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  • Nov 30, 2021 Download YouTube TV apk 5.46.1 for Android. Watch and DVR live TV from 85+ channels, including sports networks.
  • Download YouTube TV apk 2.13.08 for Android. Watch your favorite YouTube videos on your biggest screen. Watching bigger is better with Youtube TV Android.
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Youtube tv app download apk

Download Youtube Apk For Android Tv Box 4k

With NewPipe APK v0.19.3 and above, it now supports Android TV, Android Boxes, Fire TV, and a YouTube Music section. NewPipe is a free and open-source project that brings YouTube in a completely different user interface. Apk's - Android TV Box Headquarters. How to install apk's. Free Movies & TV. Security & Cleaners. Media + IPTV Players. Download the latest version of YouTube for Android TV for Android. Official YouTube app for AndroidTV. Thanks to YouTube for Android.

Download Youtube Apk For Android Tv Box Apk

UPDATE 9-12-2020:
They upped their prices yet again to $65 per month (before taxes) after adding a few channels I wouldn't want anyway. Definitely no longer recommending them any more and lowered my rating to 3 stars. I know price isn't everything, but they have gone from $30 per month a couple of years ago to more than double that now! I can get cable TV with the same line-up and a real DVR that I control for $80 per month when bundled with my other services. Google has got too greedy with YouTube TV pricing.
You get a cloud DVR with unlimited storage. Also you can watch live TV but also get streaming in some shows without having to watch live. And it works while you are away from home on most devices. You can use on a tablet or phone. I also don't get dropouts like I did with a couple of other services that give online cable channels. You'll also be able to go to and view most of the channels web pages and programming as they will just have you login as you would with YouTube TV. It also gets a few channels that some of the others have dropped from their lineups. Check their channel listing to see if it's missing anything you absolutely have to have.
There's also some premium services and other add-ons now too for extra $.
I removed two stars because they frequently have been raising their prices. In two years, they went from $30 a month to $65 per month before taxes. So it's no longer a good deal as it once was. It's now only a slightly better deal price-wise than most cable companies. It does work from most devices and phones and Roku and now FireTV too to name a few. It works very poorly if you use a Tivo Stream 4k.
It should be noted too, that like most streaming services now, if you use a VPN that can be identified as a VPN address, they will block you. You will either have to turn off your VPN connection before connection or switch VPN servers on a regular basis to ones they don't know are VPNs. YouTube doesn't allow VPN connections. Your address you log in as must match your area you enrolled as or they will refuse connection.
So in summation, it's a good service if you don't mind the rediculous $65 per month cost. I no longer recommend them when there are still good options out there for $35 per month if you're willing to sacrifice a few things YTTV gives you. YTTV has just become another cable company offering at too high of pricing. And that's sad as its main goal was to be a low cost alternative to expensive cable.
Update 7-2021: Retried it for one month just to compare it to some of the others to see what's changed or improved since I reviewed it last year. Afraid this will be the last time I try it as it's just not getting any better. Same unuseful DVR functionality. Sure it's unlimited usage, but you still can't tell when new shows show up as the DVR just records every showing and listing. Unless you keep track of what episode numbers of all your tv shows you've already watched, it's tough to figure out. With no way to remove watched content from the DVR and streaming versions and OTA versions and more All being recorded, it's just a totally cluttered DVR interface. Also it's common to click on a suggestion it gives to watch and find that episode actually finished several hours earlier and so now you find you're watching a completely different show on now. Then you can't record that suggestion either as it no longer is live or streaming. Just a mess to keep track of what episodes of a tv show you've already watched without playing part of the already watched clips. Since you can't remove Dvr recordings and that it records every episode including ones you don't want, it's still a real poor DVR interface. And since the last time I did reviews, Google has figured new ways of advertising even more in menus and shows in addition to the normal recorded commercial breaks while using the app or desktop. Might be willing to put up with some of it's issues if it was reasonably priced. But now just basic service with them will cost $75 a month when taxes are added. I've got better cable TV options than that and it's the highest priced streaming service out there. I had hoped the price would go down a bit or the quality of the current horrible interface they use would have improved so I gave it another shot. But after less than a week, I remember all the reasons it got only middle of the road ratings from me before. I'll again end the subscription at the end of this month since going back with them a week ago. It's just not worth $75 a month (the price you'll really pay) for basic non-premium channels and one of the worst DVR interfaces of the streaming services that doesn't seem to be improving at all while getting more and more expensive. Sure it works at a basic level so I still give it a 3 star rating for that. But they model their interface off YouTube and that's a big pain when using it as a DVR. And the price is just rediculous!