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Ability mLearning Player provides organizations with an easy way to deliver training content to any user at home, at the office, or on the road. The player delivers off-line and on-line access to most HTML5 compliant training courses that conforms to SCORM 1.2 or Experience API without the need for continuous internet connectivity. Once finished with the training, the LMS automatically gets your progress the next time the player connects to the WWW plus the content stays available on your device for on-demand review and support. Learners are free to consume content where and when they want it.
Once you have installed the Ability mLearning Player, please log into your LMS account and click the Ability mLearning Player icon for instructions to link the player to your LMS account.

Download Scorm 1 2 Mac Software. 1-2-All Email Marketing - Web Based Autoresponder Software v.4.04 PHP/MySQL e-mail list manager that provides full-featured message and template management through an easy-to-use web interface. It automates building and maintaining mailing lists by producing readymade HTML subscription forms for your web sites. Sep 03, 2019 The SCORM log is too simple for more experienced users. SCORM 1.2 player. This app by RELOAD was released back in 2005. It’s an application written in Java that features a built in SCORM 1.2 player, a local Apache server that can run your content, and a CMI Datamodel browser.

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Be aware the SCORM 1.2 documentation is vague in places so I coded it to what I thought was best. There are non-documented errors in my version of SCORM 1.2 RTE due to the documentation lacking any guidance on how to deal with illegal values / ranges. Refer to the LMSSCORM12RTE.js for these additional error code.

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At this time, this SCORM 1.2 Run Time Engine (RTE) is not SCORM 2004 compatible. I believe it is missing a few fields in the Sharable Content Object (SCO). I've never actually seen the SCORM 2004 documentation so I have no idea what else is involved in getting this to work with this LMS. I've no plans in getting this to work for SCORM 2004 unless someone wants to commission me to write this. See Consulting and Customisation at the bottom of this document if you want me to implement SCORM 2004.

This LMS doesn't make any use of any 3rd party framework.

It requires MySQL or equivalent

It doesn't use Smarty - It just use .tpl file extension for HTML template files.

It uses PHP and Javascript

Steps to install the LMS

  • Clone / Download this repository

  • Create a database called LMS

  • Import LMS.sql into the LMS database

  • Open up cLib/cDatabase.php and configure the following lines according to your database settings:

Once you have followed the above steps you can run the application. However there are additional steps that are required to get course upload working.

  1. For PHP to unzip you need to have unzip extension installed. See the following link for further details:

  2. In order for PHP to create directories for new courses and delete files, e.t.c. you need change the /course directory owner to www-data - See the link below the part where it says 3 step solution

Login using one of the follow preset account

superpasswordSuper admin

Different login roles have the following accessibility

StudentAdminSuper Admin
Launch course
Add users
View users
View modules
Change password
Change password
Configure LMS
Upload Courses
Debugging and Logging tools

The passwords are salted for additional security. You need to change this value because the SALT value should be a secret. Given that you've got this source code from github everyone knows your current secret SALT password. In order to change this open up /clib/cLib_Users.php and search for SALT.

Change the SALT string to a similar complex string of mixed characters - Be as complex as you like as you do not need to remember this.

You MUST only change the SALT value once and before you start adding new user into the system. You cannot change the SALT after you have added new users to the system as their password won't work with a constantly changing SALT.

The above default passwords are weak and should be changed as soon as possible. Before you do this, please setup the Password salt first.

Login as each admin or super admin and change the password via the admin menu. For students, you can edit their password via the Add / Edit User menu option and click on their name.

Password reset warning
When you change the SALT, the LMS will know it had been changed and it will reset the Admin and Super Admin password to 'password'. It does this so you aren't locked out of the LMS. You will have to change these login to a better password as soon as you change the SALT.

The Template (.TPL) files are HTML that are rendered for each page and are stored in cView directory. The name of each TPL file are listed below each Screen dump. The PHP files are stored in cModel directory and Javascript files are stored in the js directory.

Login screen /

Typepath / file

Training Hub /admin/traininghub

Typepath / file

Edit your details /traininghub/edit-user-details

Typepath / file

Main Menu /admin

Typepath / file

Manage Courses /admin/upload-courses

Typepath / file

Edit Course Settings /admin/edit-course/id/XXXX

Free scorm download
Typepath / file

View Users /admin/view-users/page/1/order/name/in/asc

Typepath / file

Edit User Record /admin/edit-user/page/1/order/name/in/asc/id/XXXX

Typepath / file

View Module Reports /admin/view-module-reports/page/1/order/name/in/asc

Typepath / file

Edit Password /admin/view-module-reports/page/1/order/name/in/asc

Typepath / file

Set LMS Settings /admin/settings

Typepath / file

The debugging tools appear when you launch a course while logged in as the Super Administrator.

Command Line

Clicking on LMSGetValue('); button will automatically paste the text in the command line in order to save you time typing it out.

If you enter LMSGetValue('cmi.core.student_name'); and press enter you will get the student name appearing in the log window.

LMS Event Log

Every LMSXXXXX() calls that your courseware execute will be displayed by the Event Log window. This allows you to trace what is LMSXXXXX() calls are being made and when as you run through your course. This allows you to quickly spot any errors reported by the Event Log.

If you enter LMSSetValue('cmi.core.student_name', 'Hello World'); you will get an error appearing in the Log Window because cmi.core.student_name is a read only field.

CMI Data Object Viewer

The CMI Data Object Object Viewer allows you to inspect all the values held by the SCO in real time. You can see all the properties, their value, whether it is Read Only, Write Only or Read/Write and the type of value it accepts.

If you enter the following in the Command Line Window and press enter

LMSSetValue('cmi.core.lesson_location', 'Module 5 - Section 3');

you'll see cmi.core.lesson_location value change in the CMI Data Object Viewer and you will also see Success message in the LMS Event Log Window. That means that command is safe and legal to put in your courseware and you will know such command isn't going to cause you an issue when you eventually run it through an LMS.

Resetting SCO Data Object

There will be times when you want to start afresh without having to create new users with clean data. To do this login as Super Admin. Launch the course you want to reset the data for and then enter reset in the command line prompt. This will close down the current course and delete the existing SCO data. When you next launch the course you will begin as if this was your first attempt at running the course.

Scorm 1.2 Run Time Engine (RTE)

This has been implemented 99.98%. There is a single @toDo and should someone request this feature I'll add it to RTE to make it 99.99%.

The remaining 0.01% is down to the documentation being quite vauge in parts and incomplete with a couple of missing items. So what I have coded may not match another RTE due to the fact another developer have interpreted what they mean differently to what I think.


This LMS is rather basic and this is down to keeping the LMS rather simple as to fit everyone needs. While the SCORM 1.2 RTE allows you to store data to cmi.interactions, this LMS doesn't display the result of such data in the admin section. For some, this lack of feature may mean this LMS isn't suitable for your needs. You can always commission me to implement the cmi.interactions for the admin section of the LMS. You will find the CMI Data viewer to be very useful for debugging your course even if you find the LMS itself not useful for your need.

Manifest Files

This LMS understand single and multiple SCO from a single manifest file. I tried about 20 sample courses that I have found online as well as several courses produced by some of my clients who have used this LMS and they were all recognised being as valid and worked as intended. However, these sample courses weren't really exploiting the full potential of what manifest files are capable of and as such I didn't really have something that was out-of-the-ordinary to work with. So there could well be cases where manifest file fails when using this LMS. So, check your existing courses before spending too much time customizing and extending this LMS.

Items that are not fully implemented

There are a couple of things that partly coded up but is not complete as in not working. These are as followed:

  1. In the LMS setting page. The Reject common passwords? option is not working. It just need to query the commonPassword table when changing password or when you add new users.

  2. CSRF Tokens - There are a few commented out code but it is probably near 90% complete but definately doesn't work.

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  • Why does the debugging windows appear when I run the course?The debugging window only appears if you are signed in as Super Administrator which probably the sign in you often use and so it appears as if it something that should not occur. Signing in using the Administrator or Student account will never see these debugging tools. This tool is meant to help you to track down bugs in your course. If you are finding this is annoying even for Super Administrator, you can always delete LMSScormDebug.js to remove the debugging feature. If this file doesn't exist, it still runs without issue.

  • Why is the course window too big / small when I launch the course?

    The course default size is 800 x 600. To change this setting do the following:

    1. Log in as Super Admin
    2. Click Admin Menu from the Training Hub screen
    3. Click Manage Courses
    4. Each course has a Config button next to it, click Config next to the course you want to change size for.
    5. On this page, there is a width and hight property input field.
    6. Change the value, click launch to test it out. Once you've got the right width / height, click Save to save the settings.

    NOTE: Be aware, the window size on the Mac and PC includes the title bar. As such you probably need to test the course on both platform and tweak the window size slighly bigger as to work well with both OS.

  • Why is the course is not appearing for the student?

    When you upload the course, it will not be available for the user until you are ready to officially launch it. This is so that you can test your courseware during the development. Once you are happy with the course you then allow everyone to access to that course. To do this:

    1. Log in as Super Admin
    2. Click Admin Menu from the Training Hub screen
    3. Click Manage Courses
    4. Each course has a Config button next to it, click that
    5. On this page, there is a section that says... Module available to the following roles. Click the user checkbox to allow users to access this training.
  • How do I delete a user?

    1. Login as Admin or Super Admin
    2. Click Admin Menu from the Training Hub screen
    3. Click View Edit User
    4. Click on the person name that you want to delete
    5. Click on the Delete User button
  • How do I add a user?

    1. Login as Admin or Super Admin
    2. Click Admin Menu from the Training Hub screen
    3. Click View Edit User
    4. Click the Add User button and then follow on screen instructions
  • How do replace an existing course without losing current user records?

    The short answer is you can't and that is due to the limitation to SCORM standard rather than my lack of implementation with this LMS. However that does not mean it is impossible using this LMS given that you can simply copy the new files over the old version and hope for the best. That method is not guarrenteed to work and can be unpredictable and in some cases cause random crashes. The outcome all depends on what the new version changes where. If you add/delete new pages or questions / change a question type / change the format of the book mark data e.t.c. then copying over old files will not end well. However, if you have just fixed spelling mistakes or replaced audio / video / images and leave the existing course structure intact then you should not encounter any problems.

  • My course won't load

    Your popup blocker is probably preventing it from launching.

SCORM Standards and Documentation

Scorm 1.2 Compliant Player Free Download

  • Version 1.0, 12th June 2021 - Initial Release

Copyright 2017-2021 John Leather -

Permission is hereby granted, free of charge, to any person obtaining a copy of this software and associated documentation files (the 'Software'), to deal in the Software without restriction, including without limitation the rights to use, copy, modify, merge, publish, distribute, sublicense, and/or sell copies of the Software, and to permit persons to whom the Software is furnished to do so, subject to the following conditions:

The above copyright notice and this permission notice shall be included in all copies or substantial portions of the Software.

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I am a freelancer and so I may be available to customise this LMS to the way you want it to work if I am not busy working for another client. Feel free to contact me to find out my availability and rates.