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I’m sure, you are using WhatsApp on your mobile phone, That’s why you are here on this page. Well, you can download the latest version of GB Whatsapp from here. GBWhatsapp (Also known as GBWA) is a third-party app for Whatsapp and it is the most popular app for Android phones. So, Update your GBWA for more cool features. This is not an official Whatsapp app. But, it gives cool and more features than official Whatsapp. Also, this mod app is completely free to use.

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If you are a WhatsApp user, you may know that it gives limited features. Well, it added more features in its every update. But, most of the users don’t satisfy with limited features. So, GBWhatsapp comes to solve all these problems. Generally, it expands its features.

  1. Download Whatsapp For Android Version 4.4 4.8; Version: 9.0.83 (809) (Android 4.4+) Uploaded: July 22, 2016 at 8:37PM GMT+00 File size: 43.21MB Minimum Android version: Android 2.3+ (Gingerbread, API 9) Note: For Android Versions less than Lollipop 5.0, you should download the apk with version number which starts with ‘0’ (after the dash e.
  2. Download apk for Android with APKPure APK downloader. NoAds, Faster apk downloads and apk file update speed. Best of all, it's free.
  3. WhatsApp Mix 11.0.0. More options to modify the graphical aspect of WhatsApp. Free English 42 MB Android. OGWhatsApp 18.30.0. The application that improves WhatsApp's functions. Free English 3.4 MB Android. WhatsApp Plus Reborn 1.93. The WhatsApp without bans. Free English 24.2 MB Android.

Latest Whatsapp Apk Download For Android 4.4 2; Latest Android Whatsapp Apk Download For Computer; Next click on the above “Download Button” to download the apk file on your Android device; Once WhatsappPlus apk download is completed then click on the name of (WhatsappPlus.apk) application in the notification bar; Finally, click on.

There are also other third-party Whatsapp apps available on the internet like YoWhatsApp, OGWhatsapp and Whatsapp Plus. But this app is much popular and better than other apps. If you want to Run 2 Whatsapp accounts on your phone, then here are Safe Methods To Run 2 Whatsapp Accounts In One Phone. But, In GBWhasapp you can also run two WhatsApp on one android device. Most people download GBWhatsapp to use two WhatsApp accounts on their smartphone. The link is given in this article to Download GBWhatsapp apk v9.05.

Many users use GB Whatsapp and official Whatsapp applications simultaneously on their mobile phones. So, you can run 2 Whatsapp on the same mobile phone. Well, you can use the app clone to use multiple accounts. Moreover, you can hide your last seen and hide status in this application. Also, you can send messages without going online.

However, GBWA is available only for Android phones, and you can’t use it on the iPhone or Windows Phone. But, don’t worry, there are a lot of Whatsapp tips and tricks with the official Whatsapp app. Here are Top 25 Best Whatsapp Tricks and Tips To Chat Like A Pro. But, with mod apk’s, you can do a lot more things.

Note:GBWhatsapp is not the official Whatsapp app. So, use it at own risk. If you prefer security first, then don’t use third party apps. Third party apps may contain malware. You can ‘Download GBWhatsapp apk’ from below link in this article.

What is GBWhatsapp (GBWA)?

Well, GBWA is a third-party app for WhatsApp. Generally, it is a mod app of the official WhatsApp application and the UI is the same as the original app, that’s why all users love this app. So, it provides a lot of features like Run two Whatsapp in one Android phone, you can hide last seen, hide read message ticks, etc. So, enhance your messaging experience with this mod app.

You can install it on both rooted or non-rooted Android phones. So, There is no need to root your phone to use this app. But, you can use this app only for Android phones. Though, you can run GBWA on Windows and MAC operating systems with the Android emulator. But, there is no version available for other smartphones like an iPhone.

GBWhatsapp has many features that are not available on official Whatsapp. That’s why everyone loves this app. In previous days, Whatsapp bans the accounts which are using third-party Whatsapp apps like OGwhatsapp and GBWhatsapp. But, now it is safe from this problem.

Requirements To Install GBWhatsApp On Android

  • Android 2.2 or above.
  • Mobile number.
  • An Android device to receive verification SMS or call.
  • Working Internet connection.
  • Need Android emulation to run GBWhatsapp on PC.

Download GBWhatsapp Latest Version 9.5 For Android


Here at oTechWorld, we provide the link to the latest version of this app. So, bookmark this page to check the latest version at any time. The latest version of GBWA 9.05 is rolling out and it comes with an anti-ban feature. So, You can download it from the below link. Before installation, backup your chat and data. If you have any problem while downloading the app, then drops a comment in the comments section.

Note: Officially the GB WhatsApp is shut down. Its original developer (atnfas hoak) stopped the development of this app. The final version of the app from its original developer is 7.00 (6.50 version was the popular from atnfas hoak). But, FouadMods gives the update of GBWA, so 9.05 version is from Fouad Mods who developed FouadWhastapp.

Download GBWhatsapp apk 9.05 2021(GBWhatsApp Android App Download)

After download the latest version GBWhatsapp 9.05, you need to install it on your phone. Read the installation guide.

GBWA apk version info

Application NameGBWhatsapp
App Version9.05 (10.20)
Latest Version Release Date05-11-2021
App Size51MB
Android Version Requirements5.0+
App Developer Fouad Mods (Original: Atnfas Hoak) and HeyMods
Need RootingNo

What’s New In GB WhatsApp 9.05 2021 (change-log version 9.05)

Well, the latest version is released by Fouad Mods. Because Atnfas hoak stopped the development of GB_WA apk.

Below is the changelog list of a new version. In this list, you can see the latest features that are added in its new update. Also, explore all its features and below the changelog list.

  • The new base updated to and extended its expiry.
  • Option added to download view once media files.
  • You can view all messages sent by specific contacts in a group.
  • Change online dot color option added.
  • Now you can View Once media files for unlimited times.
  • Added Message Scheduler and auto-reply options with one UI design.
  • Pin and Pattern lock redesign.
  • Option re-added to save profile pictures.
  • New options (Copy caption and share) to download the story.
  • Option added to hide privacy terms notice message without accepting.
  • Auto dark/light theme mode.
  • Translations added for voice changer.
  • Voice changer added for voice notes.
  • Preview and confirm option added for stickers.
  • Archive row takes theme color.
  • Added option to delete downloaded emoji packs.
  • Added disappearing message option.
  • Mention mark enabled.
  • Added online/offline dot and blue tick on reply for groups.
  • Introduced new custom wallpaper UI and advanced search.
  • Now you can load the theme from a ZIP file.
  • Option to copy status caption.
  • Forward limit increase to 250.
  • A new attachment picker icon added.
  • Now you can enable or disable the new attachment UI.
  • New attachment animations.
  • Option added to change online toast location.
  • You can remove “read more” from large messages.
  • Added 5 entries styles, 16 bubble styles, and 14 ticks styles.
  • Option added to enable chat & group separated without IG stories.
  • Added One UI design.
  • New default (light and dark) theme.
  • Added new styles for IG stories.
  • Now you can animate the name in the header.
  • Added new UI for activating airplane, light, dark mode, and adding a status for IG story.
  • Animated airplane icon.
  • Color options for story elements.
  • Added option to separate chats and group conversations (Optional) in two screens.
  • New fonts preview.
  • Save the light/dark theme mode settings to restore while switching.
  • You can swipe between screens.
  • Fixes IG status hides, the app not installed, hide second tick, emojis shown in the gallery, and group description not showing clearly.
  • Now you can swipe the chat row on the home screen to view actions.
  • You can use system emojis in app.
  • Download emojis from YoSettings.
  • Dark mode for app and YoSettings.
  • Fingerprint user-interface.
  • Bottom Bar Style to home user-interface.
  • The app size reduced to 33MB.
  • Added click to mark the status as viewed.
  • Added 5 minute status/story option.
  • Option added to go the first message of chat.
  • Increase Delete message time to 100 days.
  • New emojis added.
  • Instagram like store added. To enable it, go to the Home screen » Header.
  • Hide muted status update option added.
  • Attention alert added when pressing on the Airplane mode option.
  • Now hidden chat will not be showing in the home unread counter and Forward to screen.
  • Disable clicking on “WhatsApp”.
  • Stickers in photos added.
  • You can enable an archive chat option from 3 dots.
  • Add a contact by scanning the bar code.
  • New Fouad Mod Settings layout.
  • Added live preview of color changes.
  • Airplane mode to disable Whatsapp.
  • You can clear a backup database.
  • Comes with New Anti Ban. If you are banned, then uninstall the old app and reinstall the new version. Remember, take a backup of your data before uninstalling the app.
  • Fix hidden message counter and payment color in the conversation screen.
  • Stickers added to enhance the chat experience.
  • Exclusive – Remove forward tag from forwarded messages.
  • @mension icon added on the main screen to know where you are tagged.
  • New option to select a part message.
  • Added swipe to reply.
  • Group calls enabled.
  • The forward limit increased for the users from India.
  • New Themes stickers tab.
  • Now you can know which messages are deleted. To do this, go to the contact profile and tap on the revoked messages.
  • Media visibility enabled.
  • You can ‘Mark as Read’ message from notifications.
  • Search GB themes by name.
  • New broadcast page layout added.
  • Select all chat threads on the main screen.
  • Remove the separate theme app.
  • Now you don’t need to restart GB WhatsApp app when you use privacy. However, you need to restart when use the hide last seen option.
  • Locked Voice recordings – You don’t need to hold for recordings.
  • Group settings for admin. Admin can prevent other group members to send the messages.
  • New option to hide new chat icon from the header.
  • Option to stop auto-reply feature when hide read.
  • New Option Added to enable video in conversation header.
  • New Ticks and a new mention button added.
  • Crash issues, Bugs, and other problems fixed.

Download GBWhatsApp Old Versions

We highly recommend you download the latest version to enjoy the new features. But, if you want an old version of the app for any reason, then you can download it from the below links. However, old versions are not stable or may not work at all. So, we removed the popular versions of GB WhatsApp 6.50 and 7.25 (2020 versions) from the list. Moreover, versions 7.90 and 8.40 are not working right now.

GBWhatsApp 9.00, 8.85, 8.70, 8.65, 8.51, 8.45, 8.40, 8.35, 8.31, 8.26, 8.20, 8.12, 8.05, 8.0, 7.99, 7.0, 6.95, 6.85, 6.88, 6.70, 6.60, 6.55, 6.50, 6.40, and 6.30 are no longer available due to some issues.

Features of GBWhatsapp apk

This mod apk is commonly known for its features. There are a lot of amazing features in GBWhatsapp that are not in the official app. Below is the list of the best and most useful features. But, don’t think that the list is complete. There are a lot more features available in this app.

Main Features of GB WhatsApp

  • You can hide the last seen and Status for specific contacts. So, this feature is useful for those who prefer privacy.
  • Option to disable calls for specific contacts. So, you can block calls from any number and won’t receive calls from that number. Generally, you can use it as a WhatsApp call blocker app.
  • You can Delete and Recall sent WhatsApp messages. Well, official WhatsApp also gives this feature.
  • Option to Save Status and Stories. This is another best feature. However, you can also do this on the official Whatsapp application. But, it is much easier in this app.
  • Set WhatsApp group name up to 35 characters. This will help you to set the long group name.
  • Run 2 Whatsapp on one Android smartphone. You can use an official app and GWA simultaneously. So, it helps to run two accounts on the same device.
  • You can hide blue tick, second tick, and writing tick.
  • Set Password for chats. With this feature, you can lock chat threads. Also, there is no need to install another app to lock, because it gives an inbuilt app lock option.
  • Send a broadcast message to 600 contacts. (In the official Whatsapp app you can send a broadcast message to 250 people.
  • It supports 100+ languages. So, you can select your own language to use it easily.
  • Send GIF photos.
  • It Supports Themes and you can create your own WhatsApp theme. Everyone loves themes, and you can change its theme to your favorite color.
  • You can stay online for 24 hours.
  • Send video up to 50MB. (In official Whatsapp, you can send up to 16MB video).
  • Send Documents (PDF, Doc, and Text files) up to 50 MB.
  • You can Send 100 Documents at once.
  • Send 90 photos at once. (You can send only 10 photos in official Whatsapp at once)
  • You can copy a friend’s status to the clipboard. So, you can use your friend’s status in other social media apps.
  • Copy multiple messages without date and sender name.
  • Inbuilt lock option for privacy.
  • You can change the app and notification icons.
  • Better Media preview.

So, these are only the main features of GBWhatsapp.


New GB WhatsApp Features From Recent Updates

  • Revoked message notification.
  • Enabled Payments.
  • Enabled group description and added group description like a status.
  • You can hide a group description from the header.
  • Play WhatsApp videos in any player.
  • Added Themes New group page, custom chats screen, new broadcast page, and scheduler page.
  • Mention button added.
  • Customize Online/Last_seen text size.
  • You can edit the Auto-reply message.
  • Auto Reply Feature Added. (Now it sends the auto-reply message when you are busy)
  • Search Participants Enabled.
  • Now you can manage group admins.
  • Seven New conversation bubbles added.
  • Four New Ticks added.
  • 16 New Notifying bar icons added.
  • Support Hindi and Indian Languages.
  • New Option to hide and color admin caption in a group.
  • New and more emojis than official WhatsApp.
  • No Ban (Ban Proof).
  • New Emojis Added.
  • DND Mode (Disable Internet only for GBWhatsapp).
  • Added Option to Hide DND mode icon.
  • New launcher icons added.
  • Increase status video limit. (Official WhatsApp allows only 30 seconds of video)
  • Added option to change Fab Size.
  • Option to Change Fab position/location.
  • Clock Sticker.
  • Support German Language and 100+ other languages.

GBWhatsApp Installation Guide

GB WhatsApp is available only for Android phones, so only apk file is available of this app. Many iPhone users are also searching for this mod app for iOS. But, there is no iOS version available of this app.

Well, in this technological era, you can also use Android apps on Windows PC and Mac. You just need an emulator software to do this. The installation process is easy for Android phones. Below is the complete guide to install GBWhatsapp on Android and Windows PC.

How To Install GBWhatsapp On Android

Below are the steps to install GBWhatsapp. However, if you already installed GBWA (old version 6.50, 6.60 or higher) on your Android phone, and you want to update to the latest version, then just install the latest version to update it. You don’t need to uninstall the old version of GBWA.

1. First of all, you need to allow unknown sources on your Android smartphone. Because GBWhatsapp is a third-party app. So you need to allow Unknown Sources. If you already do that, then skip to the next step.

  • Go to Settings > Security > Allow Unknown Sources.

2. Open apk file of GBWhatsapp 9.05 that is downloaded from the above link. After that, tap on the downloaded apk file and tap on the Install button. Wait for some time to install this app on your Android smartphone. However, you can also download the 6.50 and 7.25 versions, but , old versions may not work.

Free Apk Download For Android

3. After installation, Open GBWhatsapp and enter your mobile number. You will receive an OTP message on your phone to verify your mobile number.

4. After verification, you are done.

Now you can enjoy GBWhatsapp with cool and amazing features. There are a lot of new features in this app.

How To Install GBWhatsApp on Windows PC

Well, This app is available in only apk format and you can use it only on Android. But, you can also use it on a Windows PC with emulator software. There are a lot of emulator software available for Windows. However, you can use any emulator software, but Bluestack is one of the best and popular software in the emulator category. Below are the steps.

1. Download Bluestack Software on your Windows PC and install it. (You can also use any other emulator software as you want.)

2. After that, Download the latest version 9.05 apk file of GB WhatsApp on your PC from the given link.

3. Now, open the download apk file with Bluastack software and install the app on Bluestack software.

4. After installation, open the app, and you are done. Log in with your mobile number and enjoy the features of GB WhatsApp.

How to install GBWhatsApp in Mac

Like a Windows PC, you can also install GBWA apk on a Mac machine. Officially, Mac doesn’t support apk files. But Emulators make this process possible. So, you can use this app on your Mac machine.

The steps are given below.

1. Download the GBWhatsApp apk file on your Mac device from the given link. Download the latest version 9.05 to avoid problems.

2. Now download and Install the Bluestack emulator on your Mac device. You can also try another emulator as well.

3. Open Bluestack software and after that locate and open the download apk. After clicking on the apk file, give the permissions to the software to install this apk file. Also, agree on terms and conditions to proceed.

4. Now the installation process will be started, and it takes few minutes to install apk on your Mac device.

5. Open the app menu from the Bluestack and you will see the installed app. Open the app and enjoy the GBWA features on the Mac machine.

How To Install GBWhatsApp on iPhone (iOS)


Most of the iPhone users are searching for GBWhatsApp for iPhone. But, this app isn’t available for iPhone, because only apk file of GB WA is available. Its developers say that they are working on the iOS version of GB WhatsApp. But, we don’t know when it will be launch.

Well, you can use Android emulators on the iPhone to use Android apps on iOS. But, it does not give a good experience. But, only this option is available to use this app on the iOS platform. Otherwise, you need an Android device to use it.

How to Update GBWA to the Latest Version

Well, if you already using an old version GBWhatsApp, then you need to upgrade to the latest features. However, the updating process is the same as a new installation. But, we write the step-by-step guide on it. Remember, you don’t need to back up chat or uninstall old version of GBWA.

1. At first, you need to download the latest version of the apk file of this app. Click on the Download button on this page to get the latest version 9.05.

2. Open the downloaded apk file from the file manager or downloads and tap on it to install. There is no need to uninstall the old version.

3. Now, the new version automatically overwrites the old files to a new one.

4. After the installation, open the app and enjoy the latest feature of the GBWA apk.

F.A.Qs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. Is it safe to install and use GBWhatsApp?

GBWhatsApp is a third-party app. As many websites and blogs say it is safe. But, third-party Apps may contain malware. So, use it at your own risk. However, it is a mod version of an official app and WhatsApp encrypts its messages, but these types of apps may record your message before encryption.

2. Is GBWhatsapp better than Official WhatsApp?

Yes, it provides more features than official Whatsapp. However, you may need to compromise with your privacy, but still, these mod versions give cool features.

3. Can I install GBWhatsapp on iPhone?

if you’re searching for GB Whatsapp for iPhone, there is sad news for you. GB Whatsapp is not available for iPhone. You can only use on Android devices. But now, Android apps are running on PC with emulators. So, you can use it on Windows and Mac PC. Still, people searching gb whatsapp pro 8.40 download 2020 for iphone.

4. Can I use it with an Official App?

Yes, you can use it with the official WhatsApp app. You don’t need to uninstall an official app. This will also help you to use 2 accounts on the same phone.

5. How to change themes in GBWA?

Well, it is super easy. Open GBWhatsApp on your Android phone and Go to GBSettings > Appearance > Themes and change the theme as you want.

6. What is the latest version of GBWA?

The latest version is 9.05 and was released on 23 August 2021. You can bookmark this page to get the latest version at any time. 6.40, 6.50, 6.60, and 7.25 versions are also popular that were released in 2020.

7. Is it 100% ban-proof?

This mod apk gives some additional features and official WA doesn’t like those features because of privacy issues. So, Whatsapp may ban accounts that are using mod apps. However, mod apps developers removed some features to prevent ban issues. But, it doesn’t mean that this apk is 100% ban-proof.


GBWA vs. YOWA vs. WAPlus

Well, these three are the most popular mod apps for WhatsApp. However, you can see the same features on these three mod apks. But, there is a little bit of difference available. However, you can use any app, because all three apps give additional features. We discussed all the features of GBWA (also known as GBWhatsapp), and it is developed by Omar atnfas hoak.

After that, YOWA (known as YOWhatsApp) comes with some different features. Basically, YOWA is best in theme class. So, if you’re a theme lover, then go for YOWhatsapp. It gives a lot of customization options. YOWA is developed by Yousef Al-Basha, and its name is taken from the developer’s name.

WAPlus (a.k.a WhatsApp Plus) is another mod apk, which is also popular as the above two apps. It also gives additional/extra features such as status/story downloader, privacy options, themes, app lock, and increase the file size limit.

Latest Whatsapp Apk Download For Android 4.4 2016

In conclusion, these three apks are the top three mod apps. So, you can use any app according to your taste. But, GB-WhatsApp is one of the best and most popular in this category.

GBWhatsApp vs. Official WA

FeaturesGBWAOfficial WA
Hide last seenYesNo
Disable CallsYesNo
Save StatusYesNo
Passwords for chatsYesNo
Video Sharing50MB16MB
Photo sharing90 at once10 at once
Document Sharing100 at once30 at once
Document Sharing Size50MB15MB
Support ThemesYes - Multiple ThemesYes - 2 Themes
Send Blank MessageYesNo
Broadcast messages limit600 contacts250 contacts
Stay onlineYesNo
Auto ReplyYesNo
DND ModeYesNo

Advantages and Disadvantages of GB WhatsApp

We know that the features of this mod apk. But, there are some disadvantages of using the GBWA mod. You must know the pros and cons before installing this app on your phone.


  • Allows us to change the UI color theme in this app.
  • DND mode enables us to turn off the app only.
  • Allows us to send 90 photos with one tap. Enough for hardcore WA users.
  • Enables to read deleted messages without installing another pp.
  • Allows us to save stories to the gallery.


Whatsapp Messenger For Android 4.0

  • Dangerous for privacy. The app is not trusted and put your information at risk.
  • Your account may get banned after using this app.
  • Not as smooth as the official app. It is slow.
  • Google Drive backup feature isn’t working.

Final Words

So, GBWhatsapp is a third-party app for Whatsapp. If you are a Whatsapp lover, then you must try this app for more cool features. But, if you are using an iPhone, then this app is not for you. Because GBWhatsapp is only available for Android users.

Also, GBWhatsapp supports themes. So, you can enjoy many themes. After download GBWhatsapp 9.05, you can get all the features. Like an official app, this mod app also added new features in its every update. So, keep visiting this page to get new features.

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