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Nintendo’s second smartphone game, Fire Emblem Heroes, is now available in select countries. Chances are, yours isn’t one of them. However, if you have an Android device, you can play the game right now. Several APK sites have Fire Emblem Heroes available for download. Do remember that one of the first security tips people give is not to install apps from unknown sources - by doing this, you're potentially risking malware on your device. We’ve included a link to a Fire Emblem Heroes APK from a source that’s usually reliable, but you would do well to exercise your own caution:

Obtaining game files Normal method. On an Android device, the files the game uses are located in two locations, the.apk file and in the app's data directory. The.apk file is located at /data/app/com.nintendo.zaba/base.apk (this path may differ slightly depending on the Android version, to get the exact path for your Android version run pm path com.nintendo.zaba in the Android shell). Download Fire Emblem Heroes iPhone Free. Fire Emblem Heroes is the iPhone and iPad adaptation of the famous series of games developed by Nintendo that has over fifteen different titles at present. With over 25 years of experience behind it, the saga of role-playing video games created. The seventh installment of the Fire Emblem series (officially distinguished with the localized title of “Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade” as of Fire Emblem Heroes), and the first to be released internationally. Released for the Game Boy Advance, the main portion of the game follows the adventures of Lyn, Hector, and Eliwood, as well as their. ‎Nintendo's hit strategy-RPG Fire Emblem series, which has been going strong for more than 30 years, continues its journey on smart devices. Fight battles customized for touch screens and on-the-go play. Summon characters from across the Fire Emblem universe. Develop your Heroes' skills, and take th. What's new in Fire Emblem Heroes APK 5.10.0: Heroes Journey has been updated! Memory Fragments have been added, and Memento Events have been made easier to complete. New weapon skills have been added. For more information on downloading Fire Emblem Heroes to your phone, check out our guide.

How to download Fire Emblem Heroes APK on Android:

1. On your Android phone, go to Settings.
2. Tap on Security (also labelled as Privacy on some devices).
3. Go to Unknown Sources.
4. Tap Allow for the installation of apps from unknown sources. This will allow you to install Fire Emblem Heroes.
5. On your phone, download Fire Emblem Heroes Android APK.
6. Now simply go to the Downloads folder on your phone and tap on the Emblem Heroes Android APK to install it.

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These steps will allow you to download Fire Emblem Heroes Android APK in India or anywhere it is not currently available. We've downloaded the APK on our Android phones and it appears to work just fine.

Your smartphone or tablet should sport Android 4.2 or later and have 2GB RAM in order to run Fire Emblem Heroes. Nintendo hasn’t stated how much storage the game would need just yet, though the Emblem Heroes Android APK’s download size is around 37MB.

Keep in mind that Emblem Heroes for Android includes some in-app purchases as reported earlier. This is similar to how loot boxes work in Overwatch or FUT packs in FIFA. Japanese smartphone games such as Blood Brothers and Puzzles and Dragons have used these monetisation mechanics effectively, and Fire Emblem Heroes appears to be no different.

Three orbs cost $1.99 (around Rs. 134) with options existing upto $74.99 (around Rs. 5,066) for 140 orbs. They can be earned via Fire Emblem Heroes in-game activities as well.

Finally, Emblem Heroes for Android and iPhone requires you to be always online much like Super Mario Run, so if you fancy a quick round of it while commuting, then you'd better have a pretty reliable data connection.

  • 1Obtaining game files
    • 1.2Emulators
      • 1.2.2Extracting
  • 2File structure

Obtaining game files[]

Normal method[]

On an Android device, the files the game uses are located in two locations, the .apk file and in the app's data directory.

The .apk file is located at /data/app/com.nintendo.zaba/base.apk (this path may differ slightly depending on the Android version, to get the exact path for your Android version run pm path com.nintendo.zaba in the Android shell).

The app's data directory stores all the downloaded game files, which is where the majority of game assets will be located. This is located at /data/data/com.nintendo.zaba/files/assets/.

To gain access to any of these directories, you will need root access on your device to do so.

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It is also possible to obtain the game files without a rooted device, using an Android emulator. The following instructions are for Windows:

  1. Uninstall your previous installation of MEMU
  2. Install MEMU following this guide
  3. Start the new virtual machine then click on the cogwheel and generate a new IMEI, telephone number and change the phone operator. Click on save before switching tabs
  4. Optionally change the number of CPU cores and RAM dedicated to the virtual machine
  5. <TODO>
  6. Reboot the virtual machine
  7. On the android preferences make sure your time/timezone settings match where do you live (the game will not start with incorrect time/timezone). If you still have trouble with the timezone try disabling the automatic timezone from internet
  8. Install the game
  9. Start the game, the game will start downloading something small
  10. Play the tutorial, once the tutorial is finished, the game will start downloading all the game files


Using the emulator directly[]
  1. In order to access the game files, start ES file explorer/mixplorer, give it root permissions and go to /data/data/com.nintendo.zaba/
  2. If you want those files outside the virtual machine, copy the folder in /storage/emulated/0/Download then on windows go to %userprofile%/Download/MEmu Download
Using 7-Zip[]
  1. Download the latest version of 7-Zip
  2. Open Windows Explorer.
  3. Navigate to C:Program FilesMicrovirtMEmuMEmuHyperV VMsMEmu. The path might be different if you have installed MEmu to a different folder, or changed the path to MEmu image files in Multi-MEmu.
  4. Open MEmu...-disk1.vmdk using 7-Zip.
  5. Double click the 2.img file.
  6. Navigate to /data/com.nintendo.zaba
  7. Now you can just extract assets folder, or navigate deeper and extract any file you want.
OSFMount and ext2fsd[]

In this method, instead of using 7-Zip, we will use OSFMount to mount the .vmdk file and and ext2fsd to read Ext4partitions from Windows. OSFMount also supports command line interface.

  1. Download and install OSFMount and Ext2Fsd
  2. Open OSFMount, click Mount new...
  3. Click ..., and open C:Program FilesMicrovirtMEmuMEmuHyperV VMsMEmuMEmu...-disk1.vmdk
  4. Choose Partition 2, and click OK.
  5. Now you can access the game files in [new drive letter]:datacom.nintendo.zabaassets
  6. To unmount, select the mounted drive in the main window of OSFMount, then click Dismount.

File structure[]

All files with a .png extension are actually WebP files, despite having a png extension. The official converter for webp files is dwebp.

The files with a .bin.lz are xor encrypted lz77 files. You may use FEHDataExtractor to view most of the games' internal data such as Sacred Seals, Forging Bonds, and unit stats.


Fire Emblem Heroes Japanese Apk Download For Windows

Fire emblem heroes apk download

File directory structure[]

The /data/data/com.nintendo.zaba/files/assets has been omitted from the following:

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  • /Common: Files common to all languages
    • /Banner_Map: Contains banner images
    • /Banner_SequentialMap: Contains banner images for Tempest Trials
    • /Face: Hero art
    • /Field: Map backgrounds
    • /Occupation: Grand Conquests
    • /Sound: Sound files
    • /SRPG: Core game data definitions
      • /Grow.bin.lz: Growth vectors
      • /BlessingGarden: Blessed Gardens chapter definitions
      • /Enemy: Generic enemy data definitions
      • /Person: Player hero definitions
      • /SequentialMap: Tempest Trials chapter definitions
      • /SequentialTrialBind: Squad Assault chapter definitions
      • /SequentialTrialMainStory: Chain Challenge chapter definitions (Story maps)
      • /SequentialTrialSideStory: Chain Challenge chapter definitions (Paralogue maps)
      • /SkillAccessory: Sacred Seal seal IDs
      • /SkillAccessoryCreatable: Forgeable Sacred Seal seal IDs (costs are not stored here)
    • /SRPGMap: Map definitions
    • /TapAction/TapBattleResource: Tap Battle enemy images
    • /UI: Passive images and various other images
    • /Unit_Accessory: Accessories images
    • /Wep: Weapon images
  • /ENCommon: English audio files
    • /Sound: Voice files in .ckb format, localized versions of End of All (Land)
  • /EUDE: German text files
  • /EUEN: English (Europe/Australia) text files
  • /EUES: Spanish (Europe) text files
  • /EUFR: French (Europe) text files (French (Canada) is only available on FEH websites)
  • /EUIT: Italian text files
  • /JPJA: Japanese text and audio files
  • /TWZH: Traditional Chinese text files (includes duplicates of Japanese audio files)
  • /USEN: English (US) text files
    • /Message: Text files
    • /Telop: Graphical caption files
    • /UI: Passive images containing localized text
  • /USES: Spanish (Latin America) text files

Fire Emblem Heroes Install

These directories will only exist on your device if you have downloaded them, i.e. you will need to switch languages in-game if you want to download the files for that language.