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Download Lucky Patcher APK 2021 Latest Version for Android. This app helps you to create MOD of any apps and games. Also, you can Remove Ads, Uninstall System Apps from any Apps and Games. But make sure to take Backup of the apps before and after modifying.

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Free Download Lucky Patcher Original Apk 8.8.1 Fully Unlocked + No Root For Android latest version 2020 this game is fully moded Lucky Patcher download for free and working with a high-speed download. Lucky Patcher: is a complicated software that requires root entry, so in case you are utilizing a no root model, then it’s possible you’ll get pleasure from solely a few of the options in. In the search bar type Lucky Patcher apk and click on the relevant link to it. Now click to install the Lucky Patcher apk. This may take a few minutes of time to complete the installation of Lucky Patcher on your iOS device. Once the completion clicks to open the Lucky Patcher app. Start using the Lucky Patcher app for free on your device and enjoy downloading your favorite apps. The information that I have. Download latest version of Lucky Patcher app. Safe and Virus Free. Lucky-patcher-vapk free download. Apktool A tool for reverse engineering 3rd party, closed, binary Android apps. It can decode resources to ne. Download Lucky Patcher for free to start patching, a great APK to edit enough choices for users. Lucky Patcher Pro APK - Download LP v8.9.2 latest on Android. Lucky Patcher MOD APK for Android is a powerful tool. It will give you a lot more control over your Android apps and settings. We're talking about features like removing ads on paid apps and modifying games for infinite money! Price Currency: USD.

The world is enhancing technologically every day, and we’re daily getting splendid tweaks and hacks to fast forward our life and brilliantly enjoy its entirety. Smartphones are the gigantic invention of the last decade, and it’s still ranking on the top contrivances ever born.

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And for enriching the quantity of fun to a splendid level, today we’ll offer you an android app consisting of immense tweaks and hacks for immersive free gaming.

So get ready for enjoying every paid asset or in-game purchase free of cost, and all it takes is an android app – Lucky Patcher. You can download it merely by clicking the below link. Are you excited? Go for it!

It’s just a simple android app basically developed to elucidate your gaming experience at the most comfortable level for those who don’t know about Lucky Patcher.

In simple words, After downloading this impeccable Android app, you won’t need to download the MOD games, since here you can make the modifications on your own with some simple taps. Isn’t it easy?


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What is Lucky Patcher APK

Are you ready for fitting in a magician suit and learn all the tricks and tweaks that developers execute? Well, it’s not as hard as it sounds; you can adjust all of them damn comfortably. All you need is a simple android app named Lucky Patcher APK.

It’s a splendid creation and was developed in the last decade by a tech artist named ChelpuS. He created the app and launched it in public for all the global users willing to make their own modified games or wanna get rid of advertisements and in-app purchases.

So if you’re one of such tweakers and like playing games with their 100% free of cost, then you can download it below, conveniently.

Lucky Patcher is a scripting android app consisting of over 10 different scripts. These scripts basically get decoded into the games and help earn all the paid assets of the game and get rid of the interrupting obstacles.

It comprises scripts like Ad-blocker, in-app purchase blocker, sign-in blocker, custom patches, and more further splendid scripts. By employing these scripts, you can make anything happen.

Moreover, if you’re installing it for the first time on your smartphone, then Play Protect will stop you from doing that for some security purposes. Still, you can ignore it since Lucky Patcher is a safe android application to employ.

So download this app instantly from the below link, or still, if you want to know more about the Lucky Patcher app, so you can go through the below sections. It contains all the details consisting of all the splendid features you can relish in the Lucky Patcher APK.



Remove Ads from apps and games

Advertisements are the most annoying moments while playing online games. And it’s not the problem of a single game since every game developer installs the ad engine on software before providing it to you for earning some money.

But if you have bothered with these vexing advertisements between entertainment, you just need to download the Lucky Patcher APK.

It’s a splendid app that allows you to enable the ad-blocker for all your games and apps and use all your favorite without interruption.

For using this tweak, you can open the patch menu and select the APK without Google Ads, and that’s it. It’ll take a little time to create a magical app to enjoy.

Lucky patcher apk download windows 10

Block in-app purchase verification

Being an Android gamer is the most complicated and bothersome since almost all the games available on the Google Play Store consist of colossal in-app purchases.

For buying most of the resources, assets, add-ons, and power-ups in the android games, we need to spend thousands of bucks, and in realism, no one wanna disburse a single cent in games since it doesn’t worth it.

So if you’re one of such guys and wanna enjoy the in-app purchases free of cost, then download the Lucky Patcher APK. It allows you to modify lots of the games and apps with blocked in-app purchase verification so that you won’t need to pay for any such things.

Crack apps, games

Within the in-app purchases, Lucky Patcher APK also allows you to crack the apps and games to acquire the VIP subscriptions, endless gaming money like coins, and also the tools in various apps.

It’s one of the most useful features of Lucky Patcher APK, as everyone playing games and using apps aspire to these kinds of tweaks daily.

All you need to download the app below and modify it with all your desired tweaks listed together. Here you can open tools, unlock the game’s shopping menu, and open various levels.

Custom Patch

Custom Patches are basically the patch that you can imply in various android apps and games for extreme fun and acquiring unlimited resources. Lucky Patcher is a convenient application that helps you use the custom patches comfortably in all your applications.

For doing the same, you can open the Lucky Patcher app and need to tap on the app in which you want to install those patches.

After clicking on it, you’ll get the Custom patch option in which you can observe all the patches you’ll get in the app like Unlimited Diamonds, Coins, and unlocked levels.

Create Modified APK

Modified Applications are everyone’s first preference. Nowadays, before downloading the official app, every user first searches to modify that application on the internet, either if it’s an android game, editing tool, or an online streaming app.

So for all those guys varying on hundreds of websites finding a single app, we’re here providing you with the modifier tool, by which you can modify all your favorite apps on your own.

Here you can create modifications of various applications, but still, there are immense applications that aren’t supported to patch by Lucky Patcher APK.

But don’t worry, as developers are working damn hard to offer you the best version of Lucky Patcher.

Installation Guide

Here are the simple steps to download and install Lucky Patcher APK on android.

  • Enable Unknown Sources. Go to Settings Security → and “Enable Unknown Sources”option.
  • Download the file from the download section.
  • Locate the file and install the App on your device.
  • Open the App, make all the required settings if prompted on the screen.
  • Done! Enjoy Lucky Patcher for free.

How to Install Lucky Patcher on PC?

Though there is no standalone Lucky Patcher for PC, you can install this mod on your Windows and Mac PC. I will tell you how you can install it on your system.

Here are Simple Steps to Download and Install Lucky Patcher on PC for Windows and Mac.

  • Download Bluestack Emulator on your PC.
  • Install the Emulator. It will simulate an Android phone.
  • Now get the Lucky Patcher from the links above.
  • Go to your download folder and open the .apk file.
  • It will now automatically get installed on Bluestack.
  • Open the installed apk file from Bluestack.
  • Make necessary settings if prompted on screen. Done!

You can use the Lucky Patcher app on the computer to create great edits.

Fix other Miscellaneous Errors

  • Check if you have granted all the permissions. To do that
    • Go to Settings Apps/All AppsLucky Patcher App.
    • Here grant all the permissions to the App.
  • Delete any previous version of the App is installed, and also delete the storage folder file on your device.
  • You can also delete or Clear the Data and Cache of the App.
  • Turn OFF Data while using the App. Some features may not work if the App gets access to the internet.
  • Have enough internal memory & RAM space; otherwise, the device app may misbehave.
  • If the App is unable to index the media, I suggest you clear the phone’s cache in recovery mode. Google search to find how you can do that for your device.

Final verdicts

Lucky Patcher is an ad-free software that grants you access to all its splendid tweaks without a single interruption or charging a single cent.

For using this magnificent app, you first need to grant or allow for some permissions like reading External Storage, Write External Storage, and all the necessary permissions needed to rewrite the scripts in applications.

So what’re you waiting for? Click on the download link, download this beast app right now, enhance the adrenaline, play all your favorite games with the free in-app purchases.

free. download full APK Android Lucky Patcher

App Description

Enjoy Lucky Patcher for free! You will love its features for sure. Why paying for Google Play full versions? At our site you can download top mobile apps for any smartphone or tablet easily and 100% free! With this apk you will not be bored in your free time. If you install this full Android app, you'll enjoy it for hours and you'll surely have a lot of fun! Beautiful graphics will keep you captivated day and night. At our website you will find many other games or apps of different genres, from photography and antivirus to the tools and video. Download this great app for mobile phone via PC, Smartphone or Tablet!

The incredible features of Lucky Patcher APK include:

- Patch all your applications to remove the license check in premium apps;

- Remove ads in a special app

- Customize and restrict permissions and activities

- Create a modified app (means an APK file to install the app with a patch already applied)

- Patch manually (with HEX codes)

- Backup apps to restore them later (e.g. if patch goes wrong)

- Patch an application when booting

It can not give you an 100% warranty that the patch works or doesn't brick the app work without root or without Busybox

Some apps, for example Play Store, Poweramp or ROM Toolbox Pro, have a custom patch (often at a special version of the app which is being patched only). This means, there is a patch that is made for this app, what means it will probably work well. For Poweramp it's a license check remover (Poweramp v.2.0.7 only), for Play Store it's a patch to remove country restrictions - to give you some examples.

Download now Lucky Patcher APK for free!


Q: What do the different colors of the apps mean?
A: Green means the app has big chances to get registered through patching. Yellow indicatesthere's a custom patch (stored in /sdcard/LuckyPatcher/~. Cyan tells you Google Ads were found in this app. Magenta, that program is in the boot list. Red = bad? Not everytime. Red apps can probably not be patched to get registered. Probably! Apps which are made of two parts (E.g. The app itself and an unlocker) have a chance to get registered through patch anyways. To try this, patch both sites, either one of them. Orange means it's a system(!) application. Be careful with those! In the most bad case, you could brick your system. BootList: A list of programs that will patch the boot device. At this point, it's used only for apps requiring the correction of libraries '.so'.

Q: And the clover and the star?
A: The clover simply indicates that the patcher made changes in the certain app. The star means Dalvik-Cache apps has been fixed (ODEX with changes created).

Q: I want detailed help.
A: In LuckyPatcher, press Menu button => Settings => Help to find more information and informations about creating custom patches. Otherwise ask the developers here.

Q: I patched the app, it told me I have 60% luck. Now I opened it, but the patch seems to not be applied at all. What's wrong?
A: 60% luck doesn't mean the patch worked. It doesn't mean the patch only works for 60% either. It just means you have 60% luck that the patch affected what he should. And 40% that nothing happened at all to the app. Try another patch, e.g. the reversed version.

Q: LuckyPatcher doesn't work / freezes / crashes.
A: That could have different causes:
You aren't rooted.
You haven't got BusyBox installed.
Your phone's just too slow.
You haven't got the latest version of Lucky Patcher.
Lucky Patcher wasn't installed correctly.
What you can do:
Quit other processes.
Update your Android (min. 2.3 Gingerbread).
(Re-)Root your device.
Quit the app you want to patch.
Re-download and re-install Lucky Lucky Patcher.
Re-download and re-install BusyBox.

App Requirements and Details

Android Version Required: 1.6 and higher versions of Android Smartphones and Tablets

Lucky Patcher Apk Download

Required Storage Space: 7 MB or more

Root Permissions NOT required to use it but some patches require ROOT

Internet connection NOT required to use the app

App ID: com.forpda.lp

Updated Apk Version: 9.6.0

Category: Tools

Price: Free with NO In-App Purchases

Ads? NO

Installation Instructions

  1. Download one of the [APK] files below (the MOD version is the HACKED app);
  2. Move it into your Android smartphone or tablet;
  3. Install the .apk app file (tapping on it) and have fun with Lucky Patcher !

Free Download Lucky Patcher APK Android

Broken Link? Outdated Version? Report it! Want us to make a custom MOD for you? Visit our dedicated Forum!

[APK - Direct Link] [9.6.0]

Credits to: Gourov.


[APK - Direct Link] [9.1.4]

Credits to: Gourov.


[APK - Direct Link] [9.0.7]

Credits to: KSCT.


[APK] [6.2MB] [v6.9.9.5]


[APK - Forum Link] [v6.6.0]

Credits to: DarkPhantom.



[APK - Forum Link] [v6.4.5]

Credits to: Doe John.


[APK - Forum Link] [v6.3.7]

Credits to: Prabhas243.


[APK] [6.0 MB] [v6.2.6]


[APK] [5.7 MB] [v6.2.2]

Lucky Patcher Apk Download 2018


[APK] [5.4 MB] [v5.9.2]

Released by: Raynne


[APK] [5.4 MB] [v5.9.1]

Released by: Raynne


[APK] [5.3 MB] [v5.8.4]

Released by: Raizo


[APK] [4.1 MB] [v5.4.9]

Notes: This app is NOT on the Play Store so there's no [Google Play] version.

Have troubles installing Lucky Patcher? Please read our tutorial about INSTALLING MOD APK FILES.
Link broken? Looking for a newer or MOD (hacked) version of Lucky Patcher? Join our community and we will help you!