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#1 Free 3D Car Racing game! City Racing Lite Released! Turbo Car Racing 47.0. EULA and privacy policy Archive - APK - Windows - Italiano - Topics - SaaS. Download Car Racing app for Android. Car racing highway. Download Car Racing app for Android. Car racing highway. Games; Racing/Sim; Car Racing; Car Racing. Extreme Car Driving Simulator for Android is an exciting driving game where you navigate a car through a detailed world using on-screen controls. There is an on-screen accelerator, brake, emergency light, and steering controls to give you complete control over your vehicle.

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Are you also sick tired of racing as a third person? Though there are incredible racing games out there, in the end of the day, all of them bring the perspective of a third person, which may help thinking on gameplay matters, but definitely won’t bring up all the realistic possibilities of a racing game. After all, in the end of the day, you are not looking on the easiest ways of getting there, but on the best forms to do so, isn’t that correct? Play Racing in Car 2 on PC and Mac with BlueStacks and drive your car in a cockpit view through endless traffics and real tracks, with an environment that remembers real life in all its characteristics. Drag your car wherever you want, buy new amazing vehicles and play in different locations with simulator-like controls. Actually, let’s not call it a game, but a proper simulation device. It sounds only fair to do so. Download Racing in Car 2 on PC with BlueStacks and rediscover what you for racing right now!

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This is a sandbox car-building game that lets you drive custom creations. Most players will find the content insufficient, even for this playstyle. The realism is there but doesn’t come near other titles like BeamNG Drive.

Cluttered UI


Car Games Free Download Apk


The game asks for access to your Google account. This is rare among Google Play apps, even free ones. Make sure you read the privacy policy page and are fine with data collection before playing. It also detects your general and device location.

The developers claim to give a super realistic experience. Almost nothing about this game comes close to being so. It’s got the clunkiest controls for a simulator. There are sensitivity settings, but they only make it worse if you deviate from the default.

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Graphics are an eyesore

Car Apk Games Download

If you’re hoping for a saving grace, don’t count on the graphics. The way-too-bright colours and poor rendering only add to the pain. Adjusting the resolutions will increase battery consumption. It’s best to play in the low setting since the quality doesn’t change much.

Driven by advertisements

Car Simulator 2 runs on ads so you’ll see a random one pop up once in a while. They’re not too frequent to disrupt gameplay, but very noticeable due to length. If you’re looking for variety, you won’t find it in this game. It doesn’t have all the cars that every driving game should offer.