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Json viewer plugin for notepad. By fisher college bookstore new york mets 2021 schedule.

Hi, I’ve downloaded v7.5.6 and the corresponding compare plugin. But when I start Notepad appears the message: Cannot load 32-bit plugin. ComparePlugindli is not compatible with the current. Paste the file 'NPPJSONViewer.dll' to Notepad plugin folder 2. Open a document containing a JSON string 3. Select JSON fragment and navigate to plugins/JSON Viewer/show JSON Viewer or press 'Ctrl+Alt+Shift+J' 4.

In the last article, we discussed the JSON plugin for Notepad++ which is very useful to format JSON. There is another plugin JSTool – A JavaScript tool for Notepad++ which provides the same functionality. It is actually a Javascript plugin that works on JSON as well.

So let’s discuss this plugin in detail and see how to install and use it.

JSTool – A JavaScript tool for Notepad++

JSToolNpp is a Javascript Plugin for Notepad++ to minimize and format JavaScript code. You can also use it to view JSON as Tree, Format, and Sort. It is available for Both 32-bit and 64-bit Notepad++.

You can download the source code and plugin dll file from the links given below.

Install JSTool in Notepad++

Plugin Admin or Plugin Manager is the best and easy way to install this plugin. Open Notepad++ and Go to Plugins–>Plugins Admin. Search and select the JSTool plugin and click the install button to install the plugin in Notepad++.

This is a really easy method, but many a time this may install an outdated version of the plugin. If that is the case, you can manually install the plugin using the method given below.

Manual Installation Steps,

Notepad++ Json Viewer Plugin 64 Bit Download Free

  1. Open Notepad++.
  2. Go to Plugins–> Open Plugins Folder…menu.
  3. Create a folder JSMinNpp.
  4. Download JSTool Plugin.
  5. Extract and copy JSMinNpp.dll to the JSMinNPP folder.
  6. Restart Notepadd++

That’s it. You have successfully installed the plugin.

The plugin should be available under plugin Menu in the toolbar as shown in the below image.

Using JSTool Plugin

Now let’s see how to use this Javascript plugin.

Minimize JavaScript


Open JavaScript file in Notepad++. Then, Go to Plugins->JSTool->JSMin. This removes all the blank spaces to compress JavaScript.

The JSMin(New File) option compress and open the minimized file in the new editor window.

Before Min

After Min

Notepad++ Json Viewer Plugin 64 Bit Download

Format JavaScript

Open JavaScript file in Notepad++. Then, Go to Plugins->JSTool->JSFormat. This should format the JavaScript, but it is not working for me. Seems some issue with the plugin.

Before format

After format

JSON Viewer

This option opens a frame on the right-hand side which shows JSON as a tree. You can even select the individual nodes and the plugin highlights the same in the Notepad++ editor. This functionality was not available in JSON Viewer Plugins.



Open JSON file in Notepad++. Then, Go to Plugins->JSTool->JSFormat. This options format the JSON in same windows while JSFOAMT (new open) open a new window.

Before Sort

After Sort


Javascript does not work the way it should, but you can use this JSTool plugin to Minimize Javascript and work on JSON.

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I had Notepad++ 7.5.8 (npp.7.5.8). It does not have plugin manager; previous versions used to have it. I followed these instructions.

I downloaded it from

Notepad Json Viewer Plugin 64 Bit Download 2021


  • Aug 20, 2011 - You can either install Compare from Notepad++ Plug-in Manager or move the downloaded package to Notepad++ Plugins folder to install it. Was done with Notepad++ version 5.9.3 running on Windows 7 64-bit system.
  • Oct 25, 2018 - If you use 64 bit Notepad++, use 64 bit version of the plugin. After I applied * ComparePlugin.dll* which I have downloaded from the link in.

Notepad++ Compare Plugin - Download, Install and How to Use - This article discusses the Notepad++. It has the zip files for both 64 bit and 86 bit versions.

To install copy ComparePlugin.dll into the plugins directory C:Program FilesNotepad++Plugins

I did not work. Plugins menu did not have ComparePlugin. It had other plugins though.

Notepad++ Compare Plugin Download Zip 64 Bit

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Notepad++ version 7.6.2 x64 bit.

Plugins -> enter compare and install it.

Yan KhonskiYan Khonski

The plugin directory differs in different NPP versions, and installations. Be sure that you placed your plugins into the right folder.

There is a feature from NPP-v7.6.4 to get this folder:

Plugins -> Open Plugins Folder...


If you use 64 bit Notepad++, use 64 bit version of the plugin.

After I have struggled for some time, I found a solution.

1) I updated Notepad++ from 7.5.8 into 7.5.9. After I applied * ComparePlugin.dll* which I have downloaded from the link in the question, it showed me an error that I used 64 bit version of Notepad++ and 32 bit version of the plugin.

2) I got the plugin of 64 bit version from git hub page. I put the ComparePlugin.dll into the plugins directory.

Yan KhonskiYan Khonski



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