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R/EvolveGame: Official Subreddit for the Evolve game, a AAA game from Turtle Rock Studios and 2K. Evolve later was updated to be Free to Play and its name was changed to Evolve: Stage 2. Development on Evolve: Stage 2 ended on October 26th with 2K deeming its development 'complete'. Its peak playerbase was 51,000 on Steam Charts. Evolve: Stage 2 added six new Hunter and Monster variants as well as three map adaptions.

UPDATE 06/07/2016 10.25pm: Turtle Rock Studios co-founder and creative director Phil Robb has billed the developer's countdown as being toward its 'Biggest, craziest update yet' on Twitter. He added the hashtag '#StageUp'.

Evolve PC Game 2015 Free Download setup in single direct link for windows. Another, Evolve 2015 is an action adventure and first person shooter game. Evolve PC Game 2021 Overview. Evolve 2021 PC Game is developed by Tutle Rock Studio and is published under the banner of 2K studios. Also, Evolve game released for Microsoft Windows on 10th. This version of the game is known as Legacy Evolve, and you’ll have automatic access to it via Evolve: Stage 2 ’s beta branch. Here’s how you can play Legacy Evolve: Right-click Evolve in Steam and select “Properties”. Go to the 'Betas' tab. In the dropdown, select 'legacyevolve - The Original Evolve Product'.

  1. Evolve Stage 2 is now free to play on steam! Evolve Stage 2 is an updated version of Evolve with new features and items you can buy with in game tokens.
  2. This video features the Tutorial For How To Download Evolve Stage 2 For Free On Steam On The PCBecome A New Patron Of My Epic Video Content Via Patreon: http.

ORIGINAL STORY 06/07/2016 9.17pm: Asymmetrical monster-hunting multiplayer shooter Evolve is no longer available for purchase on Steam.

Evolve Steam Charts

We're not sure why it's gone, though we've asked publisher 2K Games for an explanation and will update when we find out more.

Evolve Steam Download

One popular theory is that the game could be going free-to-play. According to Steamcharts, Evolve's userbase has significantly dwindled on PC. Upon its February 2015 release, it averaged a player base of over 9000 simultaneous users, but its most recent month averaged at a minuscule 105 with a peak of 234.

Evolve Steam Price

Adding further credence to this free-to-play theory is the fact that the official Evolve website has a countdown timer that will end tomorrow at 5pm UK time.

Evolve Steamboat Springs

Despite its shrinking player base, Evolve had a relatively strong launch for a new IP. It was the best-selling retail game in the UK during its month of release and it came in second for US retail sales. 2K Games announced after three months that it had shifted approximately 2.5m copies of Evolve to retailers.

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The first thing you probably want to know is: what is it? Well Evolve Stage 2 (PC) can be considered as a DLC to the Evolve. Since the introduction of Evolve Stage 2 the game changed its model to Free to Play. All players who previously purchased Evolve now are going to get a founder status and all elements which you can find in Evolve can now be unlocked simply by playing. However this is not all.

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  • Thanks to the Evolve Stage 2 Founders Edition you are going to get following bonuses:

    • 30000 Silver Keys (thanks to them you can purchase hunters, monsters, skins etc.).
    • All previous and future versions of all hunters and monsters owned by you.
    • Dozens of weapon skins.
    • Four unique and animated Founder Badges.
    • Tons of perks for both hunters and monsters.
    • All your monsters, hunters, and skins are going to be transferred to the Stage 2 .

    Quite a lot of things offered by the Stage 2 pack, don't you think?

    Gameplay and story

    There are probably a few of you who do not know what the Evolve really is. Hence, a short explanation of both gameplay and story. Evolve takes place in the future where you are a member of a group of people known as Hunters. Your main task is to join a group of four people and then take care of various monsters which you can find in space. The game is basically a multiplayer tactical shooter where you have to utilize skills of your partners in order to win. Sounds simple, right? Well it is not simple at all.

    You need to think and create a plan before you attack a monster. Otherwise, you will be destroyed. All in all, Evolve offers a really interesting and dynamic gameplay. Perfect for short sessions with your friends. Furthermore, you are going to enjoy amazing renders of beautiful, yet scary monsters.

    Key features

    • 4V1: Grab three friends and hunt the monster or stalk the humans as the evolving beast. Whichever side you choose, you will have access to powerful weapons and abilities that deliver balanced, competitive gameplay.

    • Hunt Together or Die Alone: Choose a hunter that fits your play style. Whether you play as the Trapper, Support, Assault, or Medic, every role is vital and teamwork is key in surviving an encounter with the monster.

    • Beast of Prey: As the monster – the lone predator – you are the boss battle. Use savage abilities and an animalistic sense to wreak havoc, kill the humans and prove you are the dominant species.

    • Savage Planet: Neither flora nor fauna are friendly on planet Shear. Fall victim to natural hazards or use them strategically against your prey.

    • Character Customization: Level up to unlock new upgrades, skins and perks for your favorite class: hunter or monster. Earn your infamy on the leaderboards and become the apex predator

    • A great game turned free to play

    • Enjoy the Founders Edition and great bonuses provided with it (silver keys, weapon skins etc.).

    • Play with your friends in teams and overcome obstacles.

  • Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Evolve Stage 2 Founders Edition Steam Key GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Evolve Stage 2 Founders Edition Steam Key GLOBAL may change over time.
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