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Download Panda Dome apk 3.6.5 for Android. Antivirus with VPN. Protect your phone from malware, hackers and spam calls.

Panda antivirus apk download free

All mobile games are attractive and convenient, can be played anytime, anywhere, with friends or relatives. They reach players in many different ways and even possess a wide variety of gameplay to satisfy countless players. However, many games will become more wonderful if integrated with accessory support, such as a mouse, keyboard, gamepad, etc. Those devices for mobile platforms do not support many games, so users will need apps to install and operate the game. Introducing you to Panda Keymapper, an application that allows users to set the function button for all games and is compatible with many other gaming devices.


Since Panda Keymapper is just an app that allows users to set functions for gameplay or mouse & keyboard, it has only one UI with a simple design. Users can change presets through the interface, add games that they themselves will experience with the gamepad, and interact with other functions. However, it has many attractive personalization functions, allowing users to interact with the application more comfortably and conveniently and even access the application via the bubble screen function. The application also does not focus on developing an intelligent or versatile interface, as it only acts as a tool for users to experience the game with external controllers.


  • Download Panda Free Antivirus (Panda Dome) - Handy and approachable antivirus solution that uses cloud assistance to prevent, detect and eliminate infected files while remaining light on resources.
  • Download free virus protection for Windows PC. Avast offers modern antivirus for today’s complex threats. Fast, simple, and 100% free.
  • Coba deh Panda Free Antivirus yang satu ini! Apakah semua aplikasi & games yang Saya download terbebas dari Virus? (APK) jika Android. Kenapa aplikasi / games.
  • Panda Keymapper 64bit v1.2.0 APK (Full Paid) Download for Android App Name: Panda Keymapper 64bit: Publisher: Panda Gaming Studio: Genre: Tools: Size: 6M. Download Panda Keymapper 64bit (MOD, Full Paid). Avast Antivirus 6.45.0.

If you have a wireless gamepad or a mouse & keyboard connected to your phone, you cannot play the game directly. The app acts as an intermediate portal, allowing you to set the controls, mechanics, actions, and more for a game. Most Android games do not support external devices, so users will not be able to immediately use the device. To use the controller’s functions, the user must select the application to be launched through the interface and can only start the game through the “Panda Keymapper” for the mapping function to work. Interestingly, all the game settings are automatically saved, and the user doesn’t need to reset from scratch.


All functions of games that do not support external controllers cannot be installed by themselves, but users can install or use the presets available for popular games. After starting the game through Panda Keymapper, the application will be scaled back to a bubble visible on the screen, and the user can access key functions through it. The bubble functions are to help users map, install, and change many things of a controller, helping them control the game at will. Users can use things like buttons, d-pad, joystick, slider, macro, etc. Whatever the user needs with their favorite game, Panda Keymapper has it all, a convenient and versatile function for all users.


Because of the prevalence of external controllers on mobile platforms and the benefits, it brings to users, many games have new policies to ensure a balanced environment for everyone. As a result, many users will worry about being spotted using the external controller and possibly getting them banned from their favorite game permanently. However, that won’t apply to “Panda Keymapper” because it is programmed to ensure that the user is not detected using external controllers. Users can even link with other devices that share the “Panda Keymapper” to avoid reinstalling everything.


Many games have applied mechanisms to support external devices, but many users still look to “Panda Keymapper” for the best experience. The app will follow community standards and make countless presets available for popular games, like PUBGM, CODM, etc. Users don’t even need to manually change the settings to use all the functions on the console. The application will also regularly update and refresh presets to improve the user experience. Of course, these presets can be freely altered to satisfy the different control styles of various users.


Panda Keymapper realizes that users can promote their effectiveness to new heights thanks to smart external controllers. Therefore, the application will assist users with many advanced features, even helping users to optimize the controller’s ability for their favorite games. The app will also continuously update more attractive functions and will add them to the app’s mapping overlay for users to experience.

External controllers bring new and more exciting experiences to people, as they help users have more accuracy and efficiency when experiencing games. If you own any external controller, then Panda Keymapper is what you need to have to enjoy your games.

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Handy and approachable antivirus solution that uses cloud assistance to prevent, detect and eliminate infected files while remaining light on resources

Panda Free Antivirusis a very simple-to-use anti-malware application that resorts to cloud technology to rapidly find and prevent Trojans, worms, viruses, spyware, adware and other forms of malicious activity, without sacrificing PC performance. It has been warmly received by the user community in the past, and the latest edition offers a more accessible approach to malware scanning and virus detection.

Speedy installation with third-party offers

The setup procedure takes little time to finish. However, users should be careful when going through the wizard stages, as Panda Free Antivirus offers to download and install third-party utilities that it does not actually need to work properly. By paying a little attention, they can be avoided. In addition, it automatically creates an entry into the Windows Explorer right-click menu, although this is not mentioned anywhere in the setup.

Basic security measures for real-time protection

Panda Free Antivirus is deployed along with Panda Dome, a centralized app to help you manage all the Panda products associated to your account from a single interface. In other words, Panda Free Antivirus is active even if you choose not to login to your Panda account or don't own such an account.


The antivirus ensures real-time protection against various types of threats. Statistics show the total files scanned and quarantined, along with blocked threats. Users may access the scanning module, monitor active processes for suspicious activity, deflect USB-based virus attacks, as well as create an emergency boot USB drive in case Windows refuses to start.

Various scanning modes and customization

Panda Free Antivirus can perform a full checkup on the computer for malware agents, verify only popular hiding areas in critical scan mode, look only into specific directories and drives, as well as quickly scan selected files, folders and drives via the Windows Explorer context menu.

Novices may apply the default configuration with optimized settings when performing scan jobs, while advanced users have the possibility of tinkering with this arrangement when it comes to compressed files, behavioral blocking, automatic virus neutralization, alerts, exclusions, and so on. The real-time guard can be deactivated at any time, while scans can be scheduled to run automatically.

Panda Antivirus Pro Apk Download

Performance and conclusion

Our most recent tests have revealed that Panda Free Antivirus does an excellent job when it comes to identifying infected files while remaining light on system resources. However, it may take a very long time to get rid of them, depending on their volume. The way we see it is that regular users who do not usually explore the depths of the Internet will most likely be satisfied with Panda Free Antivirus, but the adventurers will probably turn their heads to something more reliable.

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Panda Free Antivirus (Panda Dome) was reviewed by Elena OprisAntivirus
  • Additional features in Panda Antivirus Pro:
  • Protect your Wi-Fi connection from hackers and piggybacking neighbors
  • Protect your kids on the Internet with parental controls
  • Shop online with complete safety
  • Protect your photos and personal data against ransomware
  • Additional features in Panda Dome Essential/Advanced/Complete/Premium:
  • Standard technical support via phone, email, chat, Web, and forum (Essential)
  • Advanced protection for all your devices (Essential)
  • Protection for your family (Advanced)
  • Protection for your privacy (Complete)
  • PREMIUM VPN (Premium)
  • Store and sync your data with Panda Cloud Drive (Premium)
  • 24/7/365 Technical Support from expert technicians (Premium)
  • Pentium 300 MHz or faster
  • RAM: 256 MB
  • Hard Disk: 240 MB free space
New in Panda Free Antivirus (Panda Dome) 18.05.00:
  • Creators Fall compatible ( security center)
  • Quarantine file restoration changes.
  • New: VPN

Panda Antivirus Apk Download For Android

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