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The birds are back and they seem just as angry as they have been in the past, in Angry Birds Rio. Similar to earlier titles in the series, players must use a sling shot to throw the birds at the structures that occupy the levels. This version of the popular line of games finds our heroes in Rio de Janeiro after having been kidnapped and ultimately having made their escape. They must now set out on a quest to save Jewel and Blu, two birds from the movie Rio.

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Like before, players must use the psychics of motion to successfully sling shot the birds to strike and break through such obstacles such as boards, bricks, glass and stone to destroy boxes and crates. In this game, instead of destroying the pigs, the birds must destroy the objects and cages to free the exotic birds that the kidnappers have also smuggled into Rio. Players progress through the levels as they find ways to free the feathery friends from their confinement.


The games features new and exciting challenges and adventures for gamers to enjoy. Compete through nine episodes including animation and 260 levels, plus 54 bonus levels. Conquer brand new achievements and find the fruit trophies that are hidden within the levels of the game. Reach the end of the episodes and be faced with tough bosses who will make things difficult for the player and the birds.

Same as its predecessors, Angry Birds Rio will provide entertainment for gamers and puzzle fanatics of all ages. This version with its more colorful background is also a visual treat as well. Adding Angry Birds Rio to a collection of games is a good idea, even if it is the first one.

Rio 2 Angry Birds Game

Play Angry Bird Rio Free Online - Download Strategy Game on PC Today. Angry Birds Rio is the third puzzle video game from the Angry Birds series of fun games unblocked. A set of new challenges awaits the players as they rescue several characters from the movie Rio. The game introduces new boss levels and additional elements and instead of. Angry Birds Rio is the second puzzle game in the popular Angry Birds franchise, developed and released by Rovio Mobile. Based on the successful Angry Birds franchise, Angry Birds Rio was initially released for commercial and social mobile devices with Apple's iOS and Mac OS X, and later, Google's Android in spring 2021.

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Enjoy Angry Birds 2 on PC. Launched in 2015 for Android and IOS, Angry Birds 2 is a direct sequel to Rovio’s phenomenal 2009 game of the same title. Like most sequels, Angry Birds 2 plays just like it’s the original game. However, the development gap of six years and with 10 spin-offs in between made the game a success. Nov 03, 2021 Angry Birds 2 Free Download for PC 2 is a puzzle video game developed by Rovio Entertainment as the twelfth game in the Angry Birds series, and is the direct sequel to the original Angry Birds. Play Angry Bird Rio Game Online Download Angry Bird Rio 2 on PC today Angry Birds Rio is the third puzzle video game from. Angry Birds Rio 2 free download - Angry Birds demo, Angry Birds Space, Angry Birds Seasons, and many more programs.