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Open the SAP Software Download Center. Choose Software Downloads. Choose INSTALLATIONS & UPGRADES. Choose By Alphabetical Index (A-Z). Choose SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION. Choose DOWNLOADS. Choose SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION 2.0. Choose DOWNLOADS. Choose INSTALLATION. SAP HANA Studio Setup. Step 1: Download and install Eclipse. Go to Eclipse Mars site and download Eclipse as per your operating system. Extract the contents to a directory on your computer. In that directory, double-click the eclipse. After Eclipse is installed, you can open it. Open the SAP Software Download Center. Choose Software Downloads. Choose INSTALLATIONS & UPGRADES. Choose By Alphabetical Index (A-Z). Choose SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION. Choose DOWNLOADS. Choose SAP HANA PLATFORM EDITION 2.0. Choose DOWNLOADS. Choose INSTALLATION.

Here are the comprehensive steps for download and installation of SAP HANA Studio with ABAP & BW perspectives which helps to initiate the development activity to Analytics Consultants.

What is SAP HANA Studio?

SAP HANA Studio is an Eclipse based, integrated development environment (IDE) for development and administration of SAP HANA Database in the form of GUI tool.

SAP HANA Studio runs on client/developer machine and connects to SAP HANA Server. SAP HANA Studio can access local or remote SAP HANA Database.

By using SAP HANA Studio, we can –

  • Enables user to manage the SAP HANA Database.
  • Create and manage user authorizations.
  • Create New or modify existing models of data.
  • HANA Modeler Perspective helps to work on HANA Modeling
  • HANA Development Perspective helps to work on application development
  • ABAP Perspective helps to work on ABAP related development – CDS Views etc.
  • BW Perspective helps to work on BW related development – Modeling etc.

HANA Modeler and HANA Development perspective will be installed by default while ABAP and BW perspective requires manual steps.

In this blog, we will download SAP HANA Studio 2.0 (SP3) and install it on Windows Machine along with ABAP and BW perspectives.

Installation of SAP HANA Studio 2.0 (SP 3) in Windows Machine

Sap Hana Studio 2 Download Full

Sap Hana Studio 2 Download

Supported Client Machine

Microsoft Windows x32 and x64 versions-

Window XP

Window Vista

Window 7

Window 8

System Requirement

JAVA JVM – During Installation and updating of SAP HANA Studio, a JVM is installed or updated.


Download any SAP software from official website, please note S User Id is required.

  1. Download SAP HANA Studio SAR file (search for SAP HANA 2.0)
  2. Download SAPCAR Exe File (search for SAPCAR)
  3. Open Command Prompt
  4. Run Below CommandPS C:Usersharshil.joshiDownloadsSAP Downloads> .SAPCAR_1211-80000938.EXE -xvf .IMC_STUDIO2_237_2-80000323.SAR*Path should be as per your downloaded location.After successful installation a folder with name SAP_HANA_STUDIO will be available in your respective location.Default installation folder is C:/Program Files / SAP / hdbstudio.
  5. Open double click on hdbsetupPlease note it has to be installed with Administrator account or a user with administrator rights.
  6. It will install the SAP HANA Studio Client.

After continuing above 6 steps to install SAP HANA Studio now below steps are to install ABAP perspective

You can follow the steps mentioned at


follow below step by step approach

  1. Open SAP HANA Studio –> Help –> Install New Software2. Enter [ In Work With ]

Select ABAP Development Tools

3. Click Next

4. On the next wizard page, you get an overview of the features to be installed. Choose Next.

5. Confirm the license agreements and choose Finish to start the installation.

6. Restart SAP HANA Studio

Prior to BW-MT installation, Mylyn Task-Focused Interface is required to be installed in Eclipse. Please follow below steps

  1. Help -> Install New Software

2. Select Mylyn Task-Focused Interface and click on Add

After successful installation please follow BW Perspective Installation steps

You can refer installation guide at


follow below step by step approach

  1. Go to

2. Download SAP BW Modeling Tools & Save it (I have downloaded SAPBWMTE00P_2-80004155)

Sap hana studio tutorial

3. Open SAP HANA Studio à Help à Install New Software

4. Click on Add

5. Provide the name and specify the path where you have downloaded & saved BW Modelling Tools (Point No. 2) –> Open –> Add

6. After Adding you will be able to see the list of Modeling Tools

7. Select All and click on Next

8. Restart SAP HANA Studio. Now you are able to access BW Modeling Tools.

After following all the steps, you should be able to see ABAP & BW Perspectives by following Window –> Perspective –> Open Perspective –> Other

Below steps are to upgrade BW modeling tools. In above mentioned steps the installed BW modeling tools are having version 1.21.15 now below steps are to upgrade this.

Below is the snapshot of existing BW-MT Version

(1) Download the latest support pack of BW-MT from SAP and save it to local drive

(2) Click on Help –> Install New Software in SAP HANA Studio

(3) Click on Add –> Local

(6) Go to the Local drive where you have saved the download (Mentioned in Up-gradation Step 1)

(7) Give respective installation name for your records and click Add

(8) Select Update my installation to be compatible with the items being installed and click on Next

(9) It asks for review, click on Next

(10) BW-MT Successfully upgraded to 1.21.22

While up-grading BW-MT you may face below error


You need to upgrade your Mylyn Task-Focused Interface in Eclipse

(1) Click on Help–> Install New Software

(2) copy the below path

Check for the latest version for Mylyn Task-Focused Interface select and click on Add

Sap Hana Studio Latest Version

After this BW-MT will be successfully installed.

last changed: 3rd of December 2021

SapMachine is an OpenJDK released maintained and supported by SAP.
You can replace the in-build JAVA Support from the SAP HANA Studio with SapMachine.

You can use this to replace any existing JAVA (owned by Oracle) deliveries on you local Frontend or Terminal Server. Download the 64-Bit binaries either as

  • zip archive (allows you own location)
  • installation packages

Make sure that you adapt the Environment of your Frontend for SapMachine as well, like

Sap Hana Studio 2 Download

  • SAP_JRE8_64
  • Path

Edit the File C:Program FilesSAPhdbstudiohdbstudio.ini

And replace the -vm parameter with the SapMachine
Old: plugins/
New: c:/usr/sap/sapmachine-jdk-11.0/bin

the latest SAP HANA Studio Version starting from 2.3.60 and onwards are now completely compiled with JAVA 11 due to a lot of incompatibilities between the Version JAVA (SDK) 8 and 11.

Troubleshooting related to SAP HANA Studio

Note 3093250 – SAP HANA 2 SPS05 Revision 058.00 => Version 2.3.60
Note 3102609 – SAP HANA 2 SPS05 Revision 059.00 => Version 2.3.61
Note 3102470 – SAP HANA 2 SPS06 Revision 060.00 => Version 2.3.62
Note 2073112 – FAQ: SAP HANA Studio

If you encounter Problems with the SAP HANA Studio Version 2.3.60 and higher, e.g. 2.3.61 delivered with the latest SAP HANA Studio Versions, you can also check the Document

In particular, a “new” error message arise which caused already problems in the past. This occurrence leads rather to the external JDK Support or mismatch of the used JDK Version.

SAP Answers –ADT 3.18 stopped working on Eclipse 2021-06
SAP Answers –JavaFX 13 and Eclipse

mismatch between JAVA 8 and 11

optional: Delete Database and Cache will not solve the Problem

SAP HANA Studio and SAP GUI 7.70

Note 2600384 – New and changed features in SAP GUI for Windows 7.60
Note 2796898 – New and changed features in SAP GUI for Windows 7.70

Sap Hana Studio 2 Download For Pc

If you are using SAP GUI 7.70 together with the SAP HANA Studio, you probably encountered that the Internet Explore 11 is not supported anymore. So you have to switch at both locations (GUI and Studio/Eclipse) to the Microsoft Edge (based on Chromium) Support.

Note 1672817 – Browser: Microsoft Legacy Edge and Internet Explorer Support Policy Note
Note 3043532 – Web Dynpro app opens always in Internet Explorer (IE11) when called from SAPGUI
Note 3048479 – WDA: Execute Application According to Browser Mode Setting

Blog –Update: Future SAPUI5 versions will no longer support Microsoft’s legacy browsers
Blog –Installing lean Eclipse with ADT

check SAP HANA Studio 2.0 – Preferences

check SAP Logon 7.70 GUI Settings

check Web Dynpro Settings in SE80

Eclipse Add-On’s AiE and BW-MT

Note 3035242 – Remove bundled JRE from Eclipse packages
Note 3110480 – RTC of ABAP development tools 3.22
Note 3095235 – Modeling Tools for SAP BW/4HANA and SAP BWoH : Release 1.24 Patch 00

Always check with the online resources at – and

check SAP HANA Studio 2.0 – Installed SAP Add-On’s

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