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Gta San Andreas Mobile Apk Obb Download Free; The description. GTA: San Andreas apk is a full-fledged port of open-world action game, which capabilities are fully consistent with desktop version. A limitless open world and complete freedom of action – this is what attracts gamers to San Andreas so much. As in PC version, users have to try on. Gta San Andreas Apk Free Download For Android Mobile Phone; GTA San Andreas Lite APK is a stripped version of the original mobile GTA San Andreas game. Its file size is just 200 MB which includes its APK and OBB data file. Rockstars Games has launched this version, especially for the low-end mobile gamer. Mar 28, 2019 GTA San Andreas for Android APK Free Download Letest version for Android. Download full APK of GTA San Andreas for Android unlocked. GTA San Andreas for Android Review. Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a superb action game. It is developed under the banner of Rockstar Games, Top Developer on Google Play.

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    • 1.2 Grand Theft Auto San Andreas MOD APK Features
    • 1.3 How To Install GTA San Andreas MOD APK?

GTA San Andreas MOD APK Download For Free

GTA San Andreas is arguably among the best games of studio Rockstar Games. After its enormous success with the PC version, Rockstar launched an Android version in 2013.

Having been around for so long, players still play this legendary sandbox a lot. Now you can download GTA San Andreas MOD APK to enjoy the game at another level. Are you tempted to know all things about this variant? Let’s take a look below.

The game is already great with a recent update on October 24th, 2021; added cloud save support and other graphics control support. But with GTA San Andreas MOD Android, you can experience more fun features such as unlimited health, money, territory, to name a few.

Why Should You Download GTA San Andreas MOD APK?

If you have played the game for a long time, sometimes you can struggle to complete missions. It is very annoying if you just want to enjoy the game while going around and being an influential gang member.

GTA San Andreas MOD APK can meet your demand instantly. All you need to do is to load the game, and then everything has been settled, free of time-consuming and tedious farming.

With unlimited money, you can buy CJ, fancy clothes, properties, and businesses. You then undoubtedly become one of the most respected gang members of the state.

Gta San Andreas Apk Obb Android

You will also be invincible thanks to unlimited health and armor. Combined with a never-ending source of ammunition, CJ is an unstoppable war machine. It does not make the game less exciting as you can still choose to play on the original track without any hassle.

Gta San Andreas Mobile Apk free. download full Version Pc

Grand Theft Auto San Andreas MOD APK Features

Unlimited Money

This feature is self-explanatory. What it does is give you an infinite amount of money in your game account. With that, you can buy CJ and his girlfriends everything you want, from fancy food to clothes, even cars and houses.

Buying more weapons, ammunition, and car customization is now a breeze of air. Apart from that, you will own all the businesses in the area that keep generating whopping revenue for you every day. With that amount of wealth, the only limit is your imagination.

Unlimited Map And Territories

One of the most tedious things while playing the game on your own is building CJ’s gang empire. The process often requires enormous effort and gang war, with bloodshed every time to acquire new territories. You will have to take care of existing ones from other gangs’ furious attacks.

This version frees you from all that burden. The map will be all-green, and not one enemy will ever show up to harass your gang’s business in the whole city again.

Also, you won’t have to play the storyline to unlock the map with its features. Everything has been opened for you and if you want to play at a Las Venturas casino.

Unlimited Weapons, Health, And Armor

This feature is similar to having cheat codes activated for CJ. This variant grants you all types of quality guns and melee weapons. If you always wanted to roam around, shoot cops and kill everything that moves, there’s nothing that can stop you now.

When we say CJ is invincible in the version, it is true. You will be invulnerable to bullets and all types of weapons. Whether it’s a pedestrian, a cop, gang member or even the military, no one can take you down.

Even deadlier, CJ’s weapons are armed with infinite ammo. You can spam shooting and throw grenades all day without worrying about running out of bullets. That’s the definition of a one-man army.

Other Stats, Cars, And Real Estate

One of the unique things that make the GTA series so popular is its access to vast collections of cars and houses. Of course, it is easy for you to buy everything you want with unlimited wealth, but it doesn’t always mean everything is unlocked. With this version, you can rest assured about that.

The Stats is also another fantastic thing players love about the game. It will max out all your stats like respect, muscles, oxygen level, to name a few. It should be noted that your mastery of any weapons and vehicles is also maxed out, so you can avoid the tedious training that we all hate.

Note: Use the Load Game option to get to the hack. Starting a new game means you will have to play on your own.

How To Install GTA San Andreas MOD APK?

Below is our step-by-step guide to help you install the game.

  • Download the MOD file to your Android mobile.
  • Extract apk.rar and obb.rar files to your local files.
  • In your phone’s menu, select Settings – Applications – Allow unknown sources.

Finally, since the file is a MOD-integrated version of the game, you can uninstall the original version of the app from your phone.

Tips And Tricks

As the app is a MOD APK, there are no consequences for you to experiment and enjoy exciting stunts. It is also possible to craft all the things you want or test varying combinations for unlimited resources.

There is only one tip we want to share with you, but we believe you can have amazing gaming sessions with your own playing style. Now, it’s time for GTA San Andreas MOD APK download!


Overall, GTA San Andreas MOD APK will still remain one of the best sandbox gang games for Android for a long time. With its vast amount of quality MODs and unique add-ons out there, you may never get bored of the game.

Download GTA San Andreas MOD APK unlimited everything to enjoy the fierce gang battles and luxurious lifestyle now!

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