that Microsoft products are well known for, even though they are still based off of the original OS. I even had problems getting Tribes to install on a 2003 E-machines XP.

Now to answer the OP's question, there is a fix for your problem. The problems that you are stating that you have, have existed since Vista. There is already a patch for them and I know that it works on Vista and Win7. I assume that it should also work with Win8 and Win10 and I do recall seeing somewhere where someone reported it working on 8, though it has been a while. There is no guarantee that it will work for you, but it should at least fix the cursor issue and it will optimistically fix the screen size issue. If it does not fix the screen size, I suggest following MrBenMcLean's advice to 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings' under the compatibility tab of the program properties. I would also recommend that you force it to 'Run as Administrator' and possibly run it in compatibility mode. I also found a link to the forum with someone who had a similar problem on Win10, here. He fixed it by changing his default screen resolution, I assume by that he meant that he right clicked on the desktop and selected either 'properties' or 'screen resolution' or whatever it is on a Windows 10 PC.

You can find the original games distributed by Hi-Rez at

You can find full versions + fixes included (and some include HD retextures or have mods installed) at It has been a while so I am not sure which download to direct you to as I am sure that there has been a few new versions by now.

Finally, I go to TheExiled's forums to download what I need to play, but it has also been a long time since I have been there either, and I am not sure as to how regularly it's download page is updated. Certain servers may have mods, and you may only be able to find those mods on theexiled's website. has a good download page as well to, and you might be able to find certain things there that you cant on theexiled's either. Also, yet another site which I know is updated often, Phantom, the site administrator, has a download link for the full game that he has labeled as 'having all the filed needed for every Tribes mod', as well as Tribes RPG, and I assume that he does.

Even if this thread is old, I hope that this post may help someone who is searching to relive old memories or for new players interested in a classic, and at one time, famous game known for it's massive maps, large server sizes, seamless transitions, as well as being the first to feature ride-able vehicles. Makes me want to dust off my floppies or even go out and buy an old Win98 or rig a dual boot setup so I can actually have something that will play old games and DOS games easily.

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Tribes Vengeance

I can't get Earthsiege I or II to work on Windows 7. ESI sorta works in DOSBox but I wasn't able to start the main game, ESII likely requires VirtualBox and Windows 95/98.

edit: After installing DOSBox you can then use the Sierra installer to get Earthsiege I to work. I can confirm that it works. The page also has a link to run Earthsiege II on modern 64bit systems. I could run it but ran into an audio issue, something about _INMM.DLL.

The Starsiege: Tribes link says it's StarsiegeAndStarsiegeTribes, but as far as I can tell it's only Starsiege, which works (on Win7 at least) if you follow these instructions. You'll also need a no-CD patch to play the campaign or multiplayer, along with an updated master server.

I have no idea why they included a download for Aerial Assault, since you'd likely need to use a PS2 emulator to run it. But hey, it's there.

Update: Tribes 2 works- see instructions on website to see how to play T2 online.

I didn't bother to download Vengeance but I assume it's similar to the T2 install; works fine offline, but no online connectivity.

Starsiege Tribes 2 Download Full

Something to note is that other than the T:V link, everything is in .iso format. You'll need to use something like Clone DVD to access the files, unless you feel like burning them to a CD.

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