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Cydia Cloud for the Windows platform is a useful little tool if you want to play around with the plain, vanilla version of your iOS device and be introduced to the features of Cydia.

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Cydia Cloud allows you to view latest updates about Cydia jail breaks. With Cydia Cloud you can see all the updates about IOS Jailbreaks, and you can also can get latest updates and information about IOS 11 jail breaks.

To be able to use Cydia Impactor, we have to download the installation files for the apps in question in IPA format from the Internet. Basically, the iOS equivalent of an Android APK. However, unlike on Google mobile operating system, to install apps on iOS we need to do more things than simply copying and pasting the file. Cydia Download iOS 14. MovieBox Free Download for iOS,Android, Windows and Mac Versions. MovieBox Download tool now available to download free. By using MovieBox APK, you can watch HD online movies, videos, TV shows, music, and many more. Cydia Download How To Get Cydia Download For Free - iOS/Android APK 2020Hiya guys. Today I will go over How to get Cydia Download on iOS or Android APK.

Cydia is the first third party unofficial free iOS app store which is not available on Apple app store.This app store contains all jailbreak apps,Tweaks and the other entertainments that you need.All contents are exclusive & very genuine. This application developed by Saurik (Jay Freeman). Cydia Download Guide. As Luca is not ready for public tool releases just like jailbreak legends iH8snow and i0n1c, may be he is keeping iOS 9.3.5 jailbreak exploits for testing purpose. In that way he is only to encourage jailbreak teams like Pangu for a proper Cydia iOS 9.3.5 solution. Once the tool confirms we will share Cydia Download links.

The app is easy and straight From within the Cydia Cloud app, you can directly go to installation process and download the latest IOS updates on your device.

Overall, Cydia Cloud is a simple, but useful app that helps you get to grips with jailbreaking your iOS device. The interface is basic, but functional and the app has a small footprint.

TutuApp support iOS/iPadOS versions:

15 / 14.8 / 14.7.1 / 14.7 / 14.6 /14.5.1 / 14.5 / 14.4.2 / 14.4.1 / 14.4 / 14.3 / 14.2 / 14.0.1 / 14.1 / 14 / 13.7 / 13.6.1 / 13.6 / 13.5.5 / 13.5.1 / 13.5 / 13.4.1 / 13.4 / 13.3.1 / 13.3 / 13.2.3 / 13.2.2 / 13.2 / 13.1.3 / 13.1.2 /13.1.1 / 13

How to install for iOS/iPadOS?

Make sure to open this page from iPhone/iPadOS Safari browser to install

Follow the instructions to trust the app after install

This is the VIP version of the App. You have to purchase it from the official site.

Free application. Some of the apps are free


Lite version install Guide

Step 01 : Tap above Download button.

Step 02 : Tap Allow for Popup Message.

Step 03 : Go to Settings > General > Profile and Device management.

Step 04 : Tap Install for Profile Download.

Step 05 : Enter your Device passcode to install profile.

Step 06 : Tap install.

Step 07 : Done.

Go to Home Screen and find TuTu App and open it for install applications.

Install TutuApp via Shortcut

Siri Shortcut method is also eligible for install the TutuApp store. For this method iOS/iPadOS must run iOS 14 above. Otherwise, this method will not work with your Device model. Also, this method is workable with the latest iOS 14.7 and iOS 14.6

  • First, install Apple Siri Shortcut from here.
  • Then tap below Shortcut links from your Device.

Cydia Download Free Apk Windows 10

How to Trust

Most TutuApp applications are signed with the Apple certificate program, So you have to trust the applications from the settings. Follow the below guide to trust the applications.

Step 01 : Open Device settings page > Go to General.

Step 02 : Navigate to Profiles and Device management.

Cydia jailbreak download windows

Step 03 : Go to the Developer app section.

Step 04 : Tap on it.

Step 05 : Tap Trust button.

TutuApp lite Version

Recently TuTuApp Developers faced Apple revoked issue. Since then, they released a lite version of the app. The Lite version offers most of the Jailbreak apps ( Modified ) for a free install. The best part is you can install all paid apps free from the lite version.
But still, some of the apps you cannot install without pay.

Install lite version from here.

TutuApp online

You no need to install any Profile file or Enterprise app to use TutuApp online version. Just open this page from mobile Safari and tap the below link. Then you can use the online version of the app.

TutuApp Cydia / Sileo repo

TutuApp Cydia / Sileo version is also available to install. Therefore, you need to jailbreak your Devive and should install Cydia or Sileo. Just follow the below guide to install the Cydia version of the app.
For this, you must add Hack Your iPhone source to your source list.

We are highly against pirate repos. But we listed here for user's references. So use it at your own risk.

Hack Your iPhone Method

Once add Hack Your iPhone repo > Go Cydia Search bar > Type TuTuApp > Tap to install

Cydia.kiiimo Repo method

After adding the source > Open Cydia and Search > TuTuApp VIP

Cydia Download Free Apk

TutuApp premium / vip free

TutuApp requires some donations from the public. But you can bypass this step and can install VIP version for free. Therefore, you must install the above Repo ( Cydia Source ). TutuApp VIP modified version is available in Hack Your iPhone source.

Tutu jailbreak tools

Most Jailbreak tools, such as Unc0ver / Taurine / Odyssey, are PC-based iPA. But still, you can use the AltStore or Sideloadly method to sideload these iPA files.
But unknown hackers released a method to use these iPA files Online. So you can use Unc0ver / Taurine / Odyssey online tools from TuTuapp.

For latest iOS/iPadOS

Still no full Jailbreak available for the latest iOS version running the latest iPhone / iPad Models.

Examples -

  • No Jailbreak Tool available for iPhone 12 Models are running iOS 15 to iOS 14.4
  • Checkra1n Jailbreak tool does not support above iPhone x running iOS 14.8
  • Unc0ver Jailbreak does not support above iOS 14.3
  • Taurine Jailbreak does not support above iOS 14.3

So TutuApp is the only solution for install Jailbreak applications for these models and iOS/iPadOS versions.
But TutuApp currently does not support for iOS 15 version according to the TutuApp website. iOS 15 users still can install TutuApp lite version from above.

TutuApp PC version

Follow below simple guide to install TutuApp for your Windows or Mac.

Step 01 : First, you need to download an Android emulator for your Windows or Mac. We recommend Bluestacks.

Step 02 : Once Download, Open it from desktop.

Step 03 : Now download TutuApp APK file.

Step 04 : Double click for download file to open it automatically from BlueStacks.

Step 05 : From BlueStacks home page > My Apps > Click it.

Now you can see the TuTuApp icon on the desktop

TutuApp for Android


  • Fast Revoke fixes
  • Daily updates
  • Massive collection of Apps and Games
  • Free applications available to install
  • Legal and safe to use
  • Support without Jailbreak
  • Fast updates
  • Regular supports

TutuApp Popular apps

  • 1.Spotify++
  • 2.Youtube++
  • 3. Instagram++
  • 4. Deezer++
  • 5. WhatsApp++
  • 6. WhatsApp++
  • 7. Facebook++
  • 8. SoundCloud++
  • 9. Napster++
  • 10. Twitter++
  • 11. Pandora++

Cydia Full Version Apk

Alternatives / similar apps 2021

There are so many popular Tweak app store alternatives on the internet for TutuApp. We listed a few of them here.
TuTuBox - TuTuBox is the perfect alternative for TutuApp. Lite version is also available for the install applications. You can install TuTuBox from here.
AppCake - This is another excellent third-party similar app store for TuTuApp. Appcake Cydia support version also available for the install. Appcake is a free application. You can install Appcake from here.

TuTu legit / official website

TuTuApp is a trustworthy site to install applications. But we recommended installing applications from the official website. At this time ( 2021 ), there are similar kinds of the website available on the internet.
So do not install any app except the official website.

Cydia Apk Free Download For Android

Here it is the official website >

TutuApp 20% off price

Cydia Download For Windows 10

Engage with TutuApp Twitter account and try to get a VIP version once they reduce the price. In the last few months, they released 20% off coupons for new members.