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In the search box search for the podcast which you want to subscribe and watch on iPod, or you can enter podcasts in the search box and hit enter. Then click on the podcasts category. It will show you all the available categories of podcasts. Now select the podcast category and subscribe to your favorite podcast channel. Here is how to use it to download a file from a password-protected site. Launch Documents 5 and open the app’s browser (the button in the lower right corner). Login to whatever website you need to use to download a file or document. Locate the file you want to download, and tap on it to load it. The Podcast App, the best-rated free podcast player meticulously designed for an easy-to-use iPhone and iPad experience. — — — — — — — — — — — With The Podcast App, you can. Feel confident you’ll find podcasts you love in our ever-growing library of over 1.8 million podcasts, and over 100 million episodes. How to set refresh rate for podcasts on iPhone and iPad. You can choose how often your podcasts to update. Launch the Settings app from your Home screen. Tap Podcasts, it's about halfway down the list. Tap Refresh Every. Tap how often you'd like your podcasts to update. 2) Scroll down to the Podcasts tab and open it. 3) By default, Only Download on Wi-Fi should be activated. For your data’s sake, leave it at that. 4) Find and tap Download Episodes. 5) Last of all, choose if you want your iPhone or iPad to only download the new episodes released henceforth ( Only New) or All Unplayed episodes.

Podcast Settings On Iphone

Use the Podcasts app to find shows about science, news, politics, comedy, and more. If you find a show you like, you can follow it to add it to your library. Then you can easily listen offline, get notified about new episodes, and more.

Note: Shows may offer paid subscriptions that give you access to exclusive shows and episodes, new releases, episodes without ads, and more. To manage your subscriptions, see Subscribe to a show or channel on iPad.

Find podcasts

  • Search by title, person, or topic: Tap Search, then enter what you’re looking for.

  • Discover new shows: Tap Browse to see New & Noteworthy, featured shows, and the Apple editorial collections. You can also tap Search to see Top Charts and browse by categories.

    Tip: When you listen to episodes, personalized recommendations appear on the Listen Now screen (below Up Next) to help you discover your next show.

  • Add shows by URL: Tap Library, tap , then tap Add a Show by URL.

View shared podcasts


When a friend shares a show with you in Messages, you can easily find it in Shared with You in Podcasts. (Podcasts must be turned on in Settings > Messages > Shared with You, and your friend must be in your Contacts.)

How To Download Podcasts Iphone

To view shared Podcasts, tap Listen Now, then scroll to the Shared with You section.

See also See what your friends have shared with you.

Browse episodes within a specific podcast

  1. Tap a podcast to see its information page.

  2. Scroll to see recent episodes or tap See All (if available).

How To Download Podcasts To Ipad 2

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