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Aarya - 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) is a Telugu album released on 01 Nov 2009. Aarya - 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) Album has 8 songs sung by Baba Sehgal, Rita, K.K. Listen to all songs in high quality & download Aarya - 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) songs on Arya 2 Telugu Full MovieWatch More Latest Movies Subscribe @ more @Trailers & Latest Movies:: Club. Arya 2 Movie Songs Download Telugu Ninnu Chusake Full Video Song 4K Valayam Movie Songs Latest Telugu Songs 2020 Anurag Kulkarni Songs PK Bollywood Music,Mp3 Songs,Latest Indian Movie Songs,Download Free Bollywood Songs, Hindi Music. Arya 2 Telugu Full MovieWatch More Latest Movies Subscribe @ more @Trailers & Latest Movies:: Club. 2 Seasons9 EpisodesDramaU/A 16+Hotstar Specials. Aarya is forced to return to India and face her family and enemies. With multiple attacks jolting her, can she and her children escape the threats of the past?

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Arya 2 │Full Movie │Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal, Navdeep

  • My name is Ajay.
  • CEO of AJ Quest Technologies.
  • The man taken on a stretcher is
    none other than my friend Arya.
  • Ever since l got acquainted to him,
    l didn't have any more enemies.
  • Because if you've a friend like Arya,
    you don't need another enemy at all.
  • Mother Theresa Orphanage
  • Name?- Arya.
    - Age?- 9 years.
  • Native place?
    - Don't know.
  • Any relative?
  • Drink water!
  • l want a friend!
  • lf l hadn't stepped on
    the bubble gum that day,
  • my life would've been different.
  • Bloody! l can't get it off my slipper.
  • Who are you?
    Why are you sitting in my place?
  • l'm your friend.
    - Friend?
  • A friend must help,
    did you help me till now?
  • Do you know to swim?
  • No, l can't.
    - Why?
  • Friends!
  • l became his friend from that day.
  • He became my enemy.
  • Why are you so late?
  • Ajay
  • Why did you do it?
    - l'm your friend, right?
  • Are you my friend?
  • Are you my friend?
  • Do it little slowly...slowly...
  • Arya
  • Ajay
  • Arya, Ajay, sir is calling you both.
  • They liked you both.
  • But they want only one of you two.
  • You both are best friends,
    decide who will go with them.
  • One minute.
  • Heads or tails?
    - Heads,
  • You go...
  • Why? You won the toss, right?
  • Tails you win and
    whatever you win is mine. Go!
  • l was very happy.
    Not because l was leaving,
  • but for going away from him.
  • l thought l left him for all good,
  • l want to be with Ajay.
  • l want to be with Ajay.
  • Drag him out boys!
    Get down!
  • What did you abuse from inside?
  • He used bad words in English, boss.
    - English?
  • Come on, come again.
    Come again.
  • What are you looking at?
  • Go now, if l see you again,
    l'll thrash you.
  • Are you great if you're in a BMW?
  • Take right from the
    KBR park main road.
  • Who are you man?
  • Are you Prakash?
  • Yes, why?
  • You must be wearing a cap.
  • l don't use cap in home, why?
    - Just a minute.
  • Who are you man?
  • Who are you man?
  • Who are you man?
  • Tell me...
  • You're dead man!
  • Who are you man?
  • Hey! Who are you man?
  • Who are you?
  • Ajay's friend.
  • Who are you guys?
  • Prakash's friends.
    - Friends?
  • Will you watch fun somebody
    beating up your friend?
  • How many times l've told it's
    impossible for you to stay with me?
  • First time l came to a police
    station because of you.
  • Do you remember the
    first time we smoked?
  • Ever since then l smoke
    only half cigarette.
  • Take your half.
  • Whatever you may say,
    it's impossible that you stay with me.
  • l'll give whatever you want,
    start your own business.
  • Go slow!
  • l'm telling you.
    Can't you hear it?
  • You and your style, l can't tell
    anyone that you're my friend.
  • l get irritated if you're with me.
  • You're very bad,
    l can't tolerate you.
  • lf you're with me, not only me even
    my company will get bad name.
  • Stay away from me.
  • Vehicles are coming.
  • Hey stop!
  • Apply brake.
    - Brake? Where is it?
  • Don't you know to drive?
    - First time.
  • What are you waiting for?
    Pull me up!
  • l'll be with you only.
  • Let's discuss it later,
    first pull me up.
  • l'll be with you only.
  • What job can l offer you?
    You're not even a graduate.
  • My degree, l earned it.
  • What's this discussion
    hanging for life?
  • l'm staying with you.
    - Okay, l agree, pull me up.
  • l'm offering you a job in
    my company, please save me.
  • What?
  • Mad boy! You're my best friend.
  • l would've saved you
    even if you didn't want,
  • why did you accept?
  • But on one condition,
    if proven bad, l'll dismiss you.
  • lf l'm proven as bad,
    l'll quit the company.
  • l want everyone to say
    l'm a good boy.
  • # Hero is on move... #
  • # Nobody can catch him... #
  • # Very smart... #
  • # Very clever... #
  • # He wears a mask... #
  • # Salt and camphor do look alike... #
  • # But don't cheated by
    his innocent face... #
  • # He's a cheat... #
  • # He's a fraud... #
  • # Don't fall into his trap... #
  • # He's most cunning... #
  • # His timing is perfect... #
  • # He's wrong in right... #
  • # He's king in palaces... #
  • # Changes colour faster
    than chameleon... #
  • # Master in planning... #
  • # Don't try to find a defect in him,
    you can never find it... #
  • # Oh he's a big cheat... #
  • # I know very well about him... #
  • # My tongue has gone dry
    saying about him... #
  • # But nobody believes it... #
  • # Moreover there's great
    demand for such guys... #
  • # But anyway I'll try once again... #
  • # I'll surely rip out his skin... #
  • # Sorry, I want to be a good boy. #
  • # That's why I don't smoke
    when people are around... #
  • # Cat walking beauties... #
  • # Don't fall for him... #
  • # Don't get swept...
    don't fall flat... #
  • # Life is watching... #
  • # He's fox under the garb of sheep... #
  • # His mind is like manhole... #
  • # He's a cheat...and very cheap guy... #
  • # He's confusing puzzle... #
  • # Don't trust the heart hijacker... #
  • # He's a magician... #
  • # Don't touch him... #
  • # Oh My god! He's a black sheep... #
  • # If you give him a chance,
    he'll steal everything... #
  • # Oh God! He raises dust... #
  • # Some nymph from heaven
    must stop him... #
  • Arya, you got best employee award.
  • Sir, feed a sweet to your friend.
  • He's not my friend!
  • l feel like shouting loudly!
    But can't do it.
  • Sir, feed a sweet to your friend.
  • He appears always as an enemy.
    l want him out but he's pitching in.
  • He's everything, Ajay is nothing.
  • But Ajay boasts as if it's all his.
  • Without Arya, he's nothing,
    he got lucky.
  • l felt like everyone was
    discussing about me only.
  • Though this office is mine,
    but l feel it's not.
  • My office, the suit l'm wearing,
  • my home, my cars,
  • my status,
    l feel it's all alms given by him.
  • Even the cigarette
    l'm smoking now.
  • l feel that too is not mine.
  • But for the first time in life l felt
    something is mine at first sight.
  • Geetha.
  • Geetha sister, come.
  • Bye sister!
  • You're going to hi-tech city,
    aren't you?
  • Look, how l got it right!
  • Don't consider me cheap
    for taking lift.
  • Today is my first day in office,
    l don't want to be late.
  • Can l switch on the radio?
  • We too have many cars,
    l can also use a car.
  • But my father insists me to marry
    if l want to use a car.
  • Can't marry to use a car, right?
  • This is not your car, right?
  • Though it is yours,
    you feel it is not, right?
  • Did you see how l found it?
  • lf it was your car, would you
    pose for photo while driving?
  • Little further.
  • Little further.
  • Just a show off to get down
    at the entrance.
  • We are best friends, right?
  • What?
    - l'll spin the coin.
  • Heads or tails?
  • Heads, Geetha is mine.
    - No, she's mine.
  • We are friends,
    whatever you win is mine.
  • Whatever l win is yours.
    So, Geetha is mine.
  • You're hurt because Arya
    doesn't love you.
  • What do you feel when you're happy?
    - l feel like hugging Arya.
  • What do you feel when you're angry?
  • l feel like hugging Arya tightly.
  • You're totally mad.
  • No use, put a line between
    you and Arya.
  • Who is HR here?
    - No informality, please be formal.
  • That means it's you!
    Did you see how found it?
  • l treat software professionals affected
    with psychological problems.
  • Come, l'll introduce your team.
  • Money and health problems are
    abundant in software field.
  • So, l remember health problems
    more than their names.
  • He does everything three times.
    Except birth.
  • Neither he knows nor l know
    when he'll sleep and when he'll wake up.
  • He got up, take his photo,
    he may sleep again.
  • He slept!
  • He is...
  • You are...?
  • He's Ghajini, short term memory.
  • He sees me everyday
    but doesn't remember me,
  • how can he remember you?
    lt's useless to introduce him.
  • What man?
    - To my office sir.
  • Your office is in ninth floor,
    this is sixth floor.
  • He's a Vat 69 guy.
    Can't differentiate between 6 and 9,
  • his office is in ninth floor
    but works in sixth floor,
  • yours is ninth floor, get going!
  • To tell about me...
    - Wait, l'll tell you.
  • You are kleptomaniac,
    you've two weaknesses,
  • one is lpod.
    - Gift from brother-in-law.
  • Second is laptop.
    - Gift from Bill gates.
  • You love those gifts.
  • Did you see how l found it?
  • l'm like that, l can read faces
    and tell the character.
  • You forgot to take my photo.
  • So, nobody here is perfect.
    All are defective.
  • There's a person without
    any defect.
  • He'll not even look at girls.
  • You're not supposed to say it,
    l must say it.
  • Where is your Mr. Perfect?
  • Your team, new recruit.
  • l know it's common in software
    for team leaders to harass girls.
  • But everyone here say that
    you're decent and sincere,
  • and that you don't even
    look at girls.
  • l didn't believe them but
    felt that on seeing you.
  • That you're perfect guy.
  • You're afraid of lifts, right?
  • Did you see how l found it?
  • Mr. Perfect, you've a little defect.
  • Getting a team leader like you
    is small defect,
  • l praised you.
    No reaction for it too.
  • What?
    - Arya kissed me.
  • What else? Did he hug too?
    Did he say l love you?
  • ls it comedy to you?
  • l too felt the same thing
    when l first met Arya.
  • Like getting kissed,
  • like getting hugged,
  • not only me any girl would
    feel the same on seeing Arya.
  • lt seems Geetha too has
    fallen flat for Arya.
  • No Shanthi, Arya really kissed me.
  • He's like that! He disturbs everyone.
    But he never falls for anyone.
  • Geetha, you told me but
    don't tell this with anyone else,
  • because Arya is perfect, that's it!
  • Do you say it was my imagination?
    - No, hallucination.
  • First stage of hallucination.
  • Arya kissed you?
    This is a psychological disorder.
  • You feel what had happened
    wasn't real,
  • or imagine what didn't happen
    had really happened,
  • you mind keeps on going somewhere...
    - Where?
  • Go away.
    - Who is he?
  • Luckily you said Arya kissed you,
    so l could diagnose it easily.
  • No sir, Arya really kissed me.
  • Did anyone see Arya kissing you?
  • Geetha too wouldn't have seen it.
    - Why?
  • Generally girls close eyes
    at that time, sir.
  • You keep shut.
  • Answer me straightly.
  • What do you feel when you're happy?
  • Trust me sir, Arya really
    kissed me, sir.
  • So, you feel like Arya kissing you.
  • What do you feel when you're angry?
    - Sir, l'm getting angry.
  • What?
    - l am angry.
  • What do you feel when you're angry?
  • Do you feel like beating or scratch
    or feel like doing something?
  • What do you feel like doing?
  • l think she feels like breaking
    the cell phone, sir.
  • Yours is ninth floor?
    - Yes sir.- Get going.- No problem sir.
  • You...?
  • Do you know what is this?
  • Geetha's resignation letter.
  • She resigned the job but
    l forced her to reconsider it.
  • Do you've sense?
    Will you kiss at first sight?
  • l told you already l'll dismiss you
    if proven you're bad.
  • ls it proved?
  • Anyone in office believes l did it?
  • Why did you feel like kissing her?
  • What was your feeling now?
  • l felt like l was dying.
    - l too felt the same.
  • l felt l would die
    if l don't kiss Geetha.
  • How much you love Geetha?
  • How much l like you?
    l love Geetha that much.
  • ls it enough if you love Geetha?
    Do you think Geetha too loves you?
  • l'm sure she'll love me.
  • Because any girl would
    prefer the best.
  • As far l know there only
    two best people in this world.
  • Number one is you and
    number two is me.
  • You're number one because
    l've accepted you as number one.
  • Anyway you, number one
    dropped out of race,
  • so l'm the only one.
  • She must love me. Can't avoid.
  • l want to write a love letter to Geetha.
  • What is this?
  • Do you want to write
    a love letter to Geetha?
  • lf you do anything stupid like this,
    you've to leave me forever.
  • Please don't say like that,
    l can't live without you..
  • l don't have anyone
    other than you.
  • Please, l'll listen to
    whatever you say.
  • Love letters in Email times?
  • My dear Geetha, l must tell
    l love you first,
  • and then write the letter,
    and then kiss you.
  • But l couldn't hold myself
    and kissed you first.
  • Now l'm writing a letter.
    l'll say l love you later.
  • So, last is first and first is last,
  • and feel about the
    middle one later.
  • You must know about me.
    l smoke cigarette, l drink,
  • lf l get angry, l'll beat anyone,
  • l'll be happy if you still love me
    after knowing this,
  • l can't read it any more.
  • Dasavatharam is very good man.
  • Please don't show this letter to him.
  • Because he'll not believe it.
    l don't believe it.
  • Why not sir?
    - He wrote l'll not believe it.
  • Will you stop believing if he writes it?
  • lf l believe even after he has written,
    trust may lose faith in belief.
  • Look, how much Arya loves me in
    this letter which he didn't write.
  • So you don't believe because
    Arya wrote you'll not believe, right?
  • That's all!
    - Who wrote you'll not believe it?
  • Arya!- Where?
    - ln the letter.
  • Who wrote the letter?
    - Arya.
  • How did l get caught?
    - Why are you getting confused, sir?
  • Arya is writing something there,
  • check his hand writing
    with this letter, so simple.
  • Yours is ninth floor.
    - But problem is in sixth floor, sir.
  • You're making me
    test a gentleman.
  • You check.
    - Okay.
  • How could Arya write this letter?
    - Check it with his hand writing.
  • Please write, l love you.
  • What's the spelling sir?
  • Tell him the spelling.
  • Though Arya didn't write the letter,
    she hallucinates he has.
  • Sir, l'm not hallucinating.
    - You're angry, aren't you?
  • l expected this and changed
    the original with dummy.
  • Look there sir.
    - Where?- There!
  • Bill Gates too is bombed!
    - Go to ninth floor, go!
  • Watch out!
  • lf l don't prove you're a cheat,
    henceforth my name shall not be Geetha.
  • lf you've guts, you must write the letter,
    not use services of someone else.
  • Sorry for writing the letter
    with my left hand,
  • when will you give the opportunity
    to write with my right hand?
  • Geetha, come l'll give you lift.
  • Geetha, please stop.
    Please come, new car, new design.
  • Why did you say Arya wrote that letter?
    You could've told my name, couldn't you?
  • l would've accepted happily.
    Everyone would've believed it.
  • Do you know how you impressed
    me for the first time?
  • The moment you broke
    Dasavatharam's cell phone,
  • you broke my heart too.
    - Just stop the car.
  • Please give me your phone number
    to talk to you.- Take down.
  • ls it 96 or 69?
  • Seat where Geetha sat is so hot.
  • Buddy, l got her to board my car.
    - That sixth floor girl.
  • l'll call you later.
  • What's this car?
    Why is it masked?
  • Where is my car?
  • lf you dare to see Geetha again...
  • Lower your voice.
    - A dangerous thing happened sir.
  • Geetha has a lover.
    Yesterday l gave life to Geetha,
  • he smashed my car with
    a masked car.
  • My car has broken into pieces.
  • Till now l thought only l got
    my things broken up,
  • yours too has been broken.
    - Totally broken.
  • Nothing remains?
    - Look, just this number plate sir.
  • Was this car met with an accident?
    - Yes sir.
  • Was this car smashed into pieces?
  • Yes sir, 666 is my car number only sir.
  • This is not 666 but 999.
    This is my car!
  • Hold this sir.
    l'll take that one.
  • Don't know why all your things
    are getting broken?
  • Sorry, l don't drink.
  • ls it?
  • He got the best employee award too.
  • Why is he emptying it into the sink?
  • Mixing it.
  • Me? l didn't touch you.
    - No, you touched me.
  • l know you touched me.
    You touched me!
  • Somebody has lost a cell phone.
  • Arya was drinking and
    l captured it in my cell phone.
  • l was coming to show you.
    He misbehaved with me.
  • He touched me, sir.
  • Did you capture video
    of Arya having drinks?
  • Cell phone is broken.
    l broke it in a fit of anger.
  • Really!
  • Poor girl has hallucination problem.
  • She imagines what had happened
    as not happened and vice versa.
  • Sir, he really touched me.
  • Say sorry to her.
  • No need of it, say normally.
  • Touched you really.
  • Hair? Her eyes are more sexy.
  • l didn't touch you,
    you felt like l touched you.
  • Feelings were shattering, babe.
  • l didn't touch you.
  • lf you feel that l touched you,
    l'm so sorry.
  • My top and your bottom is matching.
  • l didn't take your lD card,
    if you feel l had, l'm sorry.
  • Buddy! A toy car!
  • All the kick has come down.
    Start the car.
  • Put him in back.
    - Okay, go back.
  • Push...
    - You pull!
  • Run boys!
  • Must tear the red shirt!
  • French beard guy mustn't
    see this world again.
  • Guy with ear ring must lose his ring!
  • Must break the head of the skinhead!
  • # For this tidal wave of love... #
  • # Why just a fist size of heart? #
  • # For this unknown happiness... #
  • # Why does it need a language? #
  • # For this sweet pain... #
  • # Why the tears are salty? #
  • # For even a blink's distance... #
  • # Why one gets dejected? #
  • # For the eyes that see you... #
  • # Why does it need this world? #
  • # For four letter word... #
  • # Why so many punishments? #
  • # Though I stop breathing... #
  • # Though I am dead... #
  • # You come into my eyes... #
  • # You cut my dreams... #
  • # You kill me once atleast
    every second... #
  • # You're cool like snow... #
  • # But you burn me like fire... #
  • # You chase me and
    burn my heart to ashes... #
  • # If you take a breath... #
  • # My life span will increase, my love... #
  • # Don't pierce into my heart
    like a thorn... #
  • # Falling like rain drops to touch you... #
  • # If it wants to shine... #
  • # Shall I gather the clouds
    and burn it down? #
  • # If parrots repeat your words... #
  • # Shall I bury it to go silent? #
  • # If flowers wish to touch you... #
  • # I'll cut down the garden... #
  • # If any eye dares see you,
    I'll pluck them out... #
  • # 3 months rigorous imprisonment. #
  • # Life sentence #
  • Break the car of the man
    who gave lift to her.
  • Will you break a car
    if anyone gives me lift?
  • Who do you think he is?
    My house owner.
  • He'll ask me to vacate the flat,
    what has happened now?
  • Where am l to go?
  • Who is Geetha here?
    - Me!
  • Come, l'll show you a house, madam.
    - Who are you?
  • House broker, you called me
    for a house.
  • l didn't call you.
  • This is AJ office, right?
    l got a call from here only.
  • You're wasting my time,
    don't you want a flat?
  • Wait.- What happened?
    - Will the flat be good?
  • Very good, if you want
    call the owner.
  • Come in madam.
    This is your flat.
  • This is hall, bedroom is on right..
    - l'll tell you.
  • This is bedroom.
    To sleep and take rest.
  • This is kitchen.
    This is dining table.
  • Cook there and eat here.
    This is store room.
  • Owners are in foreign
    and their things are in it.
  • This is sofa and that's TV.
    Did you see how l found it?
  • l'm like that, l'll see the flat
    and tell the flashback.
  • l like it.
    Your cell phone is saved.
  • Where's the match box?
  • Match box is in the cupboard.
  • Found the match box,
    where's the candle?
  • Candle is on the tea table.
  • Milk is boiling on the stove.
  • lt means nothing had happened.
  • My mind sees things
    which didn't happen and
  • doesn't see things happening,
    and flies away.
  • l'm not able to judge myself.
  • Sometimes l feel it's hallucination,
    sometimes not.
  • l feel you're here somewhere
    at times and not sometimes.
  • l feel you're watching me,
    that you're chasing me,
  • not only that,
  • l feel like you're here
    and watching me.
  • l feel like you're watching
    and smiling at me.
  • Will you have an egg?
  • Egg vanished!
  • Egg vanished!
  • Do you say Arya came to your
    home to steal an egg?
  • ls Arya not in a situation
    to buy an egg?
  • We can't lodge a complaint with
    police about egg theft, right?
  • Only you know l smoke and drink.
  • l thought this is the safest place.
  • Very good boy!
    You selected a perfect place.
  • l'll teach you a lesson.
  • No use in telling them,
    because nobody would believe it.
  • l'm myself confused
    if you're here or not.
  • How can they believe me?
  • Why did you stop?
    Please have your drink.
  • Wine in one hand & chicken in another
    and cigarette between fingers,
  • look, how handsome
    you're like a bad boy.
  • Listen to me and settle
    with this image.
  • Perfect boy!
    Do you want an omelette?
  • Omelette is ready boy.
  • Eat.
  • Mustn't do anything with Geetha
  • l mustn't.
  • No, l'll clear it, you don't do it.
  • l'll clear it...okay?
  • Are you feeling sleepy, boy?
    Come and sleep here.
  • Geetha, l want to talk to you.
  • Let's talk fresh tomorrow morning.
    You go to sleep, my sweety.
  • He's still sleeping.
  • One... two... three...
  • Come...come...
    - What? What happened?
  • Your Mr.Perfect's final episode,
    come and watch it.
  • What sir?
  • Till now she broke four phones,
  • this is fifth phone, my wife's gift,
  • moreover it's blackberry,
    keep it carefully.
  • Open sesame!
  • Hold it.
  • l put three locks.
    Show ends and curtains down.
  • Come in.
  • Why did you stop? Look at him clearly!
    Your Mr. Perfect!
  • Are you feeling like seeing a never
    happened before thing?
  • l'm hallucinating,
    you must answer now.
  • Am l in love with Arya?
  • Am l creating all this because
    he's ignoring me?
  • Don't spend your life in dreams.
  • Egg vanished?!
  • lt didn't, had a full bottle and dozing.
  • Claims to have earned ten degrees.
  • Give me your cell.
  • Not to break it but to take photos.
    l must show everyone in office.
  • Please don't disturb him.
    This pose is very nice.
  • lt's me Dasavatharam.
  • What is Geetha doing in your flat?
  • Why is Geetha in your flat?
  • This is Geetha's flat!
    You are here! Why are you here?
  • How can you be in Geetha's flat?
    Do you've any common sense?
  • No dear, this is indeed your flat,
    this cell phone is mine,
  • my pulse is racing,
  • Arya came to your flat,
    l'm telling that only,
  • hey man, do you've sense?
    Why did you come here?
  • Listen to me,
    please give it to me dear.
  • Gave it like that!
  • Come here, will anyone give
    the cell phone like that?
  • How was l?
    How you've turned me?
  • Really you've made me a jerk.
  • Love? ls this love?
  • Would anyone in this
    world love like this?
  • No Geetha, the world knows me
    as a good boy only,
  • l wanted to show only you
    my other bad side.
  • lf you love me, l wanted you
    to love my bad too.
  • l really felt to be
    my true self before you.
  • Do you really love me?
  • Then, accept the truth before all.
  • Accept you did all this.
  • lmpossible.
  • lf l'm proven bad, l must leave office
    and everyone there.
  • Then, do one thing, express your
    love for me before all,
  • nobody will misunderstand us then
  • You accept first,
    then l'll express my love.
  • My best friend Ajay.
  • l swear on him.
  • What l say is truth.
  • l kissed Geetha in lift.
  • l wrote the love letter.
  • Not only that l smoke cigarettes.
  • l drink.
  • l don't have any vision problem.
  • l can see everything clearly.
  • l made Geetha to come to my flat.
  • Who sir?
    - Me!
  • l feel like Arya is accepting the truth.
  • Arya is really accepting all his deeds.
  • Then you're also hallucinating.
  • Why l did all this because...
  • l had to express my love for you
    to escape from him.
  • Anyway he hung his head in
    shame before everyone for me.
  • l felt pity on him.
  • Do you think he really
    loves me so much?
  • l don't know l'm confused.
  • First when l saw him l was impressed
    with his sincerity and perfection.
  • To tell you the truth, may be l would've
    loved him had he remained like that.
  • But he tortured me a lot.
  • Will he break car
    if anyone gives me lift?
  • lf l say anything, he says it's love.
  • How am l to believe him?
  • Do you know why l feel his
    love may be true?
  • Seeing your friendship.
  • He loves you.
  • l told l love for that only.
  • lf l tell that to anyone else,
    he'll harm them.
  • lf it is you, he'll not harm you.
  • He may harm me also.
  • Because he knows l love you.
  • The same masked car hit Ajay
    which l told you about.
  • lsn't it him?
  • lsn't it him?
  • Leave it, nothing happened to me.
  • What if anything had happened?
    - Nothing happened, right?
  • What if anything had happened?
  • To escape from you l told
    Ajay that l love him.
  • lsn't Ajay your best friend?
    l thought you'll not harm him.
  • But you tried to kill him.
  • You don't know the value of friendship.
    How can you know what is love?
  • l'm telling you now...
  • What will you do now?
    Will you kill him? Kill him.
  • Where are you going?
    - Arya, stop...- Let him go...
  • You don't know he's very sensitive.
  • How did it happen?
  • lf you ask how it happened...
  • When you kissed Geetha,
    she came to me for solace,
  • l pacified her,
    l always pacified her friendly,
  • but she misunderstood me.
  • l'm not asking that but
    about the accident.
  • Accident? l was parking the car...
    parked the car,
  • suddenly a car came
    from behind and hit me.
  • l almost got down from car
    after parking it.
  • But l couldn't see...
    - Why didn't you tell me?
  • Didn't tell you...
    l was thinking of calling you but...
  • But my phone got broken.
    l wasn't conscious too.
  • Not that, why didn't you tell me
    about pacifying Geetha?
  • l thought of telling you but...
    - Why didn't you tell me?
  • Situation didn't raise...
    - Why didn't you tell me?
  • l mean...because....
  • l didn't tell you...
    l didn't tell you wantonly.
  • Because l wanted you to hurt Geetha.
  • The day you kissed her,
    she came to me and cried.
  • l pacified her.
  • Everytime you hurt her,
    she came to me.
  • lt means if Geetha has to come close to me,
    you must keep on hurting her.
  • that's why l didn't tell you.
  • l don't know if Geetha
    loves me or not,
  • but she's angry on you,
  • l wanted to turn that hatred
    into my love and l succeeded.
  • She said l love to me
    getting angry on you,
  • l wanted to turn it real,
    so l created this accident,
  • l proved that you don't
    value friendship too,
  • she really expressed
    her love for me.
  • How can l agree if you spin
    a coin and claim Geetha?
  • lt means you cheated me.
    - Yes l cheated you.
  • You cheated your best friend
    for Geetha, what a great love!
  • l didn't get any doubt.
    l'm shocked.
  • l too didn't get any doubt,
    you're great.
  • That's why you're number one.
  • Why didn't you tell me all these days?
    Bloody idiot!
  • Geetha is here! Come...come...
  • One minute.
  • Geetha expressed her love for you,
    did you express your love for her?
  • Didn't express? Bloody, she may feel bad,
    express it right now. Come.
  • One minute, put your hand into it,
    she may know the truth.
  • Geetha expressed love for you
    getting angry on me,
  • if she comes to know about hand,
  • what if she expresses her love
    to me getting angry on you?
  • So, for the present Geetha
    mustn't know this.
  • l'll not tell her, promise,
    you too don't tell her, promise.
  • Okay? Come.
  • Anyway l'm a love failure,
    l'll be mock angry for few days.
  • Even l don't talk to you,
    you must come and talk to me.
  • lf you say,
    why are you like that Arya?
  • l'll cool down, okay? Come.
  • One minute.
  • Nothing, if you express your
    love to Geetha now,
  • she'll become all yours,
    l can't have any feelings for her,
  • so for one last minute
    l'll see her as my love.
  • Over.
  • Go and tell her.
  • When did it happen?
  • Which hospital?
  • What did the doctor say?
  • What has she done?
  • What happened?
  • Shanthi has committed suicide.
  • Doctors said they can say
    anything after 24 hours only.
  • She committed suicide hearing me
    saying l love you to Geetha.
  • How much she loved me?
  • Never once she expressed it to me.
  • How is Shanthi?
  • What's wrong with her?
    She's doing fantastic!
  • Why did you tell last night that
    she had committed suicide?
  • What can l do? l almost cried seeing
    you expressing love to Geetha.
  • lf l cry at a friend's love success,
  • it will be depressing, so l cried
    using Shanthi suicide as a ploy.
  • Even now l want to cry.
    But l don't have a reason.
  • lt'll be good if anyone
    commits suicide.
  • Okay, had enough of drinks, come.
    - Go away...go!
  • What did l tell you?
  • l said l'll be angry and you must
    talk to me even if l don't.
  • Talk to me.
  • Okay, come then.
  • My best friend Ajay...
  • My lover Geetha...
  • Their love is grand success.
  • # love is gone... #
  • # Let it go... #
  • # Gone...gone...the girl has gone... #
  • # Let her go... #
  • # Lights have gone...
    story has changed... #
  • # It's darkness all the way... #
  • # Victory from life slipped out... #
  • # It left me alone...
    Now it's fine... #
  • # Glass will break...
    Chain will get snapped... #
  • # Rose will wither... #
  • # Let it go... #
  • # Pond will stay... #
  • # Beauty will diminish... #
  • # Man also dies... #
  • # Let love too go... #
  • # Successful lovers... #
  • # Those who married... #
  • # They remain in homes... #
  • # Those who love and
    fail in it rule the world... #
  • # And shine bright in history... #
  • Go away from Geetha and Ajay
  • Do your work!
  • To hell with software!
  • For whom sir?
    - Me!
  • Look at Arya! Don't you feel
    he's drunk and stuttering?
  • What?
  • Don't you feel
    he's coming towards us?
  • l'm a fake and you're a fake.
  • l felt like he slapped me.
  • To hell with best employee award!
  • Must help Geetha and Ajay
    before l go.
  • What? Marriage fixed suddenly?
  • l don't know, my father fixed it.
  • Your marriage is your wish,
    who is he to decide it?
  • He loves me very much.
  • lf he loves you,
    will he force marriage on you?
  • Why are you shouting on me?
    What can l do?
  • l don't have any problems like this.
  • Are you having a fight?
  • Will you split?
  • Have a cigarette, Ajay.
  • Smoke...oh no!
    Geetha will get angry.
  • She may think l'm giving cigarettes
    and spoiling Ajay's health.
  • l'll go away.
  • What is Arya doing here?
    Haven't you sent him out yet?
  • He's my friend, leave him
    - Friend? He tried to kill you.
  • Do you still consider him as friend?
  • Shall we discuss about our problem?
  • No, my best friend
    and my best Geetha,
  • marriage will happen if l come,
    if you don't come still it will.
  • My best friend
    and my best Geetha.
  • marriage will happen if l come,
    if you don't come still it will.
  • How would l know?
  • l agreed for this marriage,
    what's your problem?
  • Who is on line?
    - Look, what a beautiful couple.
  • Who are you talking to?
    - Your phone and your daddy.
  • Are you mad?
  • Do you know who my dad is?
    - Please forgive me.
  • Are you from Rayalaseema?
    Are you Raji Reddy's daughter?
  • Ajay, l'm scared,
    he's no ordinary factionist,
  • l called him unnecessarily,
    Shanthi, you please tell her.
  • They will kill him and
    l can't live without him.
  • Hey you stop it!
  • Geetha, there's only
    one solution to it.
  • Tomorrow morning we are marrying.
  • Marrying?
  • Has Geetha come?
    - Not yet sir.
  • Still last night's hangover isn't gone.
  • Hey tuft! Move!
  • Who is he?
  • What happened?
    - Geetha hasn't come yet.
  • Why?
    Not interested?
  • Where are you?
    Marriage time is almost...
  • Marriage time?
    You know where l'm? Rayalaseema.
  • My people brought me
    here overnight.
  • l don't know what to do, Ajay?
    l'm sacred.
  • l'm coming, grandma.
  • Where are you going?
    - To Kurnool.
  • Kurnool? Why?
    - To bring back Geetha.
  • Are you mad?
    Rayalaseema! They'll kill you.
  • Let them kill me,
    l can't live without Geetha.
  • You don't say like that,
    l can't live without you.
  • l'll not let you go.
    - What am l to do?
  • They took her away because of you.
  • Who will bring her back?
  • Will you go?
  • ldea is good, l'll go and
    bring her back.
  • No need, already you've done much.
  • You said they took her away
    because of me.
  • l'll go there, stop that marriage
    and bring her back.
  • No need. l'll go myself.
    Heads, you win and l must go.
  • lt's very danger for you there,
  • this bag is for me
    and this peg is for you.
  • l'll bring back Geetha.
  • You're not playing any drama
    to pack me off, are you?
  • Even if you do, l don't mind.
    You're my friend, l'll believe you.
  • Are you Arya?
    - Yes.
  • Geetha madam sent me for you, come.
  • Don't get scared, they are checking
    if bombs will blast or not.
  • Pick up that bag,
    l don't have a hand, please.
  • What happened to your hand?
  • My friend tried to stop a marriage,
  • they cut my hand because
    l'm his friend.
  • What about your friend?
    - They took his head.
  • That fresh grave is his.
  • Pour it.
  • l'm scared about his reaction for
    madam's friendship with men,
  • talk to him carefully.
  • Stop! Who is he?
  • Junior madam's friend,
    he's coming from city.
  • Why are you staring at him?
    He came to attend her marriage.
  • Give us way.
  • Sir!- l cut your hand but
    still haven't got sense.
  • Why did you bring
    a mischievous boy with you?
  • As far as l know madam
    doesn't have any friends.
  • Your native place?
  • Hyderabad.
    - They both work in the same office.
  • Send the boy here.
  • Be careful.
  • Go, boss is calling you.
  • Sir, tell me to whom should
    l give after you're gone.
  • Tell Venkat Reddy that
    l told this, go.
  • Who are you?
  • Stop...stop....listen to me.
    After you do anything.
  • l said l'm Geetha's lover but
    didn't say Geetha too loves me.
  • Leave him.
  • Yes sir, l love Geetha but
    she never loved me.
  • l agreed bravely that l love Geetha
    because of you sir.
  • She told great about you sir,
  • that you're marrying her to your
    enemy Kasi Reddy's son,
  • and two faction families are
    uniting with this marriage,
  • and that your decision will stop
    the blood bath in this region,
  • she told me great about you sir.
  • You're making an enemy your relative,
    l couldn't dare lie to you,
  • that's why l told you the truth.
  • But your people could've
    beheaded me in seconds.
  • Why are you talking too much?
    - Stop!
  • Let him talk.
    - This is your brashness.
  • Sickles and bombs are still here.
    Men are like that only.
  • How can you bring peace?
  • They tried to kill me
    misunderstanding my one word.
  • You've enmity for generations now,
  • even if there's a small
  • entire marriage will turn
    into battlefield.
  • l came here to attend marriage
    but now l know,
  • this marriage will not happen.
  • l told you earlier too
    this marriage will not happen.
  • How can we give our daughter
    to our enemy in marriage?
  • You carry on.
  • lf you forgive me,
    l'll take leave now.
  • Stop!
  • We got furious hearing that
    you're junior madam's lover,
  • but we are not angry now.
    See, drop the weapons.
  • We've changed.
    - No, you can't change.
  • We've changed, tell him boys.
    - We've changed.
  • Brother! Kasi Reddy's
    men are coming!
  • lndeed you've changed
    completely brothers.
  • Yes, he's right.
  • These sickles and bombs
    will be with us only,
  • and we'll be like this only,
  • this marriage will not happen
    till we are like this.
  • Whatever you say they are our
    enemies, sir, can't trust them.
  • No, this marriage must
    go with trust,
  • they must trust us and
    we must trust them,
  • drop your weapons first.
  • Not a sickle or bomb must
    be there in my house.
  • No sir...- Follow my order.
    - Throw it.
  • Why are you laughing?
  • Do you think this marriage
    will not happen?
  • lt will happen.
  • Stay here and
    watch how it happens.
  • He's our guest, take his luggage.
    - Yes boss.
  • l wanted to kill men here but now
    l'm getting welcomed by them.
  • Whatever it is, we must be careful
    from our side.- Okay boss.
  • We trust them,
    but do they trust us?
  • We must trust them and
    they must trust us, you told us.
  • Trust?
  • Stop...stop...just a comb!
  • Sickle...sickle...
  • They really trust you very much.
    - What is this Kasi Reddy?
  • Are you surprized seeing us
    with weapons in marriage?
  • To give it up at your feet.
  • From today we are not enemies,
    give up your weapons boys.
  • bombs, right?
  • All of you hug each other.
  • This isn't like happy hug
    but security check.
  • Enough of squeezing it, leave it.
  • What are you doing?
  • We've reached.
    Looking after us well...
  • Got scared? Hot water is
    ready for bath, come.
  • l didn't get scared,
    you got scared and scared me.
  • Fools! We mustn't get scared.
    We are grooms' side.
  • This is black berry tree but
    it's known as Geetha tree here,
  • because she ate a berry and spit
    the seed here which grew up,
  • take video.
    - Move aside.
  • Geetha fell knocked down
    by this threshold.
  • Boss closed it because
    it made Geetha to fall down.
  • Take video.- ls it?
    - Take...- Get up.
  • l've been trying so much
    to make her fall,
  • did you make Geetha fall
    when she was a little girl?
  • Bloody idiot!
  • To tell about this tub,
    when Geetha was little...
  • Get my bag, l'll go away.
  • lf you go away, l'll lose
    my another hand too.
  • Boss wants him to stay here.
    He'll not go.
  • Why is she calling me
    like a servant?
  • l came here to help and talk to me
    affectionately and get things done.
  • Tell her to call me affectionately.
  • Please madam, do it.
  • No feel in it.
    Look, how l call you.
  • There's feel in it.
    - Did you see?
  • Try it.
  • Not good.
  • Keep on practicing.
    You carry on.
  • Not that, tell about this.
  • Geetha used to take bath
    everyday in this tub only.- Here?
  • As a little girl.
  • Why are you taking the video?
  • l'm not doing it on my own,
    Ajay asked me to do it. Come.
  • There are many things of Geetha
    like cycle, vessels, etc.,
  • Tell me.
  • Tell me what's it?
  • Did you ask to take video of things
    connected with my childhood?
  • Take video? Me?
  • l sent him to stop the marriage,
    what is he doing there?
  • Give the phone to him.
  • Geetha used to play mom and
    dad game as a child.
  • Geetha madam.
    - With phone as a child too.
  • lf l'm not wrong,
    Geetha would've broken this phone.
  • How do you know it?
  • Gold medal won as a kid?
  • lt's not a gold medal
    but it's shy coin.
  • Go...go...
    - No sir it is...
  • Shy coin!
  • Small bangles of Geetha
    as a toddler.
  • Small plait bells of Geetha
    as a little girl.
  • Small slippers of child Geetha...
    Big foot!
  • Big eyes!
  • Big Geetha!
  • Ajay told me to film it.
  • Ajay didn't ask you to film it.
    l know it.
  • He doesn't love me so much.
    - No, he loves you very much.
  • lf he did, he would've come,
    why would he send you?
  • lf he doesn't come
    it means he doesn't love you.
  • Do you know how much
    he loves you?
  • Do you know it?
    - l know.
  • # As much as anger you felt on
    seeing me for the first time... #
  • # As much as hatred you had
    when I talked to you first time... #
  • # As sinful as I kissed you first time... #
  • # As much of relief as you felt
    when I told you the truth... #
  • No...
  • # As much as light spreads
    early morning in the village... #
  • # As much as the milk foam
    sticking to the calf's mouth... #
  • # As delicious as eating
    a local delight... #
  • # As desirous as a young girl
    wishing for marriage... #
  • # As lovely as the rap of a mother
    when you're mischievous... #
  • # As much as the flowers blooming
    to spread colour... #
  • # As much fear as a poor
    dull student facing exams... #
  • # As brave as a heroic warrior
    facing the might of an army... #
  • # As lively as a standing crop... #
  • # As passionate as Ghantasala's songs... #
  • # As mouth watering as the
    delicacies during festivals... #
  • # As deep as the sleep
    of Kumbhakarna... #
  • # As long as Lord Hanuman's life... #
  • # As much as the black Lord Krishna... #
  • # As much as his chant... #
  • # As bitter as neem... #
  • # As troublesome as the
    village settlement place... #
  • # As confusing as the holy Veda... #
  • # As beautiful as the moon's
    reflection in the pond... #
  • # As festive as the yearly festival... #
  • # As thunderous as in
    an open air theatre... #
  • Get up...get up...
  • What are you doing?
    - Geetha has come.
  • Do you've any idea of
    stopping this marriage?
  • Are you playing here with dog while
    arrangements are going on there?
  • Will this dog stop this marriage?
  • He's Sathi Reddy, my...
    - l know him, he killed my Veera Reddy.
  • How are you doing?
  • Hadn't we become kinsmen,
    l would've killed him first.
  • Take a photo.
  • Geetha is coming.
  • Sister-in-law is coming.
  • Ajay's love...Ajay's love...
  • They trust you very much, brother.
  • Not trust, they wet pants on seeing us.
  • Bloody cover up.
  • Stop! Don't eat!
  • Brother, those bastards
    poisoned the food.
  • The dog died.
  • Where is Raji Reddy? Get him.
    Ask him to come here.
  • What happened Kasi Reddy?
  • Have you lost the courage to face us?
  • Will you poison food to kill us?
    Look, the dog died.
  • No, we didn't do anything.
    We didn't poison the food.
  • Stop your drama, l thought your
    compromise was genuine.
  • l didn't expect you'll backstab us.
  • You ruined our honour.
    What a lousy life is yours!
  • Kasi Reddy, you're crossing the limit,
  • l killed 20 people in one shot,
  • l don't need to kill anyone with poison,
  • if there had been any lapse,
    l'm ready to sacrifice my life first.
  • tell me what do you want me to do?
  • l'll tell you, bring the
    food eaten by dog.
  •'s not poisoned, right?
  • Stop can you
    eat dog's leftover?
  • No, if l don't eat it's like proving
    their accusation right.
  • l don't want to be blamed for
    poisoning guests unable to face them.
  • Do you trust me now?
    - How did the dog die then?
  • Where is the dog?
    - lt left long back, boss.
  • Bloody idiot!
  • l trust you, dog is alive
    and you're alive,
  • trust is more important,
    we are ready for the marriage.
  • Priest, chant the hymns.
  • Marriage band, carry on playing.
    Come boys, let's eat.
  • No Kasi Reddy,
    this marriage will not happen.
  • l thought you came trusting me,
  • l didn't think you'd come with mistrust,
  • even in the last moment, l expected
    to hear you say, l trust you.
  • My daughter will not be happy
    where there is mistrust.
  • Go away...go away...
  • l didn't come to you seeking peace.
  • My son liked your daughter,
    so l agreed for this marriage.
  • but l expected something
    will go wrong,
  • That's why l've come ready.
  • Father!
  • l want Geetha.
  • Bring her.
    Let peace prevail!
  • Father, keep the knife away.
  • Father...
    - Take her inside.
  • He's trouble, keep him away.
  • How can she come without
    brandishing a knife?
  • How can you marry her?
  • Father...l can't stand him.
    Put him in that vehicle, go.
  • Get that fool into the vehicle.
  • What ever it may be, you made
    him eat dog's leftover food.
  • l wished to brandish
    a knife at Raji Reddy.
  • lt got fulfilled today. l wish
    someone had taken a photo of it.
  • Boss, the city boy was taking photos.
    l saw him.- ls it?
  • Catch it.
  • l'll make a big cut out of it
    and hang it in my hall.
  • Why? Why did you get into this bus?
  • Get down.
  • l'm asking you to get down but
    you're turning back to see.
  • Get down! Get down!
  • Kill him boys!
  • Bloody idiots! Where's my wife?
  • Raji Reddy! Are you happy that
    your daughter returned home?
  • Even now l won.
  • Because your honour has
    gone to the dogs.
  • How shameful if Raji Reddy's daughter's
    marriage cancels at last moment?
  • Were you watching fun when
    they took away my wife?
  • l'll kill anyone who marries her.
  • Bloody bastard! l would've saved her
    if l had been there. Bloody!
  • Beat me with slipper
    if you don't marry her.
  • Your daughter will live if she
    becomes my daughter-in-law,
  • or else she'll become a widow.
  • Always a widow!
  • You talked about peace and
    staked your daughter's life.
  • l warned you against this marriage.
    You never listened to me.
  • My grand daughter said she'll marry
    any dog also other than him.
  • Yes father, l said no because
    they are our enemies.
  • You don't feel sad, father.
  • Tell me now, l'll do whatever
    you ask me to do.
  • They will not do anything, sir.
    Bloody cowards!
  • Next time l'll cut them into pieces.
  • There's only one way, the marriage
    must go on as scheduled.
  • Say yes boss, there are many
    ready to marry her.
  • Grandma.
  • Ram Reddy's son is working
    in Hyderabad.
  • He earns Rs.1 lakh a month.
    He came to attend marriage.
  • Venkat Reddy's son...
  • Mal Reddy's son is also...
  • Anji Reddy's son...
  • Come here!
  • Will you marry my daughter?
  • l will sir.
  • Take yellow rice.
  • Geetha is married.
  • Bloody fool! Marriage is over,
    what are you doing here?
  • Watching her photo!
  • l want Geetha!- Are you mad.
    - l want Geetha!
  • Want Geetha!
    How to kidnap her from home?
  • Son...son...
    - What happened mother?
  • Geetha is missing.
    l searched everywhere.
  • Sir!
  • Ajay, listen to me.
    - What will you say?
  • What did you say and
    what have you done?
  • You promised to bring Geetha
    but married her.
  • Please listen to me, one minute.
  • Leave me.
    l married Geetha wantonly.
  • Else your father-in-law would've got
    her married to some other man.
  • Moreover she promised
    to marry even a dog.
  • l've become that dog.
  • Since l married her,
    l could bring her to you.
  • Otherwise she would've
    been in her in-laws place.
  • You beat me unnecessarily.
  • Okay, first you go away from here.
    Dangerous to be here.
  • Don't stay in lndia, go to US.
  • Your passports and
    tickets are ready.
  • As soon as you reach Hyderabad,
    catch a flight to US.
  • Stay there for few days and
    dust will settle down here.
  • l'll manage everything here.
    You get the bag.
  • l misunderstood you.
  • That's okay, we can talk later,
    first leave this place.
  • Dangerous to be here.
  • Not behind, this side.
  • Dear, Geetha is missing.
    Don't know where she has gone?
  • lf you know anything, your father-in-law
    wants you to call this number.
  • Father-in-law, Geetha is in
    railway station.
  • Stop...stop...
    Stop it!
  • Stop! What are you doing?
  • Are you mad?
  • Who do you think he is?
    He's my friend Ajay.
  • He informed about Geetha,
    won't you bother to know details?
  • What?
  • Father-in-law, he's my friend Ajay.
  • He informed you about
    Geetha's whereabouts.
  • He heard about my sudden
    marriage and came to meet me.
  • Few moments late
    it would've been disaster.
  • Forgive me sir, l found them
    close and misunderstood it.
  • l told him to talk to her
    till you come here.
  • What's this Tikki Reddy?
    Sorry Ajay.
  • Forgive us. lt was our mistake.
  • We lost control not finding her.
  • Did you see how many problems
    we had to face because of you?
  • Father-in-law, what could she do?
  • You didn't ask her opinion
    before fixing marriage.
  • May be that's why
    she left unable to adjust.
  • Nothing to worry, she'll adjust
    as times passes.
  • Will you?
  • Let bygones be bygones,
  • you tasted our anger,
  • come to my home,
    you can enjoy our hospitality too.
  • Yes, father-in-law is very good man.
  • They respect guests, you'll see it.
  • Did you see sir?
    How he supports our madam?
  • My son-in-law is gold.
  • Thank God you came on time,
    l'm totally confused.
  • lf you hadn't come on time...
  • How did they know we were
    in railway station?
  • l told them.
  • Be careful!
  • l could sacrifice lover easily
    but couldn't sacrifice wife so easily.
  • l couldn't bear losing Geetha,
  • in that confusion, l called father-in-law
    and informed him.
  • Sorry, it'll never happen again.
  • Thank God, you agreed.
  • That's enough for me.
  • Our plan is wrong.
  • lf Geetha leaves alone,
    father-in-law will get doubt,
  • he'll then...
  • He'll catch you easily.
    lf we three go to Hyderabad,
  • if you both fly to US from there,
    nobody would get any doubt.
  • This is correct for now, trust me.
  • Why are you still here?
    Get ready quickly for the ring game.
  • l'm coming grandma.
  • Who is he?
    - My best friend, grandma.
  • Be careful sunny! Don't trust friends,
    they'll cheat you.
  • Okay granny.
    About me.
  • They want me to play ring game,
    can l play?
  • No, then leave it.
  • Anyway l'm leaving Geetha to you,
    l'll play just few games.
  • Are you feeling bad?
    lf you feel l'll not play.
  • Friendship is important,
    no need of all that.
  • l'm going to feel all my life,
    what's wrong if you feel for one day?
  • Ajay is my friend...
  • Feeling for one day is also feeling.
  • l managed to stop marriage,
    this is nothing.
  • Son-in-law, everything is ready,
    you must come now.
  • l'm coming. Come...
  • Look dear and you too, l'm going
    to put this ring into the vessel,
  • whoever takes it out
    will rule the roost.
  • Play's wrong...
    come on play dear...
  • Why are you adamant
    like a little girl?
  • Father-in-law, you don't worry,
    give me your phone.
  • lf you overact they may get doubt.
    They will kill Ajay.
  • Then you may have to live
    with me all your life. Play!
  • Priest, everything is ready.
    Start the game.
  • Start!
  • But on one condition,
    play with smile. Okay?
  • Son-in-law is magician,
    he made madam smile so easily.
  • Don't laugh so much,
    Ajay may feel bad.
  • Go and tell him. Go!
  • Two loads to Basava Reddy in Kurnool,
  • four loads to Muni Reddy of Bagampalli,
  • ten loads to Veera Reddy...
    - Father-in-law.
  • We are going to Hyderabad.
    We have plenty of work in office.
  • Where will you go?
    Tonight is your first night.
  • One minute, father-in-law.
  • Say now, father-in-law.
  • What's this son-in-law wants go?
  • How can he go?
    Tonight his first night.
  • Please advice him,
    he'll listen to you.
  • Correct, father-in-law, you found
    it right, l'll listen to him only.
  • lsn't it?
  • lf he sees it means okay,
    l'm his friend l know it, father-in-law.
  • We'll stay back, father-in-law.
  • Come here!
  • Planned anything to spoil first night?
    - No.
  • No? l told you to plan something.
  • Ever since marriage
    l'm desiring Geetha,
  • l'm scared of betraying you.
  • l feel like giving up Geetha for you
    and also take away from you.
  • l'm confused. l'm confused.
    Come here.
  • Come here l say!
  • Take it.
  • What would you do if you
    were in my place?
  • l would sacrifice Geetha.
    - Then do it.
  • Why am l behaving so selfish?
    Ajay is my friend...
  • No, our friendship is great.
    No, l'll sacrifice.
  • Say something about friendship
    and inspire me.
  • You mean what?
  • Tell me everything you did
    for me since our childhood.
  • Tell me...tell me...
  • As a child l gave you pencil.
  • Later you gave me pen also,
    not such things.
  • l asked for childhood memories and
    you're talking about trivial things.
  • Tell me something else.
  • l came to station and
    bailed you out.
  • l went to the police station
    for you only.
  • Not that, say something else.
  • l offered you a job in my company.
  • l own that company, not that,
    say something else.
  • Tell me quickly,
    try to recollect and tell me.
  • Say something.
  • lt means you haven't done
    anything for me till now.
  • lt means l too needn't
    do anything for you.
  • So l needn't sacrifice
    Geetha for you.
  • Needn't sacrifice Geetha for you!
  • Needn't sacrifice Geetha for you!
  • Father-in-law!
  • # I'm a foreigner,
    I came from foreign... #
  • # For proud young men,
    I left Washington... #
  • # Got fed up boarding airbus... #
  • # I started liking red bus... #
  • # I reached red fort and
    waited for him... #
  • For whom?
  • # I got fed up kissing
    clean shaven men... #
  • # I searched for young men
    with big moustaches... #
  • # I visited Bangalore,
    Mangalore, Bihar, Jaipur... #
  • # But settled down in Rayalaseema... #
  • What did those men do with you?
  • # They blasted my beauty with
    a Cuddapah bomb... #
  • # They broke open the fencing of
    virginity with sharp sickles... #
  • O white maiden! That's all okay,
    but what's this ringa ringa?
  • # The real game is my original name... #
  • # Unable to spell it correctly,
    they called me fondly as... #
  • # They stripped me off jeans and
    made me wear half sari... #
  • # And made a big plait beautifully... #
  • # I was like a stone, they turned me
    into a centre of pleasure... #
  • # They changed my English funnily... #
  • # They entered my home
    from backdoor fiercely... #
  • # They took my life
    without killing me... #
  • # They devoured my beauty... #
  • # They took away all my shyness... #
  • Did they took away?
    What else did they do?
  • # They followed me like a birth mole... #
  • # They gave me new touches... #
  • # They fulfilled all my desires... #
  • # They taught me to walk like queen... #
  • Hey girl! How is our hero's power?
  • # Young men in dhotis have
    shown me the best... #
  • # I liked the men who pull out arrack... #
  • # Tasteless pizza is useless... #
  • # Local food with onions is delicious... #
  • # I informed everyone
    about it on phone... #
  • Did you tell?
  • # Big star hotels are boring... #
  • # Roadside tea stalls are great fun... #
  • # Hearing this girls from
    Ireland, Greenland, #
  • # New Zealand, Netherlands,
    Thailand, Finland landed here.... #
  • Landed here?
    What should we do now?
  • # Put hand over hand
    and dial the land line... #
  • # I'll put hand over hand
    and dial the land line... #
  • Do you want to kill yourself
    for not helping me?
  • Please don't jump, Ajay.
    Please stop...don't jump.
  • 0lf you jump, l'll not save you.
    l'll let you die.
  • l've changed. You don't know to
    swim also, foolish fellow.
  • You'll die instantly.
  • We are leaving to Hyderabad
    tomorrow morning.
  • No, l'll not come, if l come
    you'll take away my Geetha.
  • No need.
    - No, don't jump.
  • Heads or tails?
    - Tail.
  • Don't put useless conditions like
    you win l win and l win you win.
  • Whoever wins, it's theirs.
  • Okay, we are going to Hyderabad tomorrow.
    - Why? You won the toss.
  • l'll not change promises like you.
  • What you win is mine
    and what l win is yours.
  • Geetha is yours.
  • l asked you what did you do for me?
  • You're my friend, do you've to
    do something for me?
  • Had you told me you were my friend?
    That would've been enough.
  • Must handover Geetha to Ajay.
  • Bloody lovelorn son!
  • My daughter-in-law is
    boarding train in station,
  • go and abduct her.
  • Will not spare him today.
    He took away my wife.
  • They have just reached
    the station, sir.
  • May you be blessed
    a long life with your husband.
  • Be careful dear.
  • Just a minute.
  • Tie this to your husband.
  • Why?- According to your horoscope,
    your husband will die young.
  • To ward off that defect. Tie it.
  • Don't disappoint her, tie it.
    lt won't be nice.
  • You're not my husband.
    lt won't affect you.
  • Granny, l asked and
    she promised to tie in train.
  • You don't mind it.
  • Don't feel sad,
    Geetha will definitely love you,
  • because wife must
    love her husband,
  • that's the wonder of marriage.
  • How can she love now
    which she didn't all these days?
  • Mad boy! You don't need
    years to sprout love.
  • Just a moment is enough.
    You must wait for that moment.
  • That's all.
  • Be careful.
    - Bye granny.- Bye.
  • Sir, your fish.
  • Be careful.
    - Bye.
  • How could l forget you gold fish?
  • Hey Tikki Reddy! Where is Ajay?
    - He'll come, you go.
  • Father-in-law!
    - You forgot your book.
  • Over, it's all over!
  • He'll father will kill Ajay.
  • My father will do anything for honour.
  • You were waiting to kill Ajay,
    you will kill him.
  • You tried to kill him in an accident.
  • Now you wantonly left behind that book.
  • l'm getting you now.
    lf Ajay dies, no more hurdles.
  • We can live happily together.
    lsn't that your intention?
  • lsn't she sad there?
    Why are you disturbing her?
  • Don't you've common sense?
  • You carry on Geetha, carry on.
    - Are you mad?
  • Why are you feeling
    for Ajay more than me?
  • You're just a lover,
  • do you know what he's to me?
    Friend, my blood friend.
  • lf you're so sad for your lover,
    how sad should l be for my friend?
  • Train has left, brother.
  • Pull the chain after the second
    bridge, we'll bump him off.
  • Okay brother.
  • l didn't expect this,
    l'm worried about Ajay.
  • They will kill him.
    Will they kill him?
  • Even if they think of killing Ajay,
    l'll kill them.
  • Whatever it may be, my daughter-in-law
    will come home today.
  • Turn my neck.
  • Who has come?
  • Who has come?
    - That comb boy!
  • Stop! Stop!
  • lf l had come here it means
    l've something for you.
  • What's that?
  • Didn't l tell you my daughter-in-law
    will come home?
  • You want Raji Reddy's daughter, right?
    Take her.
  • l don't need her.
    Keep her with you.
  • My father-in-law has kidnapped Ajay,
  • till he releases Ajay,
    you don't release Geetha.
  • Till then keep her with you.
  • Hey stop...stop...Ajay?
    Why should l release her?
  • l didn't get you.
    - You don't know Ajay, right?
  • Geetha's lover.
  • Not Geetha's lover,
    he's my blood friend first.
  • Then Geetha's lover.
    Father-in-law has kidnapped him.
  • Unless he releases Ajay,
    you mustn't release Geetha.
  • lf he refuses, you must also refuse.
  • Till then keep her with you,
    let me see what he can do.
  • Son-in-law has joined us.
  • Hey stop...stop...l've a doubt.
    - What?
  • Can't you threaten your father-in-law
    keeping Geetha with you?
  • That one, l thought something else.
  • l love Geetha and father-in-law
    knows l won't harm her.
  • lf she's with you, father-in-law will
    fear you may harm her.
  • That's why l'm leaving her with you.
  • said another doubt,
    what is that?
  • Geetha is with you now.
    You can do anything,
  • even get her married to your son.
    - Correct, l can do that.
  • But you can't.
    - Why not?
  • For that you must have your son.
  • l do have.
    - No. He's with me.- My...
  • lf Geetha has to be safe with you,
    your son must be safe with me.
  • True boss, our men are going in
    an ambulance to hospital.
  • To Kurnool.
    - To Kurnool...
  • Tomorrow morning exchange
    in Dayyaladibba,
  • call my father-in-law,
    ask him to come with Ajay,
  • call me and ask me to
    come with your son.
  • Should l cal you both?
    - Yes.
  • But one condition,
    father-in-law mustn't come there,
  • because l can't show him my face,
    l can't face him.
  • Why are you staring at me?
    l don't need you,
  • l need you only if he's there.
    lf he's not there, l don't need you.
  • Look, your father is very dangerous man.
    He'll take lives for honour.
  • lf anything happens to my Ajay,
    your son will die.
  • He risked wife's life for a friend,
    l like his character.
  • lf he can put wife's life in risk,
    how much risk he'll take with my son?
  • l did all this for my friend.
    You don't take it personal.
  • Do you drink?
  • Love failure, l'm sure you will.
  • Yours is faction family,
  • how could you fall in love with
    Geetha amidst so much violence?
  • Where is he?
  • How do you feel now?
  • l feeling like l'm dying.
    - l too felt the same.
  • l felt l may die if
    l don't love Geetha.
  • He's my type. We are same.
    Lovers batch.
  • Can one Geetha's lover kill
    another Geetha's lover?
  • You left me as soon as
    l told l'm Geetha's lover.
  • Your love is true.
  • What's this twist?
  • Father said l'm mad,
    everyone said l'm mad.
  • But only you told mine is love.
  • Once more please.
    - Subbi, your love is true.
  • Can l tell you my love story?
    - Geetha's love story, carry on.
  • l was nineteen then...
  • What?
    Did you see Geetha in long skirt?
  • 10 years ago!
    Then you're very senior.
  • You're elder brother and
    l'm younger brother.
  • No, you're elder brother
    and l'm younger brother.
  • You're elder brother and
    l'm younger brother.
  • No, it's swear on Geetha.
  • Brother.
  • We mustn't leave her, brother.
  • We must love Geetha so much
    that we must sacrifice her also.
  • Sacrifice means?
    - Sacrifice means forfeit.
  • lf you do...
    - Will Geetha be happy?
  • Happy means...
    - l know what is happy.
  • Happy of happy birthday, right?
    - You know a lot of things.
  • That's why let's give up Geetha to Ajay.
  • Who is Ajay?
  • Are you asking who is Ajay?
    Ajay is my blood friend.
  • His love is greater than your love,
    you know that?
  • l mean not greater than your love.
  • Geetha loves him, so he's great.
    - Geetha loves him?
  • l fell for him, Geetha is nothing.
    Come here.
  • He cheated me, his best friend
    for Geetha, that's why he's great.
  • Cheating?
    - Cheating means not exactly cheating,
  • poor boy, whom did he
    fall in love with?
  • My lover!
  • And who Geetha loves...?
  • My friend!
  • Nobody is wrong but
    all of them together...
  • l...l disturb everyone.
  • lf l'm not there,
    everyone would be happy.
  • We'll never let this friendship break...
  • We'll rather die than
    break up with him...
  • Brother! The best thing
    you like in Geetha.
  • Her eyes!
    - ls it? l too like Geetha's eyes only.
  • Go back...
    What are you doing?
  • Listen to me.
  • Why are you hurting yourself?
    What happened to you?
  • For build up, my dad should
    know you'd beaten me, right?
  • Brother, you're upstaging me.
  • You're feeling giddy....
    are you okay? Be careful.- Come!
  • Did you bring knife, brother?
    - No brother, l forgot.
  • That's too much.
  • Brandish...come on do it.
  • My son!
  • Kasi Reddy, here's your son!
  • Tell him to release my friend,
    else l'll kill your son.
  • Wait...wait...don't harm my son.
  • My clan's first original lover!
  • Please....please...
    l'll free your friend.
  • Where is the girl?
  • Come here!
  • l'll free him if you free our madam.
  • Free him or else l'll cut her throat.
  • Cut? Let me see
    your courage, do it.
  • Brother, he's my best friend Ajay,
    isn't he very handsome?
  • lf you've guts, do it.
  • He? He's not that good!
    Did Geetha fall in love with him?
  • l've started doubting Geetha's love.
    l don't like him.
  • l'll not let him take my Geetha.
  • How dare you say that
    for my blood friend, brother?
  • Then l'll point a knife at you.
  • You're my friend and he's your friend,
    so, he too is my friend.
  • Threatening to kill her?
  • lf l cut intestines will come out.
  • Do as you said.
    - l can't, brother.
  • Do as l told you.
    - We were brought up like that.
  • lf you don't do, l swear on Geetha.
    - Brother!
  • My son!
  • Brother, Subbi Reddy has escaped!
  • Father, l made it.
  • Come on boys!
  • Father, go.
  • Hold this, look after her.
  • Come!
  • Come fast!
  • Else...
  • Come...come...
  • Put the bag in quickly.
  • Go brother.- Bye.
    - Go. You go, l'll manage.
  • Be careful.
    - Be careful.
  • careful with our Geetha.
  • Okay, get going, go...go...
  • Why are you sending away
    my daughter-in-law?
  • Stop father.
  • What's all this?
  • Sacrifice.
    - lt means?
  • Forfeit!
    - Forfeit?
  • Arya
  • Got through the line, boss.
  • Look son-in-law, you're not
    taking my daughter,
  • my family honour,
  • you don't know about me,
  • l trusted you and
    gave you my daughter,
  • if there's any alteration in it,
  • with the same hands
    that washed your feet,
  • l'll behead you.
  • Shanthi's phone.
  • Hi! Passports and tickets.
  • Tomorrow evening flight at 7.30 pm.
  • Take your passports and tickets.
  • You've 24 hours before leaving to US,
    you must spend it here.
  • This is the safest place, okay?
  • But on one condition!
  • The next 24 hours...
  • You must be friendly with me.
  • Ever since this trouble started,
    you both haven't talked to me.
  • l'm confused.
  • l know once you go to US,
    you'll never meet me again.
  • You'll not let her meet me.
  • We are going to be together
    for 24 hours only.
  • Let's forget all these troubles
    and be friendly.
  • Hey! Won't you?
  • lf you don't, l'll inform father-i-law!
  • lnform him.
    - lnform him.
  • Look, l'll surely inform father-in-law.
  • That's not the number.
  • Come on talk to him.
  • Phone is ringing,
    definitely l'll tell him.
  • Phone is ringing, l'll tell him.
  • Aren't you able to tell him?
  • Hello father...
  • Are you mad?
    Why is she spoiling the entire plan?
  • Do you know how much trouble
    her father can create if he knows?
  • How can you live
    with her alone in US?
  • She has many tricks.
  • # Before these moments die,
    spend life happily... #
  • # Make it cherished
    and memorable... #
  • # Eyes have become seas... #
  • # Waves of memories are
    hitting the shores... #
  • # Dropping down from
    eyes like tears... #
  • # Every passing minute is wounding... #
  • # Every wound has become a goal... #
  • # Those goals have become
    milestones of my love... #
  • # I'm a river that got tired
    running long distance... #
  • # Meandering into dusty sands
    without reaching any seashore... #
  • # I'm a dream that
    walked out of the eye... #
  • # I don't belong to
    any of the two eyes... #
  • # Has my love turned into friendship? #
  • # Has my life become
    an unanswered question? #
  • # Is there any name for
    this relationship? #
  • # If it is there, is there any
    possibility to separate it? #
  • Hey give the phone...
    - Wait a minute...
  • Who do you think he is?
    My husband!
  • If anyone hurts me, he'll kill you.
    - Is it?
  • What is it?
  • Before you both fly to US,
    change garlands as I watch.
  • Please don't ask me why.
  • I must get the feeling that
    you both are united.
  • Please, do this for me.
    - Okay, do as you say.
  • Then I'll arrange for your marriage
    in temple at 9 am. Okay?
  • Do you believe him?
  • 9 am in temple?
    It seems he wants to see us marry.
  • He has started another drama,
    I don't believe him.
  • That's why I changed the plan,
    we are going to Australia not US.
  • Not tomorrow evening,
    tomorrow morning.
  • How can you cheat your friend?
    - Look, he was never my friend.
  • I'm friendly with him so that he
    won't harm us till we go from here.
  • And till we reach Australia....
  • Must make Geetha fondly
    call my name Arya.
  • Why haven't you packed yet?
  • Didn't l tell you we are
    leaving by morning?
  • We'll not have time to pack
    in the morning.
  • We must leave silently,
    he mustn't even get slightest doubt.
  • He's too smart.
  • Okay sleep now, don't set alarm,
    he may get up for that,
  • l'll come and wake you up.
  • l think it's better
    if we tell Arya and leave.
  • No need.
  • What's all this?
  • How can Ajay smoke without me?
  • He'll smoke only
    when l smoke half of it.
  • l thought he may face problem
    in Australia, so...
  • So all this.
  • Do you know we are going to Australia?
  • l know.
  • Without my knowledge,
    you can't even take a breath.
  • May be you both are right,
  • because sadness will be
    only once for anything,
  • but two sad things are
    happening to me at a time,
  • You're leaving and
    he too is leaving me.
  • l may do anything to stop you
    unable to bear this sadness.
  • Call father-in-law, or do anything.
  • So, to keep myself doing
    anything to you,
  • What's that?
  • Don't worry, just a small dose.
  • When you leave tomorrow morning,
    to stop me from awakening.
  • Give this gift to Ajay.
  • Why are you staring at me?
  • For not giving you any gift?
  • Auspicious thread on
    your neck is my gift to you.
  • Because when l was tying the knot,
    l remembered Ajay.
  • That's why l couldn't tie three knots.
  • lf tying three knots completes
    our marriage,
  • then we are not married at all.
  • What will you do after we go away?
  • What will l do?
    You never thought of me as your lover.
  • He too never thought
    of me as a friend.
  • But father-in-law thought of me
    as son-in-law instantly.
  • l betrayed him.
    l'll go to him.
  • Whatever he wants to do,
    l'll leave it to him.
  • My father will kill you.
  • Let him kill.
  • lf he's so angry to kill me.
  • l've so much love to die.
  • Okay, we are getting late.
  • Arya! Did l call fondly?
  • No, but you felt like calling.
    That's enough!
  • Can l ask you something?
  • Were you really friendly with me?
  • Or did you act like Ajay?
  • Can l ask you something?
  • You love Ajay so much,
    how could you do that accident?
  • What is this?
    - Arya gave it.- Arya?
  • Does he know we are going?
    - He knows.
  • l'm sure he'll inform your father.
  • Let's go immediately.
    This place is no more safe.
  • No, he'll not inform.
  • Why not? He already did once,
    have you forgotten it?
  • We are still here because
    he told your father. Come.
  • l know he'll not tell.
  • How knows him better, you or me?
    l know him from childhood.
  • You know him but
    haven't understood him.
  • He loves you and me.
    He's struggling between us.
  • Forget about him, first...
  • They have come, you said he'll not
    but l said he will.
  • He told him.
    - He will not.
  • lf not how could your father know it.
  • l told him.
  • Yes, l called him here.
  • We can be happy
    if we go away now.
  • After that my father will kill Arya.
  • Why should Arya die for our love?
  • This is our problem and
    we must solve it ourselves.
  • Get in first.
  • Are you mad?
    Why don't you get in?
  • They don't talk, they only kill, come.
  • Let him kill, if he's so angry to kill,
    l've so much love to die.
  • Do you've it?
    - We must be alive for that.
  • Father, please don't harm Ajay.
  • l called you here because Ajay...
  • Father...
  • Father...
  • Father!
  • Please father, leave Ajay.
  • Father!
  • Please father!
    No father!
  • Raji Reddy! He's my friend,
    he's my life.
  • lf you harm him,
    l'll kill everyone here.
  • Will you kill me?
  • Kill me...kill me...
    why don't you understand him?
  • Because he's not a man but an idiot.
  • He is...
    - Wrong.
  • Why are you abusing him?
    Who do you think he is?
  • Father-in-law...God!
    What did he do wrong?
  • Any father would do like
    this for his daughter.
  • Father-in-law, l'm sorry,
    Ajay is very good man.
  • But he can't talk properly.
    Say sorry to him.
  • Please listen to me once.
  • For begetting such a sinful daughter.
  • Father-in-law!
  • Geetha is my wife, you don't
    have any right to beat her.
  • She's not to be faulted,
    it's all my fault.
  • l'm responsible for everything.
  • Yes, you're responsible for everything.
  • My mistake was trusting and giving
    my daughter in marriage to you.
  • You betrayed my trust.
  • Please sir, don't beat him,
    he's our son-in-law.
  • He may die, sir.
    Please listen to me.
  • Beat me...beat me...
    kill me, father-in-law.
  • Atleast the Geetha and
    Ajay will live happily.
  • Kill me, father-in-law!
  • Father!
  • l called you here thinking
    you'll understand me.
  • Not to kill him.
    Nobody must hurt anyone here.
  • lf anyone hurts anybody...
  • Are you mad?
    What's this?
  • What's this madam? Boss agreed
    for that marriage for you.
  • He ate dog's leftover
    food also for you.
  • Everything is over,
    there's only one way out.
  • lf you harm Ajay, Geetha will die.
  • No, he must die if Geetha
    wants to live happily.
  • Father-in-law, tell him, if he
    harms Ajay, l'll kill Geetha.
  • Kill her...kill her...
  • You can't kill her because you love her.
  • Yes l love Geetha, father-in-law.
  • l can't kill Geetha.
  • But l can kill myself, father-in-law.
    l'll kill myself.
  • Stop...stop...
    Leave him.
  • He may kill himself really,
    he's mad man.
  • He'll do anything for anyone.
  • He wants everyone and
    wants everyone to be fine.
  • Leave him.
  • Arya, stay like that, don't remove
    the knife, we'll go away.
  • Stay like that till we go away.
  • Come Geetha, let's go,
    we are getting late to our flight.
  • We can't manage them,
    he'll take care of them, let's go.
  • Come l say...come...
  • Why are you looking at me?
    Come fast...come...
  • Look at him! Your friend!
  • Were you doing all this for him?
    For him?
  • No father-in-law, Geetha loves Ajay,
    so let her go with him.
  • Please father-in-law.
  • He's not right man.
  • He wasn't right when he sent
    you to stop the marriage,
  • he isn't right now when he wants to
    escape putting your life in danger,
  • he can never be right.
    - What not right?
  • When he's accepting,
    what's your problem?
  • ls it worrying you that
    she's already married?
  • ls it marriage if you force
    it against her wish?
  • Can l marry her if l snap it?
  • This is root cause of all problems.
    Remove it, Geetha.
  • Now you called me with love.
  • Just a minute!
  • What l'd wished never to happen,
    it did happen.
  • First time l'm seeing love
    in Geetha's eyes.
  • How much she's yearning for him!
  • l never this when she was with me.
  • Right, you don't need years
    to sprout love.
  • Just a moment is enough.
  • Arya's relative?
  • Haven't you yet gone to Australia?
  • How can we go?
    No, Geetha will not come.
  • Everything is over,
    she's crying for you out there. Look!
  • What are you planning to do?
  • What option do l've now?
  • lf l don't do it now,
    l'll become a villain.
  • This time your father-in-law will
    not miss, he'll stab correctly.
  • Not that...
    - You're not able to understand.
  • Geetha has changed...changed.
  • You not only changed Geetha,
  • you've changed me too.
  • l know you love me.
  • But didn't know you
    can give life too for it.
  • Will you die for me?
  • First time...l feel you're my friend.
  • But l know love isn't greater
    than our friendship.
  • Because Geetha loved me
    getting angry on you.
  • Now Geetha is not angry on you.
  • lt means she doesn't love
    me anymore.
  • Now Geetha is yours,
    but she's not coming out.
  • lf it has to happen,
    Geetha must get angry on me.
  • That's why l'm thinking
    of telling the truth.
  • What truth?
  • About that accident, l'll tell her
    it was me not you who did it.
  • No, you promised to keep it a secret.
  • What do you want me to do now?
  • Write in the diary what l say.
  • Must say sorry to Ajay.
  • To me? Why?
  • What happened?
  • Want me switch it on?
  • Which switch?
    Switch off this?
  • Who switched off this button?
  • l mean...
  • Were you planning to kill him?
  • Sorry buddy!
Arya 2 │Full Movie │Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal, Navdeep
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Arya 2 is a Telugu movie starring Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal, Navdeep and Shraddha Das.

Arya is an orphan and Ajay is his friend in an orphanage. A rich couple visit that orphanage and wanted to adapt one of these two guys. Arya and Ajay use a toss to decide their fortunes. Arya wins, but lets Ajay go as he thinks that friendship is all about giving. Ajay grows up as a rich man and Arya grows up as a poor guy. Ajay starts a software company and Arya joins him as an employee. Geeta is the new employee of the company. Both Ajay and Arya fall in love with her. The rest of the story is all about how these two guys try to make Geeta fall for them.

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rajas66 edited English subtitles for Arya 2 │Full Movie │Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal, Navdeep
Chelseatantan Tan edited English subtitles for Arya 2 │Full Movie │Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal, Navdeep
Chelseatantan Tan edited English subtitles for Arya 2 │Full Movie │Allu Arjun, Kajal Aggarwal, Navdeep

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  • A psychotic willing to sacrifice anything for friendship transforms himself for the sake of his best friend who's not really fond of him.

  • Ajay reflects on his friendship with Arya and recollects how he met him during their stay in an orphanage. Arya virtually forced himself upon him, even tattooed his name on his arm, and proclaimed to be his best friend - but ended up only embarrassing him. After Ajay gets adopted, he heaves a sigh of relief but Arya does re-enter his life as an adult when the former is the CEO of Aj's Electronics. Ajay offers him a job conditionally that he behaves himself, and the latter undergoes a transformation and everyone believes that he is 'Mr. Perfect'. Complications arise after Geetha Reddy joins the firm and Arya shows her his true unstable and unpredictable colors - compelling her to admit that she is in love with Ajay. While both friends bicker as to who should wed her - Geetha's influential father has other plans - for he plans to wed her with Subhash - by hook or by crook.

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