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Grand Theft Auto 2 invites players into a hectic and violent urban life, unleashing them on the streets to commit crimes and appease the various gangs that inhabit the city. The original Grand Theft Auto was a controversial yet slightly clunky action game, but one that has quickly become a legendary title in video game history. Grand Theft Auto 2 attempts to amp up the insanity and action by adding in more missions, new game features, and a more vibrant setting. If you've only ever played the more modern Grand Theft Auto titles, Grand Theft Auto 2 might seem a bit underwhelming, but beneath the older graphics and controversy there are tons of opportunities for excitement. Like every other game in the Grand Theft Auto franchise, Grand Theft Auto 2 provides players with an unrestricted and addictive look into the life of organized crime.

Main Game Features

  • Open-world city to explore
  • Dozens of missions from unique factions
  • Total freedom over the game experience


Download Grand Theft Auto 2 for Windows to avoid the police and other gangsters with this carjacking game. Download gta san andreas 2 for windows 7 for free. Games downloads - GTA SAN ANDREAS ULTIMATE by Vonsid and many more programs are available for instant and free download. The second compilation of music from the GTA series.

Unlike most of the recent Grand Theft Auto games, Grand Theft Auto 2 is relatively light on storytelling. There's a short video that plays before the game, introducing the main character Claude. Living in the unassuming city of Anywhere, Claude takes on missions from the variety of gangs that live in the area. There are seven gangs in total, with each one holding down a bit of turf in one of the three Anywhere City sectors. As Claude gains favor with one gang, he might lose respect with another, as the gangs are in a never-ending war to dominate the city. Apart from becoming a respected member of the criminal elite, the extent of Grand Theft Auto 2's story is to stay alive in this dangerous urban landscape.


After a brief tutorial mission, Grand Theft Auto 2 lets the player loose to freely explore Anywhere City at their own pace. You'll view the world from a top-down perspective, with players traveling on foot or by car. You can pick up missions from different gangs by visiting telephone booths, which you can easily locate thanks to helpful on-screen arrows. Missions will have you killing rival gang members, stealing cars, delivering narcotics, and a wide range of other criminal activities. As you successfully complete jobs, you'll earn a cash multiplier as well as respect, which allows you to take on harder missions. Once you've completed enough missions, you can move onto a new sector of Anywhere City, unlocking new gangs, weapons, and vehicles.


The best part of Grand Theft Auto 2 (and the entire series overall) is the level of freedom it allows to the player. Although you won't be able to access the entirety of Anywhere City right away, you're generally free to explore content as you please or ignore it altogether. In fact, you can choose to forego missions entirely, attempting to cause as much chaos as possible by running over civilians and blowing up cars. Your actions will inevitably cause the police to show up, which often ensues in an entertaining game of cat and mouse. Whether you're looking to become the world's next big crime kingpin or simply blow off some steam, there's plenty of fun to be had in Grand Theft Auto 2.


Gta 3 Download Free

  • Great for stress relief
  • New save system


  • Controls are clunky at first
  • Mediocre visuals

Play a demo of a classic and bring back gameplay like it was back in 1999, fun !

Grand Theft Auto 5 wouldn’t be where it is today if it wasn’t for the teachings of its great great great grandfather, GTA 2. Released in 1999 the game made its way into the lives of gamers and managed to create mixed feelings about it. It wasn’t a wonderfully great game back then, and now it exists for those who want to take a trip back in time.

The one that gave a bigger push to the whole GTA thing

Back in the day, Grand Theft Auto 2 was one of the things you had to play. It wasn’t because of the top notch graphics or excellent gameplay, both of those could have been much better, no, it was for the freedom of doing whatever you wanted. By the standards of those days, the open world in Grand Theft Auto 2 was great.

You could walk into the middle of the street, carjack the best vehicle you could find and then start running people over. Two or three game victims later, the cops would be on your tail ready and willing to do whatever it took to bring you down. There was something about having that vast arsenal of weapons, from Molotovs to Bazookas, and being able to cause that much chaos. It stuck with people, it made the game fun. If it weren’t GTA wouldn’t be where it is today.

Now, playing Grand Theft Auto 2 is a gamble because chances are it will not run on your PC and if it does, you’ll feel like it’s as slow as a snail that’s tripping. Gameplay is still fun to mess around with but you might not have patience with it.

15 years later and it’s still good clean fun

Actually, forget the above, about it being slow. Your character might move slow but it actually takes more skill to aim and shoot as well as to evade the cops than it does in the more recent titles.

Not to mention that today, Grand Theft Auto 2 has a bit more charm when it comes to the atmosphere, especially if you play it in Dusk mode. That makes it somehow heavier, a bit more serious and tough. Or it just looks better. Either way, it remains a nice experience to try out if you haven’t already. You’d certainly appreciate the newer versions a lot more after seeing where they started from.

A blast from the past

To wrap it up, today, Grand Theft Auto 2 is played by those who miss it or by the gents who are curious about it. Regardless of the case, it will be an experience, most likely a pleasant one. It looks cute with its top-down perspective but somehow, it feels a bit darker than the rest.

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