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Tough As Nails Mod 1.12.2/1.11.2 is a survival mod that aims to increase difficulty through realistic features such as thirst and body temperature. There are other features that tie into it as well, like a seasons system with changing grass/foliage colors, temperature shifting for snow in biomes that don’t normally get any, and more.

  • Welcome to my video!Pixelmon Mod: you are using official minecraft, download forge from here: http://files.minecraftfo.
  • Now you need the Minecraft curse forge 1.12.2. Go to the link below in the top right corner press skip, it should automagically download, open it, and select Client and it should start listing a lot of mumbo jumbo then run Forge 1.12.2, It might have replaced any other forge downloads.
  • Pixelmon mod 1.12.2 download free Download the latest Pixelmon Reforged Mod for Minecraft To play Pixelmon you need a bought copy of Minecraft Java Edition, if you already have a Minecraft account you can choose your prefferred type of installation down here.

Gameshark Add-on for Pixelmon 1.12.2 is a sidemod that alerts the player about the locations of nearby Pokémon and Pixelmon-related blocks that are of potential interest to the player.

Find Pixelmon with ease, now with unbreakable server security.


By default, Gameshark will alert the player if any of the following are found within 150 blocks of the player:

  • Legendary Pokémon
  • Shiny Pokémon
  • Boss Pokémon
  • Shrines
  • PokéLoot chests

Gameshark displays its information in a box which can be freely repositioned anywhere on the screen. Initially, when nothing has been found, Gameshark will display the player’s coordinates and the biome that the player is in.

If any of the aforementioned objects or Pokémon are found, Gameshark will display them in the box. An arrow indicates the direction that the closest found object is in relative to the direction the player is facing. By default, the distance between the closest object and the player is also shown. If the server has disabled sending precise locations, Gameshark will display the server’s range instead of one of the highest weighted object it has found. If Gameshark finds a Pokémon, the species of Pokémon will also be displayed in the box, although the difficulty of boss Pokémon will not be displayed. The server can disable sending the species name, in which case the name will show as “unknown”. Gameshark will only find wild Pokémon; Trainer-owned Pokémon will not be tracked.

Download Mod Pixelmon 1.12 2Download Mod Pixelmon 1.12 2

It is possible to toggle what Gameshark will search for by accessing its menu with a hotkey ( by default). Within this menu, it is also possible to make Gameshark search for one or more specific species of Pokémon. In order to navigate the list of Pokémon, it is necessary to search for the Pokémon’s name; the list will shift down to the first Pokémon in the list whose name starts with the searched text.

If the server does not have Gameshark, or has Gameshark disabled, Gameshark will report that it is “Unavailable” in the box. Gameshark is installed and enabled when the box reports it is “Searching”.

The background around the directional arrow is color-coded according to what Gameshark finds.


  • /gameshark <legendary shiny boss shrine loot usersearch range updaterate position name lines boxes enable> <value>: Toggle the config settings for whether each type of object is allowed to be found, as well as range, update rate, and what parts of the data can be sent (op required).
    • legendary <true false>: Set if players can search for Legendary Pokémon.
    • shiny <true false>: Set if players can search for Shiny Pokémon.
    • boss <true false>: Set if players can search for Boss Pokémon.
    • shrine <true false>: Set if players can search for Shrines.
    • loot <true false>: Set if players can search for PokéLoot chests.
    • usersearch <true false>: Set if players can search for player-defined species of Pokémon.
    • range <int>: Set radius to search in around players.
    • updaterate <int>: Set how often to update players with new found objects in ticks.
    • position <true false>: Set if players can see the exact position of found objects.
    • name <true false>: Set if players can see the exact name of found objects.
    • lines <true false>: Set if players can see lines to found objects with exact positions.
    • boxes <true false>: Set if players can see boxes around found objects with exact positions.
    • enable <true false>: Enable/disable the mod as a whole.
  • /gameshark fakehit clear: Clears all fake radar hits.
  • /gameshark fakehit <legendary shiny boss shrine pokeloot search> <x> <y> <z> <name>: Add a fake radar hit at position <x> <y> <z> with name data of <name> with a specified type of find.

Config settings:

All settings can be edited via in-game commands and the Gameshark GUI by pressing .




Pixelmon (7.0.6 +)

How to install:

Servers must install Gameshark server-side to allow players to use its features, while each individual player who wishes to use Gameshark must also install Gameshark client-side. Server owners can disable all features of Gameshark with the command /gameshark enable false.

Client-side installation is not required if a player does not wish to use Gameshark; a player without Gameshark installed client-side can still join servers that have Gameshark installed server-side. On the other hand, if a player has Gameshark installed client-side and the server does not have Gameshark installed server-side, the player will be able to join the server, but Gameshark will not function.

Gameshark Add-on for Pixelmon 1.12.2 Download Links:

For Minecraft 1.12.2

Download from Server 1 – Download from Server 2

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Pixelmon Minecraft 1.12.2

Pixelmon is a Mod for Minecraft 1.12.2, which is the perfect complement for all players in the world of Minecraft who are fans of the famous game Pokémon. Now more than 510 different Pokémon will appear in the game. If we look at it from a different angle, we see that the mod adds an entire universe with its own unique things.

What will the mod add?

The mod will add many unique attacks, of which there are over 500. A very good advantage of the mod is the fact that it is compatible with most other mods and can work alongside the most popular add-ons available at the moment. This is the perfect mod for those who really want to change the game. It’s not a resource pack and a normal game. It is now a completely different game.


Installation of Pixelmon Mod

  1. Download and install the API Forge
  2. Download Pixelmon Mod (versions selected below)
  3. Place the downloaded mod in the folder ./minecraft/mods/

Pixelmon Mod download links

for Minecraft ⇒ 1.12.2

Minecraft Mod Pixelmon 1.12 2 Download

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Mod Pixelmon 1.16.5

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