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Hello Download Apk
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Hello, Neighbor Alpha 4 finally lets you do those things that you'd otherwise cringe at performing in real life: driving a car, getting your license, cooking, and even sleeping in your own bed. Players in Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 plot against their nemeses in a bid to infiltrate that increasingly shady neighbor's home and find out what they're hiding. Alpha 4 is arguably the best release following the very popular original Hello Neighbor Alphas 1-4, but with a few sneaky brand new twists.

Hello Download Apk

Hello Download Apk

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It begins with a brief, comical introduction that sets up a great premise for the rest of the game. The twist is that the good guy - the one who wants to catch the bad guy (or vice versa) - sneaks into the neighbor's home while everyone is asleep. This triggers a chain of events that is unfortunately very easy to lose track of and to misunderstand, leading to a large number of miscommunication problems between the players. For example, one night the police show up at the door but instead of arresting the resident they instead knock on the front door and announce that there is an unknown person living in the house. Naturally, the resident assumes that this is simply an attempt by the police to bust a house prowler. However, upon further inspection of the inside of the house no items are found, meaning that the whole scenario is now a mystery.

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Hello Apk Download Uptodown

A new element to Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 is that you can now trigger doors and windows in order to gain access to different rooms inside the house. The reasoning behind this is purely cosmetic; however it can be used to gain access to areas that otherwise would be impossible to access without hacking. Another new element is that there are a few new objects added to the game including, a microwave oven, a garbage can, and an ice cream truck. As you can see, Hello Neighbor Alpha 4 adds a great deal of depth to a typical camping trip. It also helps to add some mystery and complexity to the tasks that you and your friends will be faced with as you try to prevent each other from getting arrested.