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Download ES File Explorer for Android for free, without any viruses, from Uptodown. Try the latest version of ES File Explorer for Android. ES File Explorer Pro Latest APK 1.1.2 Version Free Download 2019. As we already mentioned above, Es file explorer Apk is a great file manager app for your Android smartphone which provides you lots of features. It also has a wide support for cloud storage like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDriver, Mega and more.

VMOS PRO is a unique tool that helps users clone or operate two applications simultaneously without shutting down or disabling the other. It is completely different from windowed mode, where users can use the same application but on two separate screens, thereby discovering all the potential of this magic. Thanks to its impressive features, this application will become effective for those who often work with high intensity.



The cloning app function is the most outstanding feature of VMOS PRO, allowing users to operate two distinct windows without sharing the same data. If users regularly use more than two social networking accounts, then that function is extremely convenient, helping them switch between accounts with just simple operations. Moreover, the application will not reset or stop the remaining windows, making them operate for many purposes.

The cloning process can be applied to any application or system, including games so that the user has more potential or interaction. However, the only disadvantage of cloning is that the system will double its performance. The device will have many limitations for the user to explore the full potential of cloning. Even so, users can comfortably view all the content of each application without fear of interruption or disabling.

  1. Return to home-screen and under Your Apps & Channels click See All to the left. Scroll down to hover over ES File Explorer Pro and click the Options button (3 horizontal lines). Then click Move. You can now move ES File Explorer Pro to the front of Your Apps & Channels.
  2. Get Es File Explorer Pro APK download now! Moreover, it is even cooler to access the Es File Explorer Premium APK to enjoy more updates and extensions. Don’t hesitate and download the latest version right away!

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Instead of splitting into two separate tabs or screens, the app has a bubble overlay where users start operating the second app. The window can clone everything as said, but its capabilities are limited, and users can only clone up to windows at a time, while one is fullscreen and the other is windowed. Of course, the overlay bubble can be collapsed without stopping the application, giving users a lot of impressive potential to exploit the awesomeness of the app.

The bubble overlay can also be freely customized according to each user’s needs, giving them more agile performance. In customization, they can change the size of the window and combine it with many impressive uses to enhance their interaction with each application. Of course, any changes can be edited manually, and users can add many presets depending on the type of application.



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Cloning of the VMOS PRO can be done instantly as the user can activate the function via the notification bar. Moreover, the application will have many detailed instructions for cloning, and users can add some unique features to get more impressive results when cloning. Depending on the individual use of each person, cloning can take place through many states and is always perfectly optimized.


The device’s performance will be greatly stimulated when the user starts cloning the app through VMOS PRO, which has various integrated features with many advanced AIs to automate a few processes. The application will automatically disable the one running in the background, and the user can change any application that needs cloning with just a few simple steps. Some particular extensions will also help users manipulate background applications more smoothly and conveniently.

Download Es Explorer Pro Apk

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The convenience of cloning of VMOS PRO will give users many impressive discoveries, even playing games while reading newspapers or comics. Each function also comes with many customizations, allowing users to have the best user experience for cloning apps.