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Download the full version of the Caves & Cliffs Minecraft. Download Minecraft PE Caves & Cliffs for Android devices. Download MCPE 1.17 Caves & Cliffs for free on Android and discover new exciting types of ore blocks: amethyst, geodes, tuff and even raw ore blocks! Minecraft Pocket Edition Apk Free Download (PE Mod) Minecraft PE APK is the second or short name of the Minecraft Pocket Edition APK. PE Stands for Pocket Edition. Today in this guide we are going to deal with the Minecraft PE APK each & everything will be describe in highly effective manner. Download Mods AddOns for Minecraft PE (MCPE) Free apk 2.1.3 for Android. All in one installer for MCPE mods, maps, addons, textures, skins, seeds.

Download Minecraft apk for experiencing the open-world game. Minecraft Mod Apk PE (Pocket Edition) is a gaming app that is one of the best open-world gaming apps. This game unleashes your creativity for exploring the block world. Minecraft mod apk is the modified apk version of the world’s most selling game. At the time of release, this game became the first choice of gamers. The gameplay of Minecraft is too simple. It’s an open-world game where you have to create your city from your own creativity.

This game is very addictive and it doesn’t need an introduction because at the time of release millions of games were sold by the company.


Minecraft Mod APK God Mode Pocket Edition

In this game, your imagination power and creativity makes you the king of the game. Here, you can create your own large world with the help of new and exciting features. Minecraft offers you to build your own roads, bridges, buildings, and many more.

In simple words, we can say that players can make their own city in Minecraft Mod APK Pocket Edition. Various new and powerful resources are allowed to you according to your progress in the game. While playing the game you also have to face many monsters who want to destroy your city. In that case, you have to fight to protect your city. You can also use many weapons and power to face them. Let me tell you one more thing That you don’t need any third-party application to run this game. You just have to download and install the game and after that, you can play Minecraft mod apk. Now, let’s discuss some quick facts about this game.

Name of Application

Minecraft Pocket edition, Minecraft mod apk

App size
99 MB

Developer name



Updated on

January 2020

Download Minecraft APK Mod

So, these are some quick facts about this game. I am sure that the data gives you a short technical brief about this game.

ApkDownload apk minecraft pe mod maker online

Minecraft mod apk comes with 4 modes. We can also recognize them as a level of Minecraft mod apk. Minecraft story mod apk makes the game more interesting and addictive. Now, let’s discuss the levels or we can say modes of Minecraft mod apk.

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Minecraft Survival Mode

Survival mode is one of the most important modes of this game. This mode is important because at this level the player starts to learn the basics of this game. In this mode, the player has to build their city from collecting the resources placed around him. As I say it’s a Survival mode so the player also finds the resources of their needs and tries to survive.

Minecraft Creative Mode

In creative mode, the player can easily build or destroy any building which He/She wants to destroy. This mode is said to be the most important mode of Minecraft mode apk. Many gamers also denote this model as the main mode of an aircraft game.

Download minecraft pe mod apk jalan tikus

Minecraft Hardcore Mode

The difficulties in this mode are extreme. This mode is a very good mode for those players who wanted to play the game with extreme difficulties. Hardcore mode is also a survival but the difficulty level of this model is extreme. Here you only get one life to survive and if you fail to survive then you have to restart your game.

Minecraft Adventure Mode

The availability of Adventure mode makes this game more interesting and addictive. In adventure mode, the player has the power to create your own map according to your creativity. In this mode, the player can’t destroy the structures and blocks directly.

Minecraft Spectator mode

This mode is the last model of this game. In this mode, the player can easily spectate the things around him. This mode is also an interesting model of this game.

Note:- One more mode is also available in this game which is God mode. This contains interesting weapons and powers. This model also contains an attractive interface that provides a better experience while playing this game. This mode can be accessed through this search on Google “Minecraft mod apk God mode”.

So, these are the different modes of Minecraft story mode apk. These modes are very interesting to play and simple to understand easily. Now, we’re proceeding to our next target, Features Of Minecraft mode apk.

Features of Minecraft mod apk

The features of Minecraft mod apk are listed below.

Unlimited breathing in oceans

While playing the game to have to dive in the ocean many times in the search of needed resources. While diving you have the power to take unlimited breadth. So, you don’t have to face the problem of taking a breath again and again while diving in the ocean.

Availability of game in many devices

If you’re passionate about this game and want to play this game at any cost then don’t worry because this game is available for many devices like mobiles and PC. The basic requirement of this is that you have a device that contains the android version more than 2.3. Nowadays, most people have smartphones which consist of Android 10. So, you can easily play this on any device. To find this game for the PC version you have to search for Minecraft mod apk for PC.


Multiplayer Gaming

Download Minecraft Pe 0.16.0 Mod Apk

If you want to play this game in multiplayer mode then you can easily for its multiplayer mode which is Minecraft mod apk multiplayer. This apk offers you to play this game in multiplayer mode. This game is mostly played in a multiplayer format but you can play this game in single-mode also.


Download Apk Minecraft For Pc

This game contains many interesting and powerful tools in it. There are two categories of tools which are 1. Destructible tools, 2. Non-destructible tools. Some of the tools are destructible and some are not. There are plenty of guns available in this game. So, If you wanted to know about the power and ability of these guns then you can search for “Minecraft mod apk guns”. The weapons and creatures are very unique and attractive.