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AirDroid for Mac bridges the gap between your Mac and Android device, allowing them to work more easily together and without the need for a USB cable. In no time, we were sending and answering text messages from our Mac and transferring files from our Android device to our Mac.


Airdroid Desktop Client Download

With the AirDroid Personal Web client (, you can use the Apps Feature to manage the apps installed on your devices.How to install Android apps? To install a new app (.apk file saved on your computer) to your Android devices, click Install App on the upper right corner and choose the.apk file you want to install from the new file browser window. App description. 100% CLEAN report malware. AirDroid is an application that allows users to access and manage Android systems from other operating systems, such as Windows, Mac, and even the web. Read more about AirDroid. If you’re already using a desktop PC or a Mac, you might not want to check the phone whenever a new SMS or messages come in.


Intuitive interface: Essentially, because you have to download the app twice, you're dealing with two different interfaces: the Mac version and the Android version. However, we found both extremely easy to use. The Android app contains all of your menu options on one screen. Likewise, the Mac interface is just as easy to navigate. The menu options reside on the left side of the screen, and, depending on what you select, the files or text messages appear on the right.

Instant notifications: We found no lag time in transferring text messages, photos, and files to and from devices. We selected a JPG from our Mac, and a notification immediately appeared in the File Transfer icon on our Android device. Text message notifications immediately appeared on our Mac, and we were able to read and respond with the same speed.


Airdroid app download apk pc

More than one install: It shouldn't be a surprise, but in order to get your Android device and your Mac to 'talk' to each other, you must download and install the software not only on your Mac, but also on your Android device.

AirMirror might not work: It is still in Beta, but AirMirror did not work on our Android device because our device is not supported. However, the developers claim to be working with Android manufacturers to get more devices certified.

How To Use Airdroid To Transfer Files

Bottom Line

Airdroid App Download Apk Pc

AirDroid for Mac is an extremely useful program for anyone who has different devices. Even if you can't get AirMirror to work, it'll save you a lot of time and frustration. For that we recommend it to all users.