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Jul 19, 2010 This free app features the most comprehensive audiobook experience ever, including Wi-Fi delivery of your library, multitasking (iOS 4 and compatible device required), detailed listening stats, and more. Not an Audible member yet? We 've included 7 great excerpts to try, or you can visit to get started today.

By Justin SabrinaUpdated on March 09, 2020

How to download AA or AAX files from Audible store? Here is a complete tutorial teach you how to download Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to Windows/Mac computer with Audible Download Manager for Windows, Audible app for Win 10, iTunes for Mac.

Audible is a seller and producer of unmatched selection of audiobooks, premium podcasts, and more, we can buy digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs, and audio versions of magazines and newspapers from Audible store. After joining in Audible membership, you can get a first audiobook which for 30 day trial. Or, you can listening to 3 audiobooks/month for $14.95/month: 1 Audiobook + 2 Audible Originals.

All audiobooks on Audible are 3 different kinds audio formats: AA, AAX or AAX+, Audible audiobooks are encrypted with DRM(Digital Right Management) protection. Even though you can download Audible audibooks for offline listening on devices with Audible account authorized, the audiobooks you get are DRM protected and you can’t play on MP3 players.
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Part 1: Buy Audiobooks from Audible Store
Part 2: Download Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to Windows Computer
Part 3: Download Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to Windows 10(or 8.1)
Part 4: Download Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to Mac

The file you download from the Audible store is always named “admhelper.adh”. When searching “.adh file” on Google, many people asked similar question like “What is adh files and how do I open it?” , “Why does admhelper.adh appear when I’m downloading from Audible library?”, “My Audiobook won’t download, but I see admhelper.adh instead” , “What is admhelper.adh and why I can’t download AA or AAX Audiobook in Audible store?”…

Actually, when you purchase and download audiobooks on, all the downloaded files named as “admhelper.adh”. The admhelper.adh file is a protocol that assists the Audible Download Manager software to download your purchased Audiobook(s) from Audible online library. The admhelper.adh file can assist Audible Download Manager to extract and download all the pieces of your Audiobook file. To download AA/AAX audiobooks from Audible to computer, you need to use Audible Download Manager, Audible app, or iTunes for Mac.

In this article, we will teach you three different ways to download Audible audiobooks to your PC/Mac, you will find the best Audible Books downloading solution.

Tip: On Windows computer, you can download AA files with Audible Download Manager or Audible Win 10 app.
On Mac, you can directly download AAX files and then import the downloaded AAX audible audiobooks to iTunes or Apple Books(with authorized Audible account).

Part 1: Buy Audiobooks from Audible Store

The offers millions of audiobooks, after become a member of Audible, you can free get your first audiobook, and you can find and purchase lots of audiobooks to listen. Now follow following steps to learn how to download audible AA audiobooks to PC or how to download audible AAX audiobooks to Mac.

Step 1. Login Audible Store
The is owned by Amazon. If you have an Amazon account, you can directly login with your Amazon account on a Mac or a PC. Also, you can create a new audible account to sign in. In addition, if you have signed in with a new audible account, you also can connect your Amazon account to Audible.

Step 2. Choose Audible Audiobook and Add to Cart
After logining successfully, Audible store will recommend some popular audiobooks to you.

You will find the “Browse” option in site navigation. Here, you can choose one audible audiobook from your favorite classification.

Or you can search “free audiobooks” thought via the search box in the top right corner, then choose audiobooks you want and click “Add to Cart”.

Step 3. Purchase Audible Audiobooks
All added audiobooks in your shopping cart, please click “Complete purchase”.

After purchasing complete, you will get a new page “Thank you! You’re ready to listen.”

You will find the “Library” option in site navigation, you will find all purchased audiobooks in library.

Part 2: Download Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to Windows Computer(Video Tutorial)

To download AA or AAX audiobooks to Windows computer, you need to install Audible Downloader Manager or Audible app for Win 10 on computer firstly.

Step 1. Download, Install and Launch Audible Download Manager on PC
Firstly, please click the below download button to download Audible Download Manager from Audible official site, then follow the simple instructions guide to complete the installation.

After installing complete, the Audible Download Manager will launching automatically.


Step 2. Download Audiobook Files from Audible Library (.adh)
Return to the library of the Audible site, then you can find all Audible audiobooks you bought, please choose a audio quality: Enhanced or Format 4(Format 4 is best for a mp3 player) and click “DOWNLOAD” option.

For Windows PC, please select “Format 4” option.
For Mac, please choose “Enhanced” option, you will get a complete AA/AAX file, then use iTunes to open it.

Step 3. Start Downloading “admhelper.adh” files
You will get a file named “admhelper.adh”. The file you download from the Audible site is always named “admhelper.adh”

Step 4. Read “admhelper.adh”and Download AA/AAX Audiobooks
Above steps, you have launched Audible Downloader Manager, then double-click the “admhelper.adh”files, the Audible Downloader Manager software start downloading it as AAX/AA files.

Step 5. Open the Downloaded AA/AAX audiobooks
After downloading complete, please click the “Downloads folder” option to open the stored folder.

You will get the real AA/AAX audiobooks.

Part 3: Download Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to Windows 10(or 8.1)

For Windows 10/8.1 users, you can use Audible app for Win 10 to download AA/AAX audiobooks directly. Audible app for Win 10 is available for Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8.1, Windows Phone 8 (ARM, x86, x64).


If you using Windows 10 or Windows 8.1 computer, you don’t need to download adh file online from Audible official site, just use Audible app for Win 10 to directly download the purchased audiobooks from Audible library.

The Downloaded audiobook files will be saved this location:

Part 4: Download Audible AA/AAX Audiobooks to Mac

Audible Manager doesn’t provide macOS version. For Mac users, please select“Enhanced”option, you will AA/AAX file.

Then, please click the “DOWNLOAD” button, you will directly download audible audiobook file (AA/AAX format, not the .adh).


For MacOS 10.14.6 Mojave or earlier: The downloaded aa/aax files will be saved in the Audiobooks section of iTunes.

Audible How To Download Part 2 Mac App Free

For MacOS 10.15 Catalina and later: Because the iTunes was splited into Apple Books app, Apple Music app, Apple Podcasts and Apple TV apps.Once the download is complete, please click on the downloaded audiobook files in your browser and it will appear in the audiobooks section of Apple Books.

Mac App Store Download Free

If it’s the first time that you use the downloaded audible audiobooks, you’ll need to authorize this computer for your Audible account, please click “Yes” and go to Audible’s website to do with authorization.

Download Audible For Mac


Now, you have downloaded AA or AAX audiobooks on computer, but all the downloaded audible books are encrypted with the Digital Right Management to prevent unauthorized use of the audiobooks. If you want to enjoy your Audible audiobooks on an MP3 player, iPod Nano, iPod Nano, iPod Shuffle, iPod Classic, iPhone, iPad, PS4, Android phone/tablets or in your car media player, you need to convert AAX/AA files to MP3 with UkeySoft Audiobook Converter.

UkeySoft Audiobook Converter is a part of Apple Music Converter, it can help you convert Audible AAX, AAX+, AA and iTunes M4B audiobook to MP3, M4A, WAV, FLAC, AAC, AC3, AU, AIFF and more with no quality loss.

What’s the this Audiobook Converter also can help you remove DRM from audiobooks.

AA Audiobook to MP3 Conversion Video Tutorial:

How to Convert Audible AA Audiobook to MP3

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