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Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit is a 3D racing game where players get behind the wheel of different high-end cars and try to get through some of the most dangerous underground racing tracks.
Gameplay in Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit is simple: your car never stops moving forward, so you only have to worry about the direction you're driving in and the best moments to activate the turbo. There are two different control modes: using your accelerometer or a virtual wheel that you'll see on the screen.
The list of real cars included in Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit is quite generous, and though you begin with only a Golf GTI and Toyota Supra, you can eventually get behind the wheel of cars like the Ford Mustang, Chevrolet Camaro, or Dodge Viper, among many others.
The main campaign in Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit has over fifty different missions, where you'll meet new characters, complete several missions, and follow the game's story. And, of course, you can also compete online with friends.
Road Smash 2: Hot Pursuit is a frantic and fun driving game, with good graphics and highly refined controls.

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The controls of Super Smash Flash 2 are also different from the previous version. Make use of WASD keys to move Player while the arrow keys are used to control second player. The O and P keys still remain in P-1's possession, the P key for standard attacks, the I key for shield, and the 1 key for taunting.

Alot of love went into this mod, so please enjoy this ode to Smash 64, in the form of a Brawl mod. 240 November 27th, 2021. Super Smash Bros. 1 Wave 1 (Netplay) by J-BoZ with credit to The Smash 1 Dev Team, and more talented modders listed in the credits. Credit to Cotton Candy 2C for recolors and csps. The latest tweets from @Smash2Official.

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