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Apr 19, 2011 Portal 2 videos - Watch Portal 2 Xbox 360 videos, movies, trailers, gameplay clips, video game reviews, interviews and more at IGN.

Using Tunngle, Hamachi and Evolve VPN software to connect two players for cooperative Portal 2 adventures.

Activating the Console

Both players need to follow these steps.

Portal 2 showcases menacing humor, mind-bending puzzles and non-stop action. The first Portal threw in lots of twists and turns to keep the element of surprise. The first game was short but succinct in what it played, which is what made it so popular. Even in Portal 2, when you haven't wrinkled your face to express thinking, expect a lot of. Today I made a video on how to download 'Portal 2' Its an interesting game for me and it's fun to play and a game you don't wanna miss to play!. New characters and functionality expand the Portal gameplay experience. Win/Mac software that is playable on both PC and Macs. Welcome Back to Aperture Laboratories. In Portal 2 players awake in the Aperture Science Labs as Chell, the heroine of the original game. A great expanse of time has passed since the conclusion. Apr 19, 2011 New characters and functionality expand the Portal gameplay experience. Win/Mac software that is playable on both PC and Macs. Welcome Back to Aperture Laboratories. In Portal 2 players awake in the Aperture Science Labs as Chell, the heroine of the original game. A great expanse of time has passed since the conclusion.

Begin by launching the Steam client. Locate 'Portal 2' in your list of games and right click on the game icon. Click 'Properties' and a window will open. Now click 'SET LAUNCH OPTIONS...' which will open another window. Paste -console in the empty field and then click 'OK'.

Create Toggle Button

Both players need to follow these steps.

Launch 'Portal 2' and the console will appear immediately. Paste bind f11 toggleconsole in the bottom field and click 'Submit'. Press 'F11' a couple of times to verify that you can indeed toggle the console off and on. Relaunch 'Portal 2'.

Launching the Server and Connecting

Portal 2 Gameplay Download

Both players now need to login to their mutual VPN. You can use Tunngle , Hamachi, Evolve or any other LAN-like network of your choosing. If you are unfamiliar with this type of software then I suggest reading my article General assembly: ArmA 2 VPN Setup which explains in detail how to connect with your friends on Tunngle.

The player hosting the game will need to provide the VPN temporary IP address to the other player. That player will then paste the code connect into the console. The example IP must be replaced with the actual IP address. If you don't connect right away don't worry: It'll continue to attempt a connection every few seconds.

While the other player is prepping, the host will launch the CO-OP map by placing this code in the console: map map mp_coop_start. At this point both players will enter the map simultaneously and begin playing.

There are forty-two 'Portal 2' maps that can be played. You can run them in sequence by entering the game via 'mp_coop_start' or you can load each one individually and start play from that point.



written by RJ Wattenhofer

When the first Portal game released in 2007, gamers immediately embraced its clever mixture of portal-based puzzles and dark humor. It was quickly recognized as one of the best puzzle games of all time and further established developer Valve's legacy as one of the best studios in the business. Portal 2 is the highly-requested sequel to that iconic game, which provides another hilarious adventure through a laboratory full of puzzle rooms. This time around, players will meet new characters, scratch their heads at new mechanics, and even solve some puzzles with friends in the fleshed-out cooperative mode. While fans will argue about which game is better, most will agree that Portal 2 lives up to the original Portal in almost every way.

Portal 2 Full Game

Main Game Features

  • Lengthy single-player campaign
  • Standalone cooperative campaign
  • Humorous storyline and characters

Portal 2 Game


In the single-player mode of Portal 2, players once again step into the shoes of Chell, an unlucky test subject who continuously finds herself trapped and at the mercy of plotting machines. After narrowly escaping the Aperture Science research facility in the original Portal, Chell finds herself trapped once again within its now crumbling walls. As the building threatens to collapse, Chell must find a way to escape by using her trusty portal gun. She is aided in her adventure by the personable floating robot Wheatley, while the villainous AI GLaDOS continues to torment her. If Chell wishes to survive another journey through Aperture Science, she'll need to use every bit of her wits.

The cooperative mode features entirely new characters and an altogether different story, but it's much lighter in terms of narrative content and dialogue. In this two-player adventure, you'll play as two test-robots named ATLAS and P-Body. Designed to explore and test out puzzle rooms, these two robots must work in tandem to solve tricky and complex problems. While this mode mostly serves as a way for players to test their skills at more complex puzzles with a pal, there is still plenty of witty humor to keep you laughing along the way.


In order to keep things simple and not overwhelm the player with new features, Portal 2 plays very similarly to the original. This means that fans of the first game will not have to worry about an excessive amount of complicated new mechanics, although there are a few intuitive additions to note. As always, players must solve a slew of test chambers by utilizing their portal gun, a device that allows them to place two portals on viable surfaces. By placing the portals in certain places and at certain angles, players can then reach the exit or hit triggers to complete the room. While it sounds pretty simple, things can get deceptively complex, requiring you to think outside the box. Even hazardous items like turrets and lasers can be used to your advantage if you properly place a portal.

Of the new mechanics that Portal 2 introduces, the Propulsion and Repulsion Gels are the most game-changing. These orange and blue liquid-like substances cause your character to speed up and bounce around, which can be used in tandem with launch-pads and other environmental features. Like anything in Portal 2, gels seem simple at first, but you'll find yourself using them in interesting ways as you progress to later puzzles. If you're really looking for a challenge, you can find exceptionally tricky puzzles in the standalone cooperative mode. You'll need a skilled partner though, as these puzzles require both quick-thinking and fast reflexes. Each set of cooperative puzzles focus on a different mechanic, but with access to double the portals, things are generally more complicated than in solo play.


Portal 2 is a worthy successor to the 2007 classic Portal, which is an impressive feat. The sequel not only gives gamers more unique puzzle-solving gameplay, but it also expands the universe in some fun ways. It's also absolutely hilarious, with characters and cutscenes guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Portal 2 also manages to improve upon the original with some fun new mechanics and a fleshed-out cooperative campaign, so the experience never feels retreaded or stale. Even if you don't consider yourself an expert at first-person games, you should try out Portal 2 if you're a fan of puzzle games. It's a truly unforgettable experience that's satisfying, hilarious, and tons of fun to play.

Can You Play Portal 2 Offline? - Video Games Help ...


  • Hilarious writing
  • Awesome cooperative options
  • Fun puzzle mechanics


Portal 2 Multiplayer Download

  • Some puzzles are considerably tough
  • Only a few new features