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Just click your app in ALL APPLICATIONS, then click the APK side tab. You will then see tabs for Production, Beta Testing, and Alpha Testing. Make sure you click the Beta or Alpha tab, and the proceed to upload the new APK. Then follow the steps above for the NEW APP, but you do not need to fill out the 'Store Listing' section again.

Last year, Google released Android 11 for its Pixel smartphone lineup. As the AOSP source is publicly available, third-party OEMs and developers can readily compile this source into for their own custom ROMs. However, AOSP does not come with Google Apps like Gmail, Search, YouTube, Play Store, and most importantly the Google Play Services. Google apps (Gapps) require certain certification that not many custom ROM developers go through or even some manufacturers to an extent.

  1. WhatsApp Messenger: More than 2 billion people in over 180 countries use WhatsApp to stay in touch with friends and family, anytime and anywhere. WhatsApp is free and offers simple, secure, reliable messaging and calling, available on phones all over the world.
  2. The Poco Launcher on Google Play is however listed as an unreleased app and the early access is full. Interested users can sideload the APK directly from APKMirror, as spotted by Fonearena.

Google apps are an essential part of the Android ecosystem. Supporting Gapps for an Android smartphone is the manufacturer’s job or the device maintainers. Not every manufacturer integrates Google apps and services into their smartphones; either due to certification issue or due to regional issues.

Moreover, custom ROMS that do not come with Google apps at all. You either need to flash the Open Gapps separately, or settle for Google Play Services APK or Google Installers like below.

Here is how to download and install Google Apps (Gapps) on any custom ROM like Lineage OS, or third-party ROMS like MIUI 12, Hydrogen OS 11, Meizu’s Flyme OS, etc.

Download Google Apps Installer APK for Android 11, 10, 9 Pie, 8 Oreo, or earlier

Following we have listed a simple Google App Installer APK which will help you into install Google Apps like the Play Store and Play Services. Google Apps package (Gapps) or GMS (Google Mobile Services) package consists of Play Services APK, Play Store APK, Maps, Google Search App, Contact Sync, and many more.

You can easily install Gapps with the Google Installer v3.0 APK below. However, if it doesn’t work, you can try the other versions like v2 or v4.

  • Download MIUI 12 Google Installer APK v3 (post link)
  • Download Google Installer APK v2 downloads Mirror link
  • Download Google Installer APK v4.4.2 Mediafire downloads Mirror link
  • Download Google Installer APK v4.4.8 Mediafire downloads Mirror link

Note: For Google drive links, download to PC and then transfer it to phone storage, or it may give you parsing error. You may also settle for Box mirror.

How to install Google on Android using GApps Installer APK?

  • Download the Google Installer.apk and transfer it to Android phone storage. Place it in Download folder.
  • Launch the installer APK file as shown below:
  • Select the Install button. Allow the app to install.
  • Continue to accept all the apps and wait for the installation to complete.
  • Reboot phone.

Image tutorial:

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I have an application that I want to release for $x amount to the public, however, I want to allow the Google Developer Console Alpha/Beta APK to be downloaded for free. I want the testers to be able to download it for free? How do I do that?

Thanks in advance,

PS. I could swear I found the link on Google, but I can't seem to find it again.

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Here is my conclusion (in short, no solution):

1- (Edit: unfortunately this point is not correct, you wont get the updates unless you download directly from the store.) The only issue is delivering the first APK to the testers, as they wont be able to download the application from the Play Store, however, downloading updates from the Play Store is doable and okay, (delivered APK must be signed with same key as Play Store APK).

2- If the application is never publicly released yet, testers must have some sort of a direct link to the application on the Play Store, as searching for it will never show up (even with package name: com.example.application). But after having the first APK, you can just look through the 'My Apps' section in the Play Store and find it.

3- Google sucks for not making this easier, especially given the triviality of the concept and the need for it.

Thanks everyone for your suggestions. But considering none of them were the answer, because there is no answer, I had to sum up my findings here.Cheers.


Google App Beta Apk Download For Pc

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After discussing this with a Google representative I found that there is a round-about way of offering the app for free to testers. The tester must initially pay for the app. However, it turns out that refunds initiated by the developer actually behave differently than those initiated by Google.

Download play store apk fileBeta
  • Google refund: License is revoked and the user will no longer have access to the app.

  • Developer refund: License is NOT revoked, the app will remain fully functional IF you are only testing for license response. If you verify Order IDs it will fail since the order status will have changed (this would be a custom implementation). For developers who implemented the recommended license verification example this would effectively yield a free app.

Google App Beta Apk Download Android

Caveat: I haven't tested this yet as my app is a couple months from release, but here's my chat:


Ok can you please explain the refund then. As I understood it a refund would deauthorize the user's license, so I assumed you meant refund outside of the Google payment system.


If you yourself initiate the refund, the user will not lose access to the app in their library.

Unless you have designed your app to constantly check the order ID's status to trigger the revoke action or the like.

If a user initiate's a refund through Google, yes, they will no longer have the app in their library and they will lose access to the content.


OK, since I only check the license response from the server any refund I initiate will yield a fully functional and free app in the user's library?


Well, I am unable to validate your app's code or what you have done in its design.

I am only able to confirm that if you refund a user's purchase for an app, that Google will not revoke the app from their library or their access to the app's content.


Excellent, perhaps I missed the documentation on this somewhere, but I searched quite thoroughly and most information states that the developer can NOT offer the app for free to testers.

This would be great information to add to the developer console help and the testing pages.

Google App Beta Apk Download


Google home app download apk

That is true, you cannot offer the app as free to testers.

The app must be paid for, no matter what.

However, as with all apps, alpha, beta, or production, you are welcome to refund your users however you would like.


Google Apps Apk Download

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The google play developer console now give developers the chance to provide promotion codes offering a free app or free in-app purchases, perfect for providing a free app to Alpha and Beta users:

Google Chrome Apk For Pc

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