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The super bright LED flashlight instantly turns your device into the world's most powerful flashlight. The ultimate lighting tool takes full advantage of the LED light of the camera.Apk combo
  1. Flashlight is a small application that, once installed, will let you transform your Android device in a complete flashlight full of possibilities. The Flashlight includes two different modes: the normal 'lighting mode', where you will be able to use the flashlight of the.
  2. Flashlight LED Torch Light Android latest 4.5 APK Download and Install. Free Flashlight LED Torch Light for your phone.

Download Torch app for Android. A simple flashlight application with no frills.

The strobe / flash mode is also supported in the same way as a $ 100 tactical flashlight. Download the flashlight now!
* Free flashlight - Free flashlight app for Android that has won the trust of over 500M users.
* Powerful torch - Instantly turn your device into the brightest flashlight.
* Best flashlight - The most robust, fast and brilliant lamp in the world.
Flashlight Latest Apk Download* Simple to use - Samsung flashlight with quick start and smooth operation.
* LED flashlight - Torch as powerful as a real free flashlight.
* Strobe Lamp - An amazing LED flashing lamp! Adjustable frequency.Flashlight
* Awesome graphics - Sublime interface and clean layout for fast and easy operation!
DownloadFeatures of the super bright LED lamp:Flashlight Latest Apk Download
The brightest flashlight - bright and cool color to use.
The flashlight easily turns your phone into a powerful flashlight. The free flashlight illuminates the night and helps you in case of emergency. The Samsung flashlight is the best flashlight in the world. Turn on the free flashlight app and illuminate your night.
LED flashlight - illuminate in 1 click.
The colorful flashlight can always light you at night. The flashlight is as bright as a real flashlight. The free Samsung flashlight offers a very bright white light when used in the dark. Download the flashlight!

Flashlight Latest Apk Download Android

Flashlight Widget - turn on / off from the Home screen.
The flashlight widget can be placed on your home screen. Instantly turn on the bright flashlight in one touch. The Samsung torch can be activated in one click. The most practical lighting tool thanks to its LED light.
The flashlight is the fastest and brightest multi LED in the world. The intuitive and stylish design of the UI makes it look like a free tactical flashlight thanks to its simple ignition button. This always available and powerful lamp is designed to be handy whenever needed.
The brightest flashlight - illuminate the night.
The bright light lamp uses the camera's LED flash and turns your phone into a bright flashlight. Very useful lamp for mobile. You can use the Samsung flashlight as a LED light while walking in the dark and to call for help.
Security torch - only the display / LED is used.
The flashlight uses the screen / LED for light without invading your privacy. The free powerful torch only needs authorization of access to the camera of your device, no other unjustified authorization, personal information and data collection is necessary.
With the brightest flashlight, you can:
+ Illuminate at night during power outages.
+ Walk the dog after sunset with the Samsung flashlight.
+ Read a book before going to bed with the free Samsung flashlight.
+ Find your keys in the dark with the bright flashlight.
+ Repair a car or change a light bulb with a powerful flashlight.
+ Brighten the path by camping or hiking with a free torch.
It's definitely the best flashlight and the most powerful flashlight in the world. Our LED flashlight will always be there for you when you need light! Download the flashlight FREE!

Flashlight Latest Apk Download Windows 10

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