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  1. StarCraft 2 Patch v1.2.0 (US) Update StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty to version 1.2.0 with this manual patch. This patch adds chat channels, tweaks balance, fixes bugs and more. This version of the patch can only be used with the English (US) Windows edition of SC2. Chat Channels have been added!
  2. The 1.15.2 patch from blizzard. Notably, it removes the need to keep the CD in the drive while playing.

Update 9/10/2020
We’ve just released a maintenance patch which hardens our cloud save infrastructure.

Update 8/11/2020

StarCraft II 5.0.3 Patch Notes. New observer interface added, “Pro 2020”. Supports 1v1, 2v2, 3v3, and 4v4 games at 16x9. Previously seen earlier this year at IEM Katowice and War Chest Team League. Features larger numbers and icons for improved mobile and couch viewing. Reduced text for multi-region broadcasts.

We’ve just released a maintenance patch ( that includes a substantial in-game performance/FPS improvement for some older systems.

Update 8/05/2020

We’ve just released Hotfix Patch 1.23.5 which includes the following change:

  • Increased soft support for older Intel drivers

Update 7/30/2020

We’ve just released Hotfix Patch which addresses the following:

Starcraft 2 update patch download
  • This update decreases the driver requirement targets for intel integrated graphics cards.

Update 7/29/2020

We’ve just released Hotfix Patch which addresses the following:

  • Fixed a crash occurring while watching the cinematics on certain graphics cards.

  • Added graphics driver detection that prompts the player when they need to be updated. Note** For the best SCR experience, we highly encourage all players to make sure they are running the latest graphics drivers. For additional information please visit:

  • Fixed an issue with replays involving AI participants, however, replays from July 9th, 2019 - April 7th with AI participants, 2020 may not playback correctly.

Update 7/15/2020

We’ve just released Hotfix Patch which addresses the following:

  • Additional crash fixes
  • macOS systems that do not support Metal, will fall back to OpenGL

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Update 7/8/2020

We have just released hotfix patch which addresses the following:

  • Fixed a couple of crashes on startup (one specific to Macos)
  • Fixed a random crash (or crash after a certain time) in gameplay
  • Fixed crash entering gameplay
  • Added new versions of the Ranked Ladder maps: Reap the Storm and Eclipse

Known issues:

  • Small number of users experiencing render performance issues.
  • Some users experiencing blank web UI panels, preventing access to options menu and Battlenet.
  • Some Macos users experiencing crash related to enabling the hardware cursor
  • Some users experiencing crash during authentication popup

We’re continuing to run down these remaining issues. We appreciate your patience and support.


Greetings Cerebrates, Commanders, and Executors,

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Patch 1.23.5 has arrived!

Features and Improvements


  • Updated graphics backend; adding support for Windows DX11, DX12 and macOS Metal.
    • This change is likely to provide (in some cases significant) performance benefits as well as more reliable hardware compatibility as new video cards are released. Check out the PTR forum post.


  • Fixed stall on main menu that some players were experiencing.
  • Fix for Japanese local tool tips.
  • Fixed a nuke exploit that some cheaters were using.
  • When a new message is received, the chat log popup will only auto scroll if it is already scrolled to the bottom.
  • Updated Season 7 local maps folder with newer versions of Eclipse and Reap the Storm.